*Walks into a Knuts of the Round Table (blog actually) 'Rock of Love' premiere viewing in tight black leather booty shorts and stiletto boots.

Steups, Jane, Electra, Revenge, Lareigna, Meale, Shawn, Sanyo, Ivory, Licious, Bhatti, Misterballer, 3pm, Gigi, Mr. New York, John, Mai Tye, TxShawty, Dana, Bubo the Hater and anonymous Knuts stare in utter disgust and disbelief. Finally Revenge manages to speak, "What the hell Q.?! Where is your armor?"

"Well it's the 'Rock of Love' premiere and I thought armor was inappropriate. This is my rocker chick look."

"Q. you know I love you right?"

"Of course Revenge."

"Mama, (long pause) cellulite should not be oozing out of those shorts. And Ma your gut is hanging over your shorts. Stretch marks and leather don't compliment one another. You aren't looking rocker chick. You are looking hookerfied. Mr. New York go grab a blanket so we can cover Q. up and watch 'Rock of Love'."

Minutes later Mr. New York returns with a blanket and covers Q.'s unsightly ensemble. The Knuts of the Round Blog in their relief realize it's 8:59pm and quickly tune into VH-1.

'Rock of Love' begins. We see Bret Michaels on his way to mansion somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. He's riding a motorcycle with a yellow checkered taxi cab paint job. His helmet befitting a 'Rock God' has a skull and cross bones prominently displayed on the front. We see a snippet of him in the Rockfessional. He tells us what he is searching for in a woman. Basically, she has to be hot, cool, sexy, and be able to deal with insanity. She has to understand the rock'n'roll is his one big love. Rock'n' Roll is an insatiable bitch goddess. The woman he chooses has to be ready for a threesome with this goddess. (I am thinking one too many insulin shots.)

We get to see several of his options in the Chickfessional sharing their insights. Brandi M. shares, "I'm going to win over Bret Michaels in the end. Because I'm sexy, seductive and these girls have nothing on me." (Come on you aren't the only one with a va jay jay.)

Magdalena shares,"He's going to be my man so keep trying but it' not going to happen." (Is she the illegitimate daughter of Barry White?)

Erin shares, "I was named Miss Hooters of Illinois. And I have the tools to get what I want because of that." (I can't argue that point. If you know how to fry chicken wings Hooters' style, the world is your oyster.)

Raven shares, "One of my favorite songs is 'Every Thorn Has it's Rose' ... It's a beautiful song. It has heart, soul and a depth to it." (Rod may very well have a point.)

Just when I decide I need to lay out on the floor and laugh at some of these women. Poison's lead singer, Bret Michaels rolls up the driveway to the clapping, cheering, titty bouncing, screaming 25 'Bret Beezys'. Mr. Michaels introduces himself to the ladies. Minutes later he introduces Big John, head of security to the excited women. Mr. Michaels announces he is off to shower. Big John alone with the 25 women gives out some important rules.

1. No one enters Bret's room unannounced.
2. No one touches the guitars.
3. No one throws up in the jacuzzi.

(Call The Q. crazy but all of those rules are going to be broken.) He swiftly points to Meredith and informs her that he needs her to stay back for a second. He points next to Tiffany, Kim, Kelly and last Pam. The other 20 women are told to go inside and get comfortable. The 5 ladies remaining are told their tour ends here and their bags are up the hill.

People that was brutal. I shed a tear. (Okay, I admit I was cutting onions at the time. Hey but I did shed a tear.) One of the ladies decided she wasn't going home. Tiffany declared she was getting back into the house.

Inside the 'Rock of Love' mansion, the 'Bret Beezys' are following Big John's instructions to get comfortable. Comfortable (for reality television virgins) means find the booze. (Were they thirsty or what?)Heather appears to be the friendliest bartender ever. Many of the 'Bret Beezys' make a toast with Heather. Tamara is near the stairs snacking away with a beverage in her hand. We witness food falling out of her mouth & down into her cleavage. Lacey notices a drum set and starts banging away. Tamara shares in the Chickfessional that Lacey is trying too hard. Brandi C. and Kristia decide to be best friends and Barbie twins. If that isn't enough they have the brilliant idea that they'll be the best girlfriends for Bret.

One of the 5 women Big John sent home earlier returns, determined to get into the mansion. Yes, it's Tiffany. She knocks and then bangs on the door like a S.W.A.T. team. Several women hear the banging. Not one of them think to open the door. *wonders if Rule 4. was no one opens the door Big John finally opens the door. He steps outside to talk to Tiffany. She asks why she was cut. He informs her it was nothing personal. She goes into begging mode, "I'm a big fan of his. I had a hat made. I came all the way from Chicago.....I'll do anything." (Pootie is from Chicago too.) Big John is as soft as Stone Cold Ice Cream. He tells her to get her bags. Tiffany enters the mansion to the dismay of many of the other women."

