Saaphyri talks to Kennedy from Reality Remix about her Charm School Overall Experience. She expresses how she has buried the hatchet with Shay but she did feel that the picture incident was stupid.
Charm School's lessons seemed to have worked pretty well for Saaphyri because after being asked, "who was the craziest girl in the house?" Saaphyri still gave no names (Kudos to Saap).
The "infamous" Condo Down Payment was brought up and Saaphyri expressed that she did not have enough money to make a down payment on a condo in Los Angeles so she went far out to some where she could afford. But you check out this interview for yourself at Reality Remix.

Had To Make It Short And Sweet, Cause this is...
"Elle Mail"


  1. Mz-Shorty // 14/7/07 9:27 AM  


    Nice post! :)

  2. Gabrielle // 14/7/07 12:18 PM  

    THANKS ;)

  3. steups // 14/7/07 12:47 PM  

    Hey, that was quick, lol.
    Nice 1st post.

  4. The Q // 14/7/07 1:39 PM  

    Congratz on your first post Gigi!

    Saaphyri looked great and delivered a nice interview.

  5. Bubo the Hater // 14/7/07 3:26 PM  

    Wow, Saaph went from spending rent money on som euglly asss shoes, to buyin gsome condo she can afford. Yay.

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