buckwild-charm-schoolBecky Buckwild. She is one of the most controversial of the Flavor of Love contestants. From the first episode of Flavor of Love 2 when she first introduced herself, she became a topic of many a discussion.
It appeared very early on that one had one of two distinct opinions about her - basically, you either loved her or hated her. Many of her characteristics and mannerisms had quite a bit to do with the many comments all over blogs, including, "Buckwild is a fake bitch" or "I love Buckwild, and don't understand why anyone even cares how she talks."

So, it seemed everyone had a strong opinion on Buckwild, and that it was generally more negative during her Flavor of Love days, a marked difference from now.
Since her time on Charm School, much of the anti-Buckwild comments have vanished. There are fewer haters, or perhaps they are just less vocal.
Do people like Buckwild more? Do they accept her as she is? Or has it just been talked about to death?
Well, I don't know, and when the opportunity arose to ask Buckwild a few questions, I jumped at the chance. So, here is Buckwild on the seeming surge in her popularity as well as her success on both Flavor of Love and Charm School.

(Note: This interview was done before the Charm School finale)

Ivory: Let's first talk about your success. You are the only Flavor of Love woman to not ever be kicked out, you instead left on your own. Also, even though we still don't know who won Charm School, you have already made it to the top 4. So you have LASTED. Why?

Buckwild: Well, I would have loved to be on FOL longer but I was not havin' that New York situation, so yes I was never eliminated. I don't know if that counts as success but I will take what I can get. I am in the Final 4 on Charm School and that was a big accomplishment for me. I felt like Charm School was a mental game and Flavor of Love was a physical game, if you get what I mean?

Ivory: I have been on the blog forever, even before I wrote for it, and whereas we used to get a lot of negative comments from readers and commenters about you, it is rare that we do now. In general, both on our blog and on others all over the Internet, you are now seemingly much more accepted, not labeled as a fake, etc. Why do you think this is?

Buckwild: I am glad that Charm School gave people the opportunity to see more of who I am. I get a lot of emails saying I hated you on Flavor of Love but I like you now on Charm School, so that is nice. The only thing that I have a hard time with is when people want me to comment on race issues. I do not think I am black and that is about all I can say.
People expect me to be able to debate issues like racism, culture and the deep rooted meanings of words like 'ghetto' and 'hood'. To be honest I am just a girl who likes to have fun, I talk all kinds of ways at all different times with no deeper meaning behind any of it and I may just happen to be the first person you have seen like that on TV. This in no way qualifies me to speak about any of the topics I get asked about, so I wish people would stop taking me so seriously.

Inspired by an interview I decided to do a little word-association game with Buckwild. You know the drill, you name a person or word, the other person answers with the first thing that pops into their mind. Here are Buckwild's (amazing) answers regarding the ladies of Charm School!

1)Flavor Flav- FUNbuckwild-interview
2)New York - Extravagant
3)Monique- Amazing
4)Larissa - Delusional
5)Schatar - Delusional
6)Shay - Determined
7)Cristal - Intoxicated
8)Brooke - Gay
9)Leilene - Neurotic
10)Darra - Chill
11) Courtney - Country
12)Saaphyri - Saaphyri
13)Heather - Nevaeh
14)Thela -Xanax
15)Jennifer - Toasteee
16)Becky Buckwild - Boobs!


  1. steups // 6/7/07 2:20 PM  

    Nice interview Ivory. We've got to book her for the radio show one day. I wonder why that's never happened?

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    Very Good Recap Aurelius.

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    Nice interview Ivory and very good recap Aurelius.

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