Erin is one of the 'Rock of Love' women who irritates me. She simply annoys me for two reasons, her boobs. I don't have a problem whether or not an individual chooses to alter themselves. Your body, your choice, your cash/credit (or his cash/credit)... right? My thoughts on Erin are the following:

Erin may have gotten implants to feel more attractive or sexy. (I am not in her head. I don't know.) She dresses in a manner to show off her purchase. I mean her breasts are always appearing to be on the verge of exploding. And I shiver with fear of a nipple easing out of one of her ensembles. Erin has been filmed saying basically it is okay to use one's sexuality to their advantage. Yet, Erin turns around in judgement of Heather. She stated in the 'Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time' episode, how she pities Heather for flashing her breasts. (Get the f@ck out of here with the hypocrisy!) At least Heather is honest about her current occupation.

Another issue is how does one become Miss Hooters of Illinois with stage fright? Doesn't one have to get up on stage and strut their stuff in a bikini? It just doesn't add up to me. Hey, but 1 huge boob + 1 huge boob = a humongous pair of breasts. One final question, does 'a good girl' pose for a picture (tongue out no less) with a NFL athlete groping her breasts? *wondering

Credit: Aurelius & Jennifer

A boobified Qmoment!


  1. revenge // 9/8/07 3:20 PM  

    bravo q bravo.

    that chick is a hot fucking mess.

  2. The Q // 9/8/07 3:30 PM  

    Hello Revenge!


    Thank you. I try. Loved your recent post. I miss reading your writing.

    Erin is.... IRRITATING.


  3. SapphireTigress // 9/8/07 4:08 PM  

    Great post Revenge! It was my first time (:P) on Q-Gasm and I was very impressed. Go ladies.

    Q - so true... (she must have been drinking that 'dark liquor' before the picture - lmao)

  4. Mark // 9/8/07 4:45 PM  

    Who's the guy?

  5. Joe // 9/8/07 6:08 PM  

    Q, there is nothing wrong with Erin, she is veery sweet. I've spoken with her and she does not have any hidden agenda.

  6. lareigna // 9/8/07 7:46 PM  

    I think is Erin is a hypocrite as well, and I think that Q did an excellent job presenting and justifying her argument. But what's worse to me then her hypocrisy are those disgusting breasts of hers. If she jumped rope her plastic tits probably wouldn't even jiggle.

    They're horribly done.

  7. The Q // 9/8/07 7:49 PM  

    I've heard that she is very sweet. However, I have issues with women who flaunt their @ssets and then have the nerve to judge others who do.

    On 'Rock of Love' she is extremely judgemental concerning Heather's occupation and willingness to show off her body. However, she doesn't criticize the man who enjoys Heather's breasts. Nor does Erin cover up hers in an attempt to be modest.

    And Joe talking or communicating with Erin doesn't mean there is no hidden agenda. It simply means you aren't aware of what her agenda is.

    By the way, I didn't type something was wrong with Erin. I typed; it is my opinion that she is a hypocrite.

  8. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 9/8/07 8:00 PM  

    Figures, Erin just goes for football players lmao

  9. The Q // 9/8/07 8:03 PM  

    Hey Lareigna, it's most likely to late for you and Revenge. However, Licious is doing an interview with someone tonight on QGasms.

    Hey Bhatti, Steups is back. I believe.

    Hello Tigress!

  10. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 9/8/07 8:18 PM  

    oh ok, cause I didn't know who to send my video to, but I just sent it to him. Thanks

  11. The Q // 9/8/07 8:30 PM  

    Well you can send it to me. What am I chopped liver?

  12. Joe // 9/8/07 8:48 PM  

    Quanda, what do you expect her to do with her chest? She bought them, paid 9k+ for them. She certainly did not do that to cover them up. She may have large breasts and may wear clothing to flaunt them, but she carries herself well and you don't see her swinging from a strippers pole on national TV

  13. lareigna // 9/8/07 9:03 PM  

    Who is the interview with?

  14. The Q // 9/8/07 10:09 PM  

    LOL. Joe yeah you see her pretending to be so above it yet she enters Miss Hooters competition. And poses for pictures with a man groping her breasts...LOL.

    My problem is HER HYPOCRISY. She uses her sexuality. Don't sit in judgement of someone else who does the same thing but takes does it differently.


    In 15 minutes, she has an interview with Persia on the L-Down.

    At 10pm Pacific time, some erotic interview with DJ Swagga from NY.

  15. Bubo the Hater // 9/8/07 10:40 PM  

    This little light of mine (or in her case, these big ole boobs of mine) I'm gonna let them shine! She is a stripper, they were an investment. Some went to college, some bought real estate, she bought implants to further her career. They look freakish, but there are a lot of men who like them like that.

  16. John // 10/8/07 12:04 AM  


  17. Electra (trinidad) // 10/8/07 11:22 AM  


  18. Kay // 11/8/07 10:22 PM  

    Hello do you think you know anything!!!much about Erin you bunch of lowlife hypcrites.

  19. Kay // 11/8/07 10:28 PM  

    First of all Erin is not groping anyone. So give her a break. Brian Urlacher "appears" to be groping her, but its an optical illusion. I was around at the time and his hand was actually extended at least four inches outward away from her chest. The man has huge hands and if you look his arm is resting on her shoulder. It is a shame to be a hater, but as they say what goes around comes around and what you give comes back to you.

  20. Kay // 11/8/07 10:34 PM  

    One other thing while I think of it. Erin did not take her top of once to flaunt her breasts in front of the cameras. Whereas Heather ( which is fine who cares) went topless from day one and about every other day as well.
    And by the way somebody is mixed up. Heather is the stripper/dancer not ERin.Also on the meaness level Heather and Lacey are the supreme winners on the show.

  21. Pennylover // 12/8/07 1:22 AM  

    Well aren't you just the Bob Woodward solving this worldwide dilemma that has been haunting us all - who is that blond with Brian? I personally put the mystery right up there with "who killed JFK." Before you pat yourselves on the back, kids, if you were truly any type of "reporter" all you had to do was ask around in Chicago...everyone knew Erin and Brian were friends and had a relationship. In fact, refer back to the Sun Times early November, 2006 edition where they are pictured together at Lance Brigg's charity bowlathon. This most "famous" of photos was taken by an awestruck fan while Erin and Brian were leaving a nightclub. How do I know? I too was at the club (RiNo) and have a similar picture...Brian's arm is around Erin's waist and not dangling from her boob in mine, though. Does anyone want to buy it from me? Highest bidder...although if you ask around there are problems dozens of similar photos out was no secret that they dated. Oh, if you look real close at some of the Super Bowl pics you will see Erin in them also since she was a guest of Brian in FL. Sorry, to burst your bubble...Chicago folks heard this story a long, long time ago.

  22. Pennylover // 12/8/07 1:34 AM  

    Comparing a girl who collects money from strangers for rubbing her crotch against their laps to a girl who has a photo taken with her date holding her boob is rather like comparing Bhatti to Ghandi. Not the same apples to apples, folks. While I prefer a natural looking boob, Erin remains a bit more classy than a stripper. By the way, listen to some of her interviews or better yet, you "professionals" contact her so we can get her story.

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