Aisha (the hotness) linked me to Shay's VH1 interview and it's interesting to say the least. She reveals that the confrontation among Larissa, her mom, Mo'Nique and herself went on for an hour and Larissa cried her poor heart out, saying, "I don't like the fact that people think I'm just mean and evil."

She also says Larissa threatened to check her (so you listen to Elle's show uh?) and never did anything. (Shay, your act is getting tired now. You know damn well Larissa would have 'yep-yepped'© your ass outta there)

Anyways, read the Shay interview for yourself

"yep-yepped" used by permission Mr. New York


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 12:56 PM  

    FIRST !!!!!! YIPPIE !!!! (SPLITS)

  2. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 12:57 PM  

    Shay, Shay, Shay (shakes head)

  3. Gabrielle // 10/7/07 12:58 PM  


  4. steups // 10/7/07 12:59 PM  

    E, wha wrong wit yuh today?
    Fightin baby, talkin bout people clothes and firs in all de comments box

  5. revenge // 10/7/07 12:59 PM  

    q -

    i already know what your thinking.

  6. steups // 10/7/07 12:59 PM  

    yuh sure Elle? Because ah fraid to say people comin dese days

  7. steups // 10/7/07 1:00 PM  

    Q is fast asleep.
    why do they say 'fast asleep'?

  8. The Q // 10/7/07 1:00 PM  

    I'll listen Gigi. But I am never calling in again. Someone is always running their fingers about ISH they know nothing about.


    I am tired of cussing out people.

  9. revenge // 10/7/07 1:02 PM  

    oh boy....

    what is it that i have missed. q, you owe me an email woman.

  10. The Q // 10/7/07 1:04 PM  

    Q. is thinking,

    "I am HOME Weezy. I am HOME!"

    I see Rev, Gigi, Electra and Steups. All we need is Dorfam, Shawty, Shawn, Irre, Mr. New York, Misterballer, Lady TY, Jorundi, Bhatti.

    Oh and where the hell is my Jane?!

  11. revenge // 10/7/07 1:05 PM  


    my lovely sadistic bitch jane, i love you!

  12. txshawty // 10/7/07 1:09 PM  

    Hey all!

    E, Q, Steups, VENGIE!, and Gabby whom it is my first time ever hearing from today {eyes shift lol}

  13. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:14 PM  

    HEY TX BABY (BUP) lol

    HI Q (waves)

    Steups, hmmmmmmmph

  14. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:15 PM  

    Oh Gabby I was on your chat line last night but I was, sniffs, ignored, sniffs some more.

  15. steups // 10/7/07 1:15 PM  


  16. steups // 10/7/07 1:16 PM  

    You were not there Electra. I would have recognised you

  17. txshawty // 10/7/07 1:17 PM  

    E: {big smile} You're here at the same time as ME! Or vice versa

  18. Jane // 10/7/07 1:18 PM  


    everyone the rock of love sneak primere is up on vspot

    its fucking awesome

  19. Jane // 10/7/07 1:18 PM  


    did you cuss someone out on elle word?

  20. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:20 PM  

    Yes TX baby (rubs TX's head) Mommy's here. LOL

    No Steups when I was on u left already.

  21. The Q // 10/7/07 1:22 PM  

    *smiles from ear to ear*

    Yes Jane.

    Electra close your eyes please.

    And I told her to burn in her.

  22. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:23 PM  

    Oh and to answer your question Steups, I am pissed BECAUSE a snake of an Attorney stole one of my clients. Can you believe that?

    Fronted to my Client like my work was not good enough and THEN did more or less the same thing I did WHILST using MY drafting. LOL

    I am laughing now BUT I feel like I could report her to the Diciplinary Commission. LOL


  23. The Q // 10/7/07 1:23 PM  

    FUCKFACE for Shawty.

    My blog family!

    *sheds the happiest blog tear*

  24. txshawty // 10/7/07 1:23 PM  

    E: lol!

    Q: lol @ 'And I told her to burn in her'...interesting way to burn lol

    Jane: HEY JANE!!!!!!!!

