The writer of this post has zero tattoos. However, I've been thinking seriously of getting tattooed with the numbers 1509 on my left wrist and 72578 on my right. *sighs Anyhow, I decided to cruise YouTube. I came across an interesting video concerning Bret Michaels, VH-1's lastest hit reality series' vehicle. A lot of people will disagree with me. However, I think 'Rock of Love' is going to produce VH-1's biggest numbers yet.

Really, Bret Michaels is very much loved. He has women getting tattoos of his signature. She couldn't be the only one on the planet with a Bret Michaels' permanent autograph on her body. *thinking hard Yeah, she isn't the only fan rocking a B.M. tattoo. (Right?!)

Credit: Boredom & YouTube

A poisoned Qmoment!


  1. The Man // 7/7/07 12:01 PM  

    You have got to be crazy to get a Brett Michael's autograph if it was CC, that would be something different.

    Here's some extra Rock of Love gossip - I think the woman who goes by "Brandi Viola" did internet porn!! Check out these links to my blog for pictures that I think prove (all pictures are sfw, with nsfw links).

  2. The Q // 7/7/07 2:35 PM  

    The Man~

    I don't think Brandi a.k.a. BB is the internet porn woman 'Pamela'. I've seen a lot of pictures of BB. I think there is a strong resemblance between the two women.

    I am just not sure if they are one in the same.


  3. misterballer // 7/7/07 2:44 PM  

    lol brandi does porn?

  4. The Q // 7/7/07 4:03 PM  


    We don't know. And what's the big deal if she did or does? I mean Mr. Michaels has made homemade porn.LOL

  5. The Man // 7/7/07 4:12 PM  

    Q -

    You may be right...I guess we'll see when the show starts and more people get a look at her. I'm not passing judgment on her if she has done porn - she has the right to do what she wants. I just thought it was a funny piece of gossip :)

  6. The Q // 7/7/07 4:18 PM  

    The Man~

    I appreciate you sharing your curiousity with us. You are right it's an interesting piece of info/gossip.

    More than a few of the 'ROL' series of some ties or connections with adult entertainment. So who knows ... isn't it often part of the music scene? Well they are all adults so more power to them for living their lives.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  7. misterballer // 7/7/07 10:57 PM  

    haha,its just that I am interviewing her,I wanted a topic lol. I also unlike alot of other people do think that ROL will get popular.

  8. jorundi // 7/7/07 11:38 PM  

    At first, I had no interest in VH1's "white" knock-off of Flavor of Love; however, the more I read about it and look at the V-spot snippets, the more I'm looking forward to this show.

    It's all wrapped up in the reasoning behind my love of the Jerry Springer Show...sometimes it's good to see white folk make fools of themselves. I think on the internet, it's called "crackcoonery" or something like that.

  9. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 8/7/07 5:33 AM  

    my myspace page is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 8/7/07 5:37 AM

  11. jorundi // 8/7/07 9:51 AM  

    Try it again, Mr New York...the above address is incomplete.

  12. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 8/7/07 3:15 PM

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