Almost 4 months to the day I promised quite a lot and it seems I have delivered. The blog is now tied to a radio-show and it's podcasts and the readers can now interact, LIVE, with their favorite (and not so favorite) reality television stars.

The next step is our own television broadcast because there are some of you out there I'd love to see on video. (smiles)
Anyways, thanks to everyone who reads, writes, listens, emails and contributes; but most importantly, thank you to me (wtf? you thought I was modest?)

I've added a few links you may have missed so here they are, right, left, front and centre (American spelling is now taking its toll)

Concrete Loop

Rican's MySpace

Dread-Blades' PS3 site

Licious' MySpace

Elle-Word-Radio's MySpace

And that reminds me, we've added writers and the team now includes Gabrielle and Licious.
Maybe Groovy will return one day (stranger things have happened) and too, our friend for life, Ponlork.

That's that then, I'm off to see a man about a dog.

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