vote_for_brown_suga_vegas_flavor_of_love_3'Rain on Me' playing in the background. *thinking 'Whatever happened to Ashanti?' Let's get back to my FOL3OCD (Flavor of Love 3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I can't imagine anyone who reads this site, has not visited The Flavor of Love 3 Casting Site. Man, that place is funnier than Chris Tucker in 'Friday'.

I am out of the loop over there. However, I noticed the disappearance of Crystal2525 & Panda Love. In my best Bret Michael's impersonation, "What isa goin' ah ooooon?" If you know please hit me up in e-mail. I can't say that I miss Crystal2525. She referred to individuals as egg rolls and nappy headed h@es depending on one's ethnicity. Panda Love was another story. I liked that sister. She was a tatted up, sexy, sweet bartender living in Philly. (Man, I want a philly cheese steak.) Panda Love you are missed. *wipes a tear

Well let me promote the ladies still in the running for 'Flavor of Love 3'. The front runner is Sexy Angie. She's has over 12,000 votes. Savanna143 is second with 9,703 votes and counting. I've spoken with both ladies. Both of them came off as feisty and sweet. Another interesting lady in the running for Flavor Flav's heart is MzTopNotch22. She is currently in fifth place and gaining momentum. The three previous ladies receive my votes daily and they are in my top ten.

Women who have been in my top 10 since the beginning are SunnesRunnin, MaddWildwood, MellRaye and I Got 32 Flavas. I love their personalities and they are positive ladies with backbone. New additions to my daily voting are LaurynSimone & MsCarolLee43. I interviewed Lauryn Simone on The ELLE Word. She is determined to bring a touch of class to the 'Flavor of Love 3' mansion. 51 Minds would miss the mark if they didn't cast her. There's an under layer of wanting to tell someone off in her. LOL. OMG, MsCarolLee43 has to get into the crib. I am begging casting. Please, please I need to watch that woman in action with 19 under women plus Flavor Flav. She keeps it juuuuiiiiiccccceeeeey.

Now let us view Ms Carol Lee's video. Does it get better than this? *grabs car keys about to run to the fruit market

I can't end this post without pleading to each & everyone of you to take the time to vote for your favorites. And if you don't have a favorite vote for BrownSugaVegas. She really wants a chance to meet Flavor Flav and see if things can get jumping off. That's her in the picture up top, by the way. Brown Suga currently has 577 votes. I know because I was vote 577. She started late in the competition. But if we all take a few seconds out of our busy lives, we can help her dream come true. Please vote for BrownSugaVegas and your other favorites.

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A juicy Qmoment!


  1. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 29/8/07 12:27 PM  

    SHe has a very nice house. Well I hope that it's home. Also I love the furs.

    She look good to be 41.

    Is she reading from card and what is going on with Juicey fruits comment.

  2. SapphireTigress // 29/8/07 12:28 PM  

    Hey Q,

    Ms Carol Lee is tha bomb... If nothing else maybe they'll put her in a show with Lacey (666).

  3. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 29/8/07 12:30 PM  

    Is Dallas running for the FOL3 too?

  4. The Q // 29/8/07 12:36 PM  


    House, or condo, if it's her home... she keeps in nice. She is attractive whatever her age. LOL. Yeah I think she reading notes. She is funny, sassy and all that!!!
    You know people who are bored make fake accounts & use pictures of others. I seriously doubt it's Dallas.


    51 Minds has to put her in the house! They have to. LMAO She keeps it juiiiiceeey.

  5. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 29/8/07 1:17 PM  

    The Kitchen got my attention I was looking at the cabinets. Very nice.

  6. peachychrista // 29/8/07 1:30 PM  

    Hey Q! I think you should check me out. I'm peachychrista, #6 on the FOL casting site! I decided on a charity for my Flav pledge (2 cents a vote). I chose a charitable project I know Flav would support as it supports a mutual friend of ours Dejah! Show your love for Flav and pledge as well in Flav's honor. I really want to meet Flav and get to know him, but as my blog on the site explains, I also felt humbled by the amount of support and votes I was getting and I wanted to pay it forward. I also would really like to see a white girl in the house that isn't trashy. Those girls in the past made Flav look bad. I don't want that. I want Flav to know a bright educated girl who hasn't done porn is interested in him. If you don't want to send anyone to my profile since you have your girls you are supporting(I am genuine), at least send them to the AIDS charity link to donate in Flav's honor. God bless!

