No time or wherewithal to get wordy. Not feeling up to blogging in the least bit. I don't know where Steups is and actually, I don't care where is he located. (I guess you only wanted me for one thing) <--------written by Steups.

So the @#$% is by a computer. He is in here editing my post! At least we know he is alive! I am sure Dana & Electra knew all along.

I just would like for him to be by a computer. A post would be nice. The ability to cuss him out would also be nice. I have interviews to type up.

I have laughed thanks solely to Aurelius a.ka. Bhatti. Great 'Rock of Love' video recap of episode 7. Once Rodeo left the show, I have ZERO interest in who wins. Was it Jes? Was it Heather or Brandi M.? I don't know who are the final two. Jes has to be in the final two. Anyhow enough with my speculation. Here's Aurelius' awesome video.


  1. SpeaKnTrutH // 30/8/07 6:20 PM  

    Hey Aurelius

    I think you should use that last song for all the recaps cuz I don't know any of them (^_^)

    Great Job

  2. Beebs // 30/8/07 6:48 PM  

    Q,What happened to miss "juicy" carol lee? Ya think maybe the producers picked her up? It's just showing her as a voter now.

  3. The Q // 30/8/07 9:23 PM  


    Say it ain't so. Omg, I hope to God they picked her up. Omg, I need her Juicy @ss on the show. Also Cantria is gone and she was holding down 4th/5th spot.

    Lawdy, I need Ms Carol Lee in the Flavor of Love 3 mansion.

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