Everyday I look up to the clouds. I think, 'I miss the men of 'I Love New York'. I miss Whiteboy and all his swagger. I miss Onix with his fine @ss self. (Onix, I am currently upset with you by the way. You are a tease.) I am missing Heat. You people just don't understand. Jason's body is non stop hotness. *thinks about taking a cold shower
The Q. is digging deep to discover who was cast in 'I Love New York 2'. Chris D. from VH-1 has been good to me. So, I am going to keep my mouth shut on the things I know for now. I can be a good girl when a man treats me accordingly.

Anyhow I came across this lovely picture of Heat with two 'Rock of Love' beezys Lacey (PETA maniac) and Brandi C. (allegedly retired porn star). I believe they were on the red carpet of a XL magazine event. *thinking Heat better have not given any of my 'Butta Kisses' away. If so, I am telling YA-YA. You think Diva Maria would approve me to be the mother of her firstborn grandchild? *dials Diva Maria to find out.

Credit: PubDistrict.com & Belong

A butta kissed Qmoment!


  1. Baby // 4/8/07 3:31 PM  

    First! (but it's a hollow victory)

  2. Dmitri // 5/8/07 2:43 AM  

    yea, and OMG, Lacey gave up peta and ate Rodeo cause she look HELLA UGLY AND OLD!!! DER!!!!!

  3. Dmitri // 5/8/07 2:44 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Dmitri // 5/8/07 2:45 AM  

    fyi, im dds. remeber that casue im the new LACEY HATTA, and DALLAS BABY DADDY.

  5. Bubo the Hater // 5/8/07 8:59 AM  

    Retired porn star? Just because you have not been to work in a minute, does not omake you retired. I am retired from my job as of Friday. Still, I will return on Monday

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