  7. The Q // 29/8/07 1:54 PM  


    Great but where is the darn link?!


    But on a REAL level, I am not judgemental. And you may be well educated and a bag of chips. However, many women who have done porn or posed nude are equally educated. They made a choice on how they want to make a living and/or live their lives.

    Also, there has been caucasian or mixed w/ caucasian women on 'Flavor of Love' 1 & 2 who appeared to present themselves well. They just didn't last long. Maybe that's not what Flavor Flav or the producers are looking for.

    Now, I am on your side. I just needed to get that off my chest.


  8. Anonymous // 29/8/07 5:17 PM  

    Putting them to my eyes I peered into the houses and at the people who passed me.. The pale moon thus becomes the white bottom (Popo), which the child soon recognizes as the place from which it came.. And if a Universalist Sunday-School Convention collects five hundred delegates, the next Congregationalist Sabbath-School Conference must be as large, lest 'they'--whoever they may be--should think 'we'--whoever we may be--are going down.. Indeed, as far as the widow could discover, there was not the slightest indication that anybody had ever heard there was such a person as the deacon in existence.. It was Miss Van Kamp, this time, who had been studying on the mutual acquaintance problem.. Abner, who instantly guessed at what was in Ross's mind, turned white at the thought of what they had escaped.. Leonard's as soon as we possibly can.. How much did you give for him? was the widow's first query, after they had reached a stretch of road that was good going and the deacon had let him out for a length or two.. A second chair offered to the mother that lady, however, declined.. Missy, he said tentatively, I reckon yo'-all's come jes 'bout 'n time foh breakfus.. He's simply unique, he boasted to wondering local managers--unique, and it took me to find him.. But Polly had promised to beg me, and I dared all! I told Dennis to hold his peace, under all circumstances, and sent him down.. Ellsworth were seated, one on a sawbuck and the other on a nail-keg, comfortably eyeing each other across the work bench, and each was holding up a tumbler one-third filled with the golden yellow liquid.. At the door I met the sociable Wheeler returning, and he buttonholed me and recommenced: Well, thish-yer Smiley had a yaller, one-eyed cow that didn't have no tail, only jest a short stump like a bannanner, and---- However, lacking both time and inclination, I did not wait to hear about the afflicted cow, but took my leave.. I will leave a note for Mrs.. With a fine constancy the Colonel still retained his partner's name on his door-plate--and, it was alleged by the superstitious, kept a certain invincibility also through the manes of that lamented and somewhat feared man.. The lower sash of one window had been raised, and in the yard without, nearly an acre in extent, lay a few bales of cotton, with jagged holes in their ends, just as the sampler had left them.. I stepped into the dressing-room for a moment--stepped out for another--walked home, after a nod with Dennis, and tying the horse to a pump--and while I walked home, Mr.. And then Smiley says, That's all right--that's all right--if you'll hold my box a minute, I'll go and get you a frog.. Such uncommon conduct in a woman like Mrs...

  9. Sawyers_Stash // 29/8/07 11:09 PM  

    Pretty sure the eat fruit to keep things juicy was a reference to, ya know, the dive.

  10. Kim // 31/8/07 10:37 AM  

    BTW -- ashanti apparently gained a ton of weight and is refusing to be photographed.

    but she's expected at usher's 2 wedding party this weekend and all the paps want a pic....

    so you'll prolly be seeing her very soon.

  11. mellraye // 31/8/07 2:15 PM  

    Thanks so... much for the shout-out luv! But I just need everyone to know not to sleep on me-'MellRaye'., I am here to WIN Flav's heart, and show the world what real class/ and sass can do for you! I am a lady in the board room, and will curl your toes for ya when necessary baby. I am also well educated with 2-degree's, and in lieu of my MBA. ...
    So again- DON'T SLEEP ON ME YA'LL!
    -MellRaye. ;)

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