Meanwhile in a bedroom, we witness Brandi C., Kristia, Lauren, Erin, Tawny and Krista having an enriching conversation regarding breasts implants. We learn Erin has Gummy Bear implants (WTF!) Brandi C. asks to touch them. Erin agrees. The rest of the women squeal and giggle with excitement. In the Chickfessional Brandi C. shares, ".....I love my boobs. They are the best birthday present I got form my parents last year."

We see Brandi M. eating an apple, looking evil. Big John announces that he needs everyone in the main room. He wants them to line up single file. They are about to meet Bret Michaels one on one. The women line up as instructed. Bret enters the room. The squealing begins. *wonders if he ever tires of the squealing He smiles and touches several hands. Chickfessional time with Brandi C., "He's Tan. He's blond. And we probably look like brother and sister a little bit. But that's hot."

Back to the 'Rock of Love' stud muffin, Bret informs the ladies he will be taking their photos. First up is the southern beauty Cindy. Bret is feeling her physique and thinks she's hot. Cindy gets the first kiss of the night. Magdalena in the Chickfessional states, "......manly....." *coughs 'your voice' coughs Tiffany is next. I need help!!! I am not going to make it through this recap with all of Tiffany's foolishness. Tiffany kisses Bret and then poses for her photos. In the Rockfessional Bret's shares, "When I look at Tiffany, part of her says just make love to me right now. And then there's a part of her that says 'I am on a lot of chemicals right now.' Strange but it just kind of turned me on." (I hit the floor on that one, unbelievable.) We quickly see Raven, Krista, Tawny, Sam, Bonnie, Dallas and Mia take their turn in front of the camera. It's Magdalena's turn. Refusing to be out done; Bret and she share a slob fest of sorts. Bret is loving her long clean shavin', smooth legs that run up to her @ss. * thinking doesn't every one's legs run up to their @sses? I think Mr. Michaels gets a woody. Things speed up again (unlike this recap). Jes, Lacey, Kristia, Brandi M., Tamara, Erin, and Brandi C. pose up a storm for Bret. Things slow down when it's Lauren's turn. My fingers are truly at a lost to what to type. Lauren seemed as confused and stunned as a priest in a brothel. She was like a deer caught in headlights. Jessica's turn was next. *sighs VH-1 you were so very wrong for the breaking the lens special effect (funny but wrong) . It's Heather's turn. A woman of her word; Heather doesn't hesitate to show Bret what she is working with in the breasts department. In the Chickfessional she shares, "...Bret's taking all these sexy shots of all these dumb @ss broads. They don't know shit about sexy. I'll show them sexy." Heather takes some awesome rock 'n' rollish pictures.

Erin disapproving of Heather says, "I am not going to lower myself to a stripper whore level. Obviously, I am not trying to cover them up (her own implants). Heather the whore is a 32 year old stripper flashing her titties on T.V. In a sense, I feel sorry for her." (Is this not the same woman earlier bragging about being named Miss Hooter of Illinois? And that she has all the tools to get what she wants?) *smh

Back to Heather, "Men always like boobs. If you got a nice rack show them." (OMG, these women are going kill me, too funny.) Photo shoot now over, the mixing and mingling with Bret and the 21 women begins. Watching Bret mingle with the various women; I like him. He is down to earth, strangely normal. He has no signs of arrogance you'd expect of a 'Rock God'. There is no overinflated ego that I can sense. You really get that he is looking for a 'monogamous friends with benefits' situation. Tiffany gets wasted. She becomes obnoxious and belligerent. She even heckles Heather on the pole saying, "She ain't shit." She tries to show her own pole skills. *sighs It ain't cute. She irritates the heck out of Dallas, Brandi M., Jes, Magdalena and Faith. Faith irritates me when she starts interrogating Tiffany about her reasons for being there. You know the woman is drunk, let her be. Tiffany starts crying. Simply folks; she's a train wreck. However, Tiffany does manage to dry hump Bret in front of the Barbie twins. During the mingling Bret is really feeling Cindy, Heather, Jes, Sam and Lacey. Sexually I think he has it bad for Brandi M., Tamara and Magdalena. Brandi C. is annoying him to no end. However, she's cute with implants.

