Well some of the 'Rock of Love' women have taken a cue from an 'I Love New York' cast member. I believe the beautiful Onix was the first to have a viewing party in a bar. (I sure miss Onix.) He was yummy to look at. Was he not 'The Blogspot' Ladies?

Well if you are in the Chicago area and have an interest in meeting a 'Rock of Love' beauty or 4, I say, "Hang out @ Solo 1530 located on State Street."
A promoting Qmoment!


  1. April // 10/7/07 5:46 PM  

    shay's lieing. her and larissa have not made up. i also don't like that she feels betrayed by becky. she showed becky that she couldn't be trusted with the pic fiasco and the snitching so why would becky trust her.

    i am eager to hear that interview with larissa tomorrow.

  2. dani // 10/7/07 6:07 PM  

    ugh i just went to groovy's site and you have to be invited to read it now. whatever, it sucks anyway.

  3. Gabrielle // 10/7/07 7:41 PM  

    I'm sorry it's Just Larrisa's Mom coming on tomorrow now. She said Larissa had something important to do. But trust that we will get Larrisa again

  4. steups // 10/7/07 8:09 PM  

    Dani, it doesn't suck. I spoke to NV today and she said they are re-designing so ...I'd say you should check this weekend

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