  25. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:24 PM  

    Eyes wide closed Q, LOL

  26. txshawty // 10/7/07 1:25 PM  

    Q: Aw!

    Begins humming, 'reunited'

    "Reunited and it feels so gooooood..."

  27. txshawty // 10/7/07 1:25 PM  

    {whips out 'biggest blog tissue' for Q's 'happiest blog tear'}

  28. Jane // 10/7/07 1:27 PM  

    Hey Shawty


    which show was this I want to go listen

  29. Jane // 10/7/07 1:29 PM  


    the rock of love is awesome

    the girls i'm feeling are rodeo
    and brandi M. and dallas

  30. Jane // 10/7/07 1:31 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  31. steups // 10/7/07 1:31 PM  

    Why is it awesome...Jane you are pushing an agenda I don't appreciate

  32. steups // 10/7/07 1:31 PM  

    because I keep deleting them?

  33. Jane // 10/7/07 1:32 PM  

    Shut up steups

    the show hot

    i'm so fucking glad charm school is over

    you'll be seeing alot more of me now that rock of love is about to start

  34. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:32 PM  

    Rock of love looks like its going to be even more (give me a word) than FOL

  35. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:34 PM  

    Where is my baby TX?

  36. The Q // 10/7/07 1:35 PM  


    *burn in hell

    Omg, what are you deleting Steups?

    Oh GEEZUS Jane you just reminded me I have tons of 'ROL' shit to write. Oh and a QGasm 'true story'...hahahaha

  37. steups // 10/7/07 1:38 PM  

    Larissa and her mom tomorrow on the Elle Word......I hope she shows (calls)

  38. The Q // 10/7/07 1:50 PM  

    The words would be 'HOT MESS' Miss E.

  39. Two // 10/7/07 1:51 PM  

    I believe the word you're looking for, electra, is "slutacious."

  40. txshawty // 10/7/07 1:53 PM  

    TWO: George I think you've created a new dictionary-worthy word! lol

    E: Here am I, and Here I am, mommy dearest!...wait hopefully you don't beat me with no wire hangers like ole crazy mommy dearest...

  41. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:56 PM  

    LOL @ 2 and Q (I rhymed)

  42. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 1:58 PM  

    LOL Mummy dearest you wish LOL.

    Slutatcious is Monique's word. She used it on 2 separate episodes on Charm School

  43. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:02 PM  

    E: Oh yea! I KNEW i'd heard that word somewhere before...!

    Actually I DON"T wish for 'mummy dearest' cause if that were my wish, I'd go back and kill the crazy genie with such a sadistic humor as to grant me the wish of a mama whose definition of 'quality time' was to beat me with wire hangers

  44. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:03 PM  

    {rubs the lamp, when the genie come out, I beat it with a wire hanger} lol "how YOU like being beat with wire hangers, huh?!"

  45. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 2:07 PM  

    Good Afternoon Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 2:09 PM  

    LOL TX you rubbed the lamp and Dana appeared. Hey Dana are u the genie of the lamp?

  47. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:10 PM  


    E: I know, right?! Hey! I don't wanna hit Dana with wire hangers, I like Dana!

  48. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 2:11 PM  

    E: Noooooooooooooooo I don't want to get beat with a wire hanger

    Rev: I don't like your pic. I can't see anything yum

    Steups: You are the sexiest man alive, I think about you all day. You have all my attention (well you will after Thurs)if you had a polyjuice potion I'd drink it

  49. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 2:14 PM  


  50. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:14 PM  

    {stomach gurgles as vomit tries to rise}

    Oh Dana, please don't, I haven't eaten lunch and I don't want to regurgitate hurts lol

  51. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:15 PM  

    {does special dance for Dana}

    My Dana, is here, my Dana has arrived...right on Dana is here, my Dana has arrived...right on time...WHOA yeaaaaaa! SUPA-STAH! lol

  52. Sexirican // 10/7/07 2:16 PM  

    Hello All.

  53. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 10/7/07 2:17 PM  

    OMG Dana is going to make me vomit all over the place. Right now men are ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


    hey everybody.