The elimination ceremony begins. Cindy gets the first V.I.P. Pass. Last V.I.P. Pass is given to Brandi C. The surprise is that Bret (and producers) want Tiffany to stay in the mansion. He knows what it is to be wasted. And he wants to give Tiffany another chance, plus she has entertainment value (ratings). Who was sent home? Jessica, Bonnie, Lauren, Raven and Krista had their tours ended. Sixteen 'Bret Beezys' remain.
A recap Qmoment!


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 8:55 AM  

    Very good recap Q, soooo good you've convinced me to look at this Rock of Love now, LOL

    I promised myself that I would not get hooked on yet another of VH1's reality shows, but, alas I need me some help. LMAO

    Oh yeah, FIRST SUCKERS (sticks tongue out, SUPERSTAR)

  2. The Q // 16/7/07 9:04 AM  


    OMG, it was a mess. It was GOOD. Pure beezys acting up in the hizzy.
    I laughed so hard at so many things.

  3. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:11 AM  

    Well I know that there would be real lawlessness on the show THAT IS WHY I DID NOT WANT TO WATCH, LOL see what you guys gone and do? Encouraging poor weak E in partaking at this Rock of Love table.


  4. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:12 AM  

    I think this show is going to be awesome. I can't stop laughing (even though I can't keep the names straight)

    Plus I'll be able to see some of it so that's a bonus!

    Good morning everybody. Good recap Q

  5. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:14 AM  

    Morning Dana : ) How will u be able to see some of the show?

  6. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:16 AM  

    Because I'm going to D.C. on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I'll finally be able to overdose on V-Spot without seeing the stupid message "V-Spot is not available in your territory"

  7. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:17 AM  

    LOL OK I hear u Dana.

  8. The Q // 16/7/07 9:19 AM  

    Good morning Electra and Dana.

    I have lost all manners. And thanks for the recap love. It was a tough one. I left out a lot of drama. Those women are bananas.

  9. steups // 16/7/07 9:21 AM  

    Shit, it said 1 comment a minute ago.

  10. steups // 16/7/07 9:23 AM  

    I don't think many people saw the Premiere. I doubt it came close to the premieres of Charm School, ILNY and the FOLs

  11. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 9:30 AM  

    OMG..it was TOO FUNNY..the recap was AWESOME...Tiffany..man...she is like a messed up overmedicated, drunk version of Toastee. I swear "Dont threathen me with a good time" WHO SAYS THAT?? I mean, who really says that??

  12. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:31 AM  

    Well what you think and reality are 2 different things.

    I get a good vibe like it might be comparable. When do the real figures come out?

  13. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:33 AM  

    dalgal 23 - I am actually going to adopt that as my new slogan a credo by which I will live my life and deal with others along with

    "Men always like boobs. If you got a nice rack show them."

  14. steups // 16/7/07 9:48 AM  

    Whatever I think becomes reality...

  15. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:51 AM  

    LOL No scene Q. Hey Dana and Dagal so what u think I should show some more cleavage? LOL

    OH Hey Morning Steups and Dagal

  16. steups // 16/7/07 9:51 AM  

    don't forget...Bootz/Larissa at 8pm tonight on Gabrielle's radio show

    I think there's a recap show too; on another blogtalk. Ask others for details.

  17. steups // 16/7/07 9:51 AM  

    Heyyyy Electra.

  18. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:52 AM  

    Oh really now Steups? Did not know u were so powerful, LMAO

  19. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:52 AM  

    Sure it does. Your own personal reality. And that at the end of the day is what is most important after all...your mental kingdom where you rule supreme

  20. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:53 AM  

    Heyyyyyyyy Steups what u up to?

  21. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:54 AM  

    LMAO @ Dana. You guys have made my Monday morning for true....

  22. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:54 AM  

    E - I think you should take it a step further and just ask people - strangers even if they would like to see your boobs.

    Or if you're feeling especially benevolent you can walk and flash people with or without their consent...

    I plan to starting from the 12th

  23. The Q // 16/7/07 9:54 AM  

    LOL @ Others



  24. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 9:57 AM  

    Well hear this Dana, when you start I will start to think about following your advice ok? How does that sound?

  25. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 9:58 AM  

    That sounds really good

    I'll call you on the 12th and let you know how it goes.

    Bra or no bra? Nipple guards?

  26. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:00 AM  

    LOL Please wear a bra you still have to leave something for the imagination.

    Nipple guards? I dont know up to you.


  27. The Q // 16/7/07 10:01 AM  

    Nipple guards.

    Alright I am out of here. I might drop an interview I had with one of the ladies this weekend. I'll see if I am in the mood.

    I hope you all have a good day.

