It was ugly. I mean if he was on fire, no one was there to piss on him. The following is about to offend or piss off someone. However, I just need to share my warped opinion. The show starts and the pretty Flawless Rose chats it up with some other ladies. In all honesty I hear 'loud and clearly' SET UP in her mischievous giggles. I sense a blog talk radio lynching of sorts in the Fireman's near future. Fireman a working man, is a little late in calling into the show, apparently on his way home from work. (I find this very hard to believe and I'll tell you why later.) Flawless finally receives a call from her red haired target from a 609 area code. It happens at around the 10 minute mark and I mean DJ Flawless and her crew are ready. You guessed it! It's the charming Fireman.

DJ Flawless explains that it is alright if he is late. As a matter of fact, it's important to be fashionably late to a party. (Poor, poor Fireman... he should've stuck with Groovy.) Flawless asks about the '3 Minute Game.' Fireman informs the lynch mob and the listeners that it's a game in which the players attempt to drink 3 beers in 3 minutes. Everyone who can guzzle away is a winner. (Oh... joy... joy!)

Next crew member G-na quotes the Fireman from a Groovy Noodle interview. Allegedly he mentioned in the interview something to the affect that VH-1 allowed him to slide on some paperwork deadlines. The name Tamara is mentioned. ( In defense of VH-1/51 Minds, they are dealing with mostly 20 something year old guys. Deadlines = goals... not the death of the hopes and dreams of a potential Reality Star.) In defense of Fireman, .....give me a moment, (long pause) I can't think of one. G-na also mentions how he disappeared for awhile off of the 'I Love New York 2' website. He explains that there was a video mishap where his video wasn't showing up. However, VH-1 (due to his fans devastation of his absence from the site) fixed the problem. VH-1 saves the day yet again! And Fireman was returned to the web battle to get into the mansion.
Next crew member Kira quotes a Fireman written testimonial *shaking my head "Jesus never existed, you stupid @ss. I don't need a church. You need a f@cking education."
Fireman's reply, "Yeah, yeah I was pretty hammered when I wrote that." (I knew the '3 Minute Game' wasn't the best concept to come out of South Jersey.) The Fireman goes on to explain he is not big on religion. He even admits to being anti-religious. He goes on to say he doesn't believe that Jesus ever existed. Flawless interjects, "Isn't it wrong to tell her that there isn't a God?" He clarifies that he never said there wasn't a God. And quickly informs them that many religions don't believe in Jesus but believe in God. (One point for Fireman...2 points for the Flawless crew.) He is given an opportunity to apologize for his rude written testimonial. He apologizes for the tone but not the intent of the message.

The young women take their chance to add that it is particularly strange that 'allegedly' people who don't use profanity or disrespect others were kicked off the 'I Love New York 2' website. And they were allegedly kicked off for simply complaining about the vicious verbal attacks of others. She thinks it's weird that after all the drama, the Fireman stayed in the competition. Drama makes VH-1 loads of money. *breaths in and out Of course they are going to keep the drama drawing characters on the website. There is talk that the monitoring or handling of the 'I Love New York 2' website wasn't the greatest. The subject of cheating is touched on and all I can do is .... *sighs
(VH-1 -0, Fireman -2, Lynch Mob -2)

Moving right along, they touch on a forum created for the Fireman and his fans. Now I will type the following; that's my understanding of it all. But I could be wrong. The Flawless crew talks of his responsibility. He articulately states that he can't control adults. (No more than Whiteboy can control me.) WTF are they talking about? He is a cat trying to get on a show! He is not trying to be a daddy or big brother to his fans. The Forum 'allegedly' picked him as some sort of joke to be cast in 'I Love New York 2' as the most unlikely candidate to win New York's heart. Something about racism came up but I got lost and didn't feel like listening harder. (VH-1 -0, Fireman -3, Mob -2)

The subject of Sister Patterson comes up. Fireman states she is abrasive. (Really?!) He is also going to be nice to her of course. I am thinking if she gets wind of the Jesus not existing thing. It is definitely over for The Fireman. They touch on penis length and he claims to have more than 2 inches. A caller named John calls in and asks about Fireman introducing the '3 Minute Game' to his ILNY2 mansion mates. Fireman says he plans on it and that with 19 other guys in the house. He'll be able to tell their character based on how they handle the '3 Minute Game.' (Tango won and didn't drink. It's not about what you think. It's about what New York thinks.) So what does this beer game prove about anyone? Oh yeah, who can guzzle 3 beers in 3 minutes. He keeps mentioning when he is in the mansion and then cleans it up with 'ifs'. I think Fireman is in the house. I think that a South Jersey native is in Los Angeles as I type. He speaks of contracts and other stuff. And I notice his STRONG fan base didn't call in much. For those of you not in the loop; his fans are like rapid pit bulls. They are ferocious and when they latch on they don't release. DJ Flawless would've been hearing a lot more from his fan base if they were still vying for him to get on the show. Bottom line, his fans are relaxed because THEY KNOW he is in sunny California and so close to stepping into the mansion. Do I know this for sure? Naw but if you sit back and watch... things become very clear. Is Fireman in the door of the 'I Love New York 2' mansion or is he going to be this year's Sekou? Almost in there but just quite didn't make it. (VH-1 -0, Fireman -4 gets a point for fans, Flawless -2)

