Mr. Boston has his dance moves down. Now can he take singing lessons? Dancing 101 with the 'Boston Charm'.... help us GEEZUS!!!


  1. Anonymous // 25/7/07 10:38 PM  

    why q

  2. The Q // 26/7/07 12:24 AM  

    Hey he was the best kisser in the 'I Love New York' mansion.

  3. Anonymous // 26/7/07 12:39 AM  

    Is ILNY 2 filming already?????

  4. Anonymous // 26/7/07 12:44 AM  

    q I think new york said that. so she Won't Hurt His Feelings Come on Now q look at him

  5. The Q // 26/7/07 12:57 AM  

    Yes it started taping July 5 or 6 and should be wrapping up anywhere from today until the 31st.

    I looked Anon, hey New York like his kissing and he made it to top 6.

  6. Anonymous // 26/7/07 1:07 AM  

    q word on the street is that another singing celebrity may try to win the heart of Miss New York, otherwise known as Tiffany Pollard. what do you know about that

  7. steups // 26/7/07 1:35 AM  

    Lmfao at "why Q?"

  8. steups // 26/7/07 1:36 AM  

    Dying at "this isn't the Party Boyz"

  9. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88 is 350 pages into the new Harry Potter book) // 26/7/07 1:42 AM  

    don't say the surprise is Sanjaya!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous // 26/7/07 1:57 AM  

    I know who several are in the house. None of them are Sanjaya.

    I don't believe it. Who knows?


  11. Anonymous // 26/7/07 2:15 AM  

    Yep it's is Sanjaya.

  12. Anonymous // 26/7/07 3:02 AM  

    It's not Sanjaya. I live in ent Washington a few miles from him. I see that kid at the mall. When people walk up to him and bother him he just looks mostly...embarassed.
    Besides he's not 21 yet. No dice.

  13. Anonymous // 26/7/07 3:05 AM  

    Also you seriously suck VH1 don't put a date on your website if you can't deliver. The "coming soon" didn't bother me but you went and put a damn date and now I'm all annoyed. Thumbs down VH1, thumbs way down.

  14. Anonymous // 26/7/07 5:29 AM

  15. dalgal23 // 26/7/07 7:13 AM  

    My God.....I am almost speechless
    Nothing like white boys dancing..and I am white

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