  28. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:04 AM  

    K Q u have a good day too. Bye

  29. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 10:06 AM  

    Bye Q

    E - You are too tweet, giving in to your naught tendencies and playing along with my little fantasy game

    I am in a horrible, horrible mood today (I don't know why probably work up on the wrong side of the bed) so I need distracting and cheering up. What jokes do you have?

  30. steups // 16/7/07 10:11 AM  

    Fe-fi-fo-fum...I smell the blood of an english-woman

  31. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:16 AM  

    Steups, that was really stale. LOL

    Girl nothing much nah I sent u some "Chocolate" via email today did u get it?

  32. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 10:17 AM  

    Yeah Nick I'll grind your bone (to make my bread)

  33. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:17 AM  

    Ewwwwwwwwwww Dana

  34. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 10:25 AM  

    What? *puts on angelic face* It's from the story Jack and the Beanstalk

    "Fe-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I'll gring his bones to make my bread"

    I know you read that to your kids E

  35. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:30 AM  

    Yeah I knw the fairy tale Dana it just sounded lame coming from Steups that's all. LMAO

  36. steups // 16/7/07 10:34 AM  

    I did it for a reason...

    Jack be nimble Jack be quick
    Jack put it in, and she screamed "Dick"

  37. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:40 AM  

    Steups - You need HElP real fast too.

  38. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 10:47 AM  

    Jack was nimble Jack was quick
    Easy, since he had such a tiny dick

  39. steups // 16/7/07 10:49 AM  

    Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet
    Eating her curds and whey
    Along came a spider and ran inside of her
    And Miss Muffet "came" all day

  40. Jane // 16/7/07 10:50 AM  

    "Is she the illegitimate daughter of Barry White"


    its so fucking true and the idiot had the nerve to call rodeo manly

  41. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 10:50 AM  

    LOL, LMAO Steeeeeeeeeeeups LOL

    Dana and Steups behave yourselves

  42. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 10:57 AM  

    Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet
    Eating her curds and whey
    Then a male spider tried to run up inside of her
    Miss Muffet screamed "Get Away"**

    ** (presumably because she had the good sense to know not to trust anything male to do what she could do better herself)

  43. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:00 AM  

    Aye DANA....... But what is this I seeing hear? LOL

  44. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:02 AM  

    Oh BTW Dana, love your Jack be nimble comeback, classic. :) Only thing missing is TX and her Trenchy full of snacks then we can have a real party going on/ LMAO

  45. steups // 16/7/07 11:03 AM  

    For the gay men...

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the King's horses and all the King's men
    Lined up for Humpty to give them good 'head'

  46. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:06 AM  

    Oh GEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ Steups, sad is you are (in Master Yoda's voice) LOL

  47. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:06 AM  

    Oooops I mean "Sad you are" LOL

  48. Gabrielle // 16/7/07 11:23 AM  

    2 post and i'm dehydrated lol!! I'm done for aabout a week I think. I'm dead tired.

  49. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:30 AM  

    Gabby I am angry at you because I cant access your site here at work and I know its HOT!!! So I cant be angry and them here for using their spyware to block all the porn these teens try to download here so I just have to be mad at you for having such a successful show and I cant be a part of it and when I am on no one notices me anywayz. LOL

    Plus your show have lots of people who dont comment her at all on there cause I did not know at least one of them the last time I was on, hmmmmmmmmm talk about being left out :(

    No scene I still have Dana, Q, TX and the others (sticks tongue out)

  50. revenge // 16/7/07 11:36 AM  

    good morning all.

    now q, i love u and if i ever saw you in leather and all that, i would probably fall to my knees and weep at the sheer joy that it would bring me.


  51. txshawty // 16/7/07 11:37 AM  

    What's up wit it y'all?!

    E: We're on the same pg about the show... :-( I can't hear it here at work either!

    Steups and Dana: GUYS! First HARRY POTTER, now Nursery RHYMES?! Is anything safe?! lol

    Hey Gabby...oh you should check your e-mail with the quickness...we needa handle some bih-niss! lol

  52. txshawty // 16/7/07 11:37 AM  

    Hey VENGIE!!

  53. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 11:38 AM  

    GM Everyone,

    Great recap Q. Steups, the ROL is already getting some good buzz about it so far. That Bret is a Hot dude.

  54. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 11:38 AM  




  55. revenge // 16/7/07 11:41 AM  

    hey sexy dana,


    hey txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! FUCKFACE.

  56. revenge // 16/7/07 11:41 AM  

    shawn, your font is a sight for sore eyes mama.

    missin u all over at q-gasm.

    :;sigh:: i need time.

