Yes, people the title says it all. Someone has decided to portray themselves as the one and only Kristia. WTF is the world coming to?! Can't a beautiful, blond babe get some d@mn respect around here? (Not with my old, bitter, ugly, cellulite @ss around...hahahahahaha!)

The Q. believes copying is the greatest form of flattery. For idiots who think they have the patent on the use of y'all; I am referring to something different. (Feels good to finally get that off my chest.) I communicated a tiny bit with Kristia last week. I told half of the Bar-Bee Twins that copying was the greatest form of flattery. If some lonely soul wants to be a beautiful, young, cellutite free bombshell; it's a compliment. Basically someone wishes to receive the attention they wouldn't get otherwise.

I also informed Kristia that I wasn't a fan of the Bar-Bee Twins. I see no reason to be dishonest with the young woman.


The REAL KRISTIA MYSPACE IS (without the underscore!)

Wow, I put my own haterful bitterness aside and did a good deed. Is this like when Darth Vader saved Luke and destroyed The Emperor? The force is with me.
A yoda Qmoment!


  1. steups // 17/8/07 1:14 PM  

    she must look good on top

  2. The Q // 17/8/07 1:43 PM  

    I would know.

  3. steups // 17/8/07 1:47 PM  

    you would?

  4. The Q // 17/8/07 1:49 PM  


    I wouldn't know.

    Typos are going to have me lesbian.

  5. steups // 17/8/07 1:57 PM  

    it's not so bad, I am a lesbian and no one has ever discriminated against me

  6. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/8/07 2:02 PM  

    Hello Everyone

    Hey Q and Steups.

    Kristia look like that chick that played on Orange County Wives well the daughter.

    So how is everyone doing today?

  7. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/8/07 2:03 PM  


    Is there a way that you can go on Vh1 and grab bretts interview video that he done. Well it suppose to be about the situation of the chick that left him in the food place.

  8. The Q // 17/8/07 2:08 PM  

    Hello Shawn.

  9. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/8/07 2:16 PM  

    How have you been Q?

  10. steups // 17/8/07 2:18 PM  

    Why y'all always sending me there, y'all know I don't like to go there!

    And Q, what's the final word on ILNY2?

  11. The Q // 17/8/07 2:29 PM  

    *scratches my head*

    ILNY2 ...HUH?

  12. steups // 17/8/07 2:35 PM  

    the cast, the cast, the cast!!!

    Shawn I saw nothing but I didn't look that thoroughly, to be honest.
    I did see a show titled Flavor of Love 3 scheduled for 9:30 tonight

  13. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 17/8/07 2:39 PM  

    Oh cool.

    I will grab it then send it to you or the link.

    Ok True or False

    The casts and myspace. What's the deal with that.

  14. steups // 17/8/07 2:57 PM  

    Which cast? ILNY2?
    I am putting Q on notice that she better start spilling or I will!!

  15. The Q // 17/8/07 4:45 PM  

    N@#$% PLEASE!

    There are others to consider in this situation.

    I researched and dig some digging. I hit paydirt. The problem is I don't want to hurt any of the ILNY2 cast.

    I don't want VH-1 or 51 Minds to accuse them of leaking the cast.

    Hell I would know all 20 if they had told me but I am aware of 17.

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