Often when one thinks of beautiful blond women; Marilyn Monroe pops into one's mind. Well Bret Michael's has his very own beautiful blond Munroe, that's Kelly Munroe. Kelly is a model currently residing in Chicago. Trade shows, runway, print and promotional work keeps the lights and heat on in Chicago's notoriously cold winters. On the side, she is a receptionist for a moving company.

Notice: Future potential Kelly stalkers do not eSearch every listing of Chicago moving companies trying to find her. Stalking is not cute and a big turn off.

Now would be a good time to type that she has 2 dogs and a cat. (I am thinking the dogs our killer Doberman Pinchers and the cat is a Bengal Tiger.) *attempting to curb all stalking Of course her 'attached status' is not open for discussion. We will just all have to watch 'Rock of Love' to figure out if Munroe gets the last V.I.P. pass to Mr. Michaels heart. Her favorite color is sky blue. (Omg, that use to be my favorite color! When I was like five.) Yeah, so I am an old miserable bitter hag who has to take cheap shots a beautiful young women, sue me.

Oh, I almost forgot. She is dibblin' & dabblin' in acting. I am thinking California will be getting yet another blond resident shortly. Let's commit to watching 'Rock of Love' on July 15th. Kelly's as sweet as pecan pie and down to earth. I am thinking what you see is what you get. (Note, sweet as pie when not competing for a man.) 'Rock of Love' may just be her vehicle to stardom. On a musical note her fav Poison song is 'Every Rose has it's Thorn.' Is it me or am I going to be hearing a lot of this song in the upcoming months? *starts removing thorns Hey, just because I have an excessive amount of thorns doesn't mean I am weed. "I am a rose d@mn it! A withering one but a rose none the less. Where is Mr. New York and Bhatti with my Depends and Ben-Gay? I sent them to the store yesterday."

A blond Qmoment!


  1. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 6/7/07 12:58 PM  

    lmao, I met up with two girls outside the store and got side-tracked

    my video recap is ready, but steups is no where to be found!

  2. steups // 6/7/07 1:04 PM  

    who says...I was away for a bit but I got in 30 mins ago

  3. steups // 6/7/07 1:04 PM  

    I'll go check it out

  4. The Q // 6/7/07 1:04 PM  

    So can Granny Q. get my Depends or what?

    And where is Mr. New York?

  5. steups // 6/7/07 1:25 PM  

    why do you ask?

  6. revenge // 6/7/07 1:27 PM  

    good afternoon.

  7. revenge // 6/7/07 1:36 PM  

    that girl has no lips.


  8. steups // 6/7/07 1:41 PM  

    No top lip but the bottom lip looks quite nice
    Sup Revenge?

  9. The Q // 6/7/07 1:55 PM  

    Hello Revenge~

    In the day and age of inject something into my lips. I admire a woman who accepts the lips she received at birth.

  10. revenge // 6/7/07 3:19 PM  

    Hey q.

    yes i agree but just statin my opinion, i appreciate and prefer women with fuller lips, it helps if you know what i mean.


  11. misterballer // 6/7/07 3:58 PM  

    hey,nice job Aurelius. Pretty funny Steups.

  12. The Q // 6/7/07 7:00 PM  

    LMAO @ Revenge

    I got you.

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