  54. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 2:17 PM  

    Ok Tx. I won't do it anymore. I'll just talk about bloggy stuff like I really don't like Larissa. Her mummy needs to take her to the Cbean for a good cut arse. She has a nasty attitude. (I know I'm late but I just watched the clip with her getting all rarrrrrr ith Mo)

  55. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:20 PM  

    Hey Shaun-eh! lol

    Hey Sexirican!

    Dana: Thank you, I appreciate you consideration of my feelings...mainly my stomach's feelings lol

  56. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 2:35 PM  

    Ammmmmmmm Dana what's happening Thursday?

  57. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 2:38 PM  

    Hey TX I did not know u enjoy one of my most favourite shows ever? SUPERSTAR!!! I just LOVE IT!!!!! Read my profile if u think I am joking.

  58. revenge // 10/7/07 2:41 PM  


    i go to lunch and come back to all of this.

    dana! ::licks dana's....cheek (the one on her face, you miserable bastards)

    q, i miss u.


    rican - que tal?

    everyone ive missed, "holler."

  59. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:43 PM  

    E: Are you talkin about the SNL (Sat. Night Live) sketch with Molly Shannon as the weird lil Catholic girl who wants to be a star..."sometimes when i'm nervous, I stick my hands under my arms and sniff really hard" lol cuz that's what I'M talkin about

  60. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:44 PM  


    {does special dance for Venge}

    My vengy has returned, my Vengy has arrived...right on vengy has returned, my vengy has arrived...and right on time...! WHOA YEA! SUPAH-STAH!!

  61. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 2:46 PM  

    Yeah Yeah with Molly Shannon and the girl named after bottled water. LOL

    Did u ever see d movie? Gurl its mad crazy. She made out with a tree.

    Its like nothing you ever saw before which makes it refreshing. LOL I just love to look at it over and over and over and over and over.............

  62. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 2:47 PM  

    My Turnkey always asks me what I see in that show. Hmmm I need to get that on DVD and add it to my movie collection

  63. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 2:51 PM  

    I've been licked!!!!!! I love licks!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

    E: I can't believe you asked me what's happening on Thursday!!!!! Harry Potter is coming to cinemas in the UK. Duh!!!!!

  64. The Q // 10/7/07 2:53 PM  

    Miss E. looking at Molly making out with a tree. Over and over and over again....


    Stop telling on yourself.

    I miss you too Revenge.

    Hey Sexirican.

    Hey Shawn.

  65. revenge // 10/7/07 2:53 PM  


    ::breaks out in the robot::

  66. txshawty // 10/7/07 2:58 PM  

    E: Man, I never got to see that movie...I love Molly Shannon, she is so crazy! lol Imma rent that just so I can see what I missed, cuz I know I missed But I DID see the making out with the tree part...wit that high skirt and them white granny panty draws!

    Revenge: Aw shoot now..I'mma give it to ya Imma give it to ya...{Does the pop-lock and passes it to revenge}...Aww bring it back nah, bring it back nah...{waits on revenge to pass it back}

  67. steups // 10/7/07 3:17 PM  

    I don't have polyjuice potion but I do have a long, thick wand

  68. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:19 PM  

    LOL Dana sorrrrrry girl I am so wrapped up in my own little E world right now I dont know half of what's happening.

  69. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:20 PM  

    Eww Steups ewww ewwww ewwwwwww

  70. The Q // 10/7/07 3:21 PM  

    Did I read the Steups message correctly?

  71. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:23 PM  

    Yeah TX get that movie and tell me how u like it. She eventually broke it off with the tree and got a spooky BF. LOL

    She even have her own version of who she thinks Jesus is, wooo woo (raise the roof) Jesus raised the roof in the show.

    The show is really pure, clean fun

  72. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:24 PM  

    Yes Q u read into it correctly this man has a one track mind. LOL

  73. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 3:25 PM  

    Will you use your wand to make magic in my Chamber of Secrets?

  74. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:27 PM  


  75. steups // 10/7/07 3:32 PM  

    When I am finished it might be half-bloody.
    It's a big wand you know and my patronus is a snake.

    A fat snake.