A Solomon Wise fan calls in named Patty. She is hot because 'alleged' Fireman fans have called Mr. Wise the N-Word and his fans N-Word lovers. Patty brings up what is Fireman going to do once he gets into the house. DJ Flawless takes a cue to try to end some rumors floating around. She states that she knows for a fact the guys don't know if they've made it in the house or not. And that she did an interview with so n so and cell phones aren't allowed in the house. So she knows they don't know. Not to start beef, but if they hadn't started taping 'I Love New York 2' show @ the time of the interview.... his having a cell phone would prove nothing. The guys as much as they may love a pretty smile are NOT going to tell an interviewer sh!t before taping. They could kill their chances of being on that show. Let's not forget a $1,000,000 lawsuit hanging over their heads! Flawless and her crew were prepared. Preparation is a beautiful thing. (I should try it more.) Fireman might want to watch his words more carefully. Part of the allure of 'Flavor of Love' and all of it's spin off series is the anticipation, the wanting to know the who, what, when, why & how each episode. The Fireman gave a little too much information away. And it could've cost him his spot in trying to win the heart of New York or to be seen by millions of VH-1 viewers. (VH-1 -0, Fireman -4, Mob -3 thanks to Patty) Good show in spite of the excessive bashing. And I actually started liking The Fireman due to his ability to stand up to the attacks and keep his cool. The winner is... VH-1 of course they have a fan base chomping at the bit to know who is in that mansion. The show is already drama fueled by all of the web wars between potential cast members and their fans. Absolutely brilliant 51 Minds!!! *stands and claps

Second place has to go to the Fireman. He had several individuals hammering away at him and he stood his ground. With all of the prepared attacks coming his way he should've been slaughtered. Yet he came out with only a scratch. By the way, I waited to post this article for a particular reason. *winks

Credit: DJ Flawless & Crew

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  2. jorundi // 6/7/07 11:14 PM  

    Wonderful article Quanda. You're back at the top of your game. Before now, I would have never given the Fireman a second thought. Thanks.

  3. The Q // 6/7/07 11:15 PM  

    Congrats Jorundi!

    Any opinions on the ILNY 2 website or potential mansion mates?

  4. The Q // 6/7/07 11:16 PM  

    Thank you Jorundi.

  5. jorundi // 6/7/07 11:19 PM  

    Really, none of them really impressed me as far as TV goes. I went to the ILNY 2 website once and that was enough. Most of them seemed to be 21 year old kids. New York would eat them up and spit them out like watermelon

  6. The Q // 6/7/07 11:30 PM  

    LMAO @ watermelon seed analogy

    I concur.

    If Fireman gets passed Episode 1, he could very well be the long shot of the show as Mr. Boston was.

    Of course that's 'IF' he is in the house.

  7. jorundi // 6/7/07 11:34 PM  

    Yeah, "If"...LOL

    Tell Steups that I appreciate him cutting out the anonymous posts for a while. I was beginning to get a headache and I think they ran off a lot of readers. I'm just too old to run...LOL

    Being an "old" girl, I'm going back to my computer game and then to bed.

    Later, GF.

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    I'll pass the thank you on to him. I don't think they ran off the readers that's my specialty. LOL. I think they ran off some commenters though.

    I think I am going to play some Grand Theft San Andreas or maybe some Need for Speed.

    Goodnight Jorundi.

  9. steups // 6/7/07 11:42 PM  

    I didn't ban anonymous comments. I just don't disagree with it.

    Anyways, gotta go. Maybe you should post a link tot he actual show for those inclined to listen.

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    What it do People, People.

    *Standing Ovation*
    Q, you are brilliant. Magically delicious, My Wonder Twin...

  11. The Q // 7/7/07 12:19 AM  

    Thank you Licious. My I.Q. of 45 helps me do wonderous things.

  12. Mz-Shorty // 7/7/07 10:11 AM  

    nice post. the interview was hilarious

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