  76. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 3:35 PM  

    Sounds great

    May I also caress your Sorcerer's Stones?

  77. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:36 PM  

    steuuuuuuuuuuuuuups u 2 take this ewww in camera please.

  78. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:37 PM  

    BTW Dana you've got mail or is i male from the way u 2 are going at it.

  79. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 10/7/07 3:40 PM  

    Now Harry Potter is ruin. There is a porn version of Harry Potter.

  80. steups // 10/7/07 3:41 PM  

    lmfao at caress my sorcerer's stones.

    Yeah you can do that but be careful lest you accidentally release my prisoner of Azkaban

  81. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 3:43 PM  

    You just say "Alohamora".

    The chamber will be opened and the Prisoner will have somewhere to escape. And believe me, the Dementors will never find the Prisoner in that place...

    Are you a Death Eater?

  82. txshawty // 10/7/07 3:49 PM  

    What kinda MAGICALLY DELICIOUS freaky-deeky freak nik stuff is going on up in here?!

    E: She gets a boyfriend?! Go SUPA-STAH! lol

  83. steups // 10/7/07 3:50 PM  

    off to the mall, peeps.
    It was good for me too, Dana

  84. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:51 PM  


  85. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:52 PM  

    TX girl u have to watch it u will never look at bottled water and a tree the same again. LOL

  86. steups // 10/7/07 3:52 PM  

    Couldn't leave without lol-ing at "are you a death eater?"

  87. txshawty // 10/7/07 3:53 PM  

    Steups: While you're there go buy you some potion with 'DE-viagra' in it...

    E: Stop, breathe, count to three! lol

  88. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:53 PM  

    Oooh Ooooh TX I forgot, there's a part of the show where there is a talent contest and the winner/s' prize is - To be and extra in a teen movie with very high morals. LOL

  89. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:54 PM  

    Well very high moral values to be exact. LOL

  90. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 3:54 PM  

    No E. The prize is "To be an extra in a movie with positive moral values"

  91. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:55 PM  

    Oooooh Oooooh and there's this part where she tells Ebi (the bottled water girl) that she feels sorry for her because she did not know she was going up against a - SUPERSTAR (does the signature pose).

    Gurl that part will crack you up.

  92. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 3:57 PM  

    E what is wron with you. The girl's name is Evi (Evian). Her parents named her after bottled water, remember????

  93. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:58 PM  

    Oooooooooooh Dana u know my movie? Yeah with positive moral values thanks.

    Dana dont u think the movie is off the chain? I JUST LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  94. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 3:59 PM  

    Ebi, Evi who cares its after water u know. lol

    U sound like u looked at it more than me.

    I dub thee - Fellow Superstar Minion. LOL

  95. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 4:00 PM  

    Can we talk about the movie for the rest of the day? I just love it. Who's game? Anyone?

  96. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 4:01 PM  

    I have seen that movie a million times. Ha ha ha. It's like I know the dialogue by heart now :-)

  97. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 10/7/07 4:04 PM  

    I miss Steups :-(

    I'm also alone and now he's gotten my juices flowing and he's gone. The wanker!

    Anyway, I'm still a SUPASTAR!!!!!

  98. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 4:10 PM  

    Look Dana, get a grip of yourself, OK?

  99. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 4:10 PM  

    Yes u are a Superstar (signature move)

  100. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 4:10 PM  

    100th YEAH SUPERSTAR (signature move)

  101. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 10/7/07 4:12 PM  

    dont get yepped york

  102. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 10/7/07 4:17 PM  

    q after that transexual video im never returning to qgasm im york

  103. Electra (trinidad) // 10/7/07 4:18 PM  

    LOL @ Q and Mr NY

    Anwayz guys, it was fun while it lasted, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

    Until we meet again.

    Adios and

    Laterz LOL

  104. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 10/7/07 4:19 PM  

    lmao eletra bye~~~mr.ny

  105. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 10/7/07 4:31 PM  

    you townhouse york

  106. steups // 10/7/07 4:41 PM  

    ignore this person. It's probably an idiot from S2S I clown on a regular basis

  107. RichBoi88 // 10/7/07 11:04 PM  


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