  57. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:42 AM  

    Hey Ladies : )

  58. txshawty // 16/7/07 11:46 AM  

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! Thanks Revenge! {sigh of relief} All my peoples in ONE place!

    hey DANA!

    Hey SHAWN!

  59. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:47 AM  

    So what no E saluation?

  60. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 11:50 AM  

    So true Shawn. Unlike Flav he's actually attractive so:
    a) It's feasible that women might be there for reasons other than his money and so there's a greater chance the match might work out (at least for longer than Flav's)
    b) I don't mind picturing him getting his groove on with people

  61. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 11:55 AM  

    I like how he handle some of the females that was there.

    Glad he gave Tiffany another chance. I hope she don't turn out to be another New York. I got a feeling that the boobies twins are going to be funny.

  62. steups // 16/7/07 11:56 AM  

    why did Tiffany deserve another chance. She is trash, the garbage-man would refuse

  63. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 11:57 AM  


    Hey sexy lady how are you today?

    Hey TX, Electra, Dana and Gabby.

    So what's going on with NY show? Is it true they thinking about canceling her show.

  64. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 11:57 AM  


  65. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 11:58 AM  

    They need a trouble maker in the house. She was funny but sad but yet again funny.

  66. steups // 16/7/07 11:58 AM  

    Nope, but you now execs are when stars want the compensation they deserve.

  67. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 12:00 PM  

    Well I can understand she got alot of competition now on Vh1.

  68. jorundi // 16/7/07 12:03 PM  

    Quanda, you have given us another beautifully detailed recap. I saw the show twice, once online and then last night on tv. You still gave me information that I missed.

    What was the name of the African American girl that left? I laughed when she shook his hand instead of a hug. I didn't at first think he was going to get that hug, but she went ahead and gave him a half-hearted embrace.

  69. Gabrielle // 16/7/07 12:07 PM  

    I am so saddened! I just got cussed out on a message board by a honeycream(lol) ok sorry I should be serious. But yeah, they have deeply saddened my heart today.

    Hey everyone who spoke to me.
    E and Tx sorry y'all can't hear the show, it's just darra over and over.

  70. Electra (trinidad) // 16/7/07 12:12 PM  

    Bye guys I am off not feeling up to mark so do enjoy d rest of the day and....


  71. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 12:16 PM  

    Yes electra..show some more

    LOL@the new slogan...I love it

  72. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 12:24 PM  

    Now, Gabby, why would someone cuss you out?? I dont get people!

    I love the nursery rhymes..you are some sick people..why do I feel I fit in with you sickos..I think I am just ask sick..As for the Barbi Twins..I think they both share a brain cell.
    As for Tiffany, she is not as smart as New York...

    As for Brett, I would not mind seeing him get his groove on either...I have no desire to see Flav naked EVER..in my LIFE. Flav is built like a 10 year old girl.

  73. Gabrielle // 16/7/07 12:29 PM  

    She cussed me out because I am an inarticulate brown nosing lil bs'er who didn't ask larissa's mom any hard questions :(

  74. Dana - Harry Potter Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Drink His Polyjuice Potion // 16/7/07 12:30 PM  

    dalgal23 - I like you

  75. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 12:34 PM  

    Gabby, what is the link to your page..I might just have to tell this honeywannabearticulateperson off

    dana...thanks..i like you too!

    now..how does one get a cool ass picture?

  76. Gabrielle // 16/7/07 12:36 PM  

    lol dalgal she's actually in the vh1 messageboard, thats kind of why i was laughing. they take they CHARM SCHOOLING seriously over there lol.

  77. txshawty // 16/7/07 12:37 PM  

    k y'all had to come back

    Gabby that was a long-a e-mail...if you have the patience, it's waiting on you to open lol...BEWARE

    Dalgal23: HI! lol...Are you from dallas, or am I reaching? lol

  78. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 12:37 PM  

    OH..ok..I am on that board too...I will leave a message thereLOL

  79. steups // 16/7/07 12:38 PM  

    I omitted letters from my last comment.
    How did that happen?

  80. steups // 16/7/07 12:41 PM  

    I got the Reunion Show numbers and it received a healthy 3.6 million viewers

  81. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 12:43 PM  

    I am originally...I am in Tennessee now...

    Gabby, those are some crazy ass bitches on that board. I could not get through all the BS to get to the one about you. My god...They need to medicate some over there.

  82. txshawty // 16/7/07 12:48 PM  

    Dalgal23: REALLY?!

    Gabby: We got us another tx gal! YAY! lol

    I'm too excited for my own good! lol

  83. Gabrielle // 16/7/07 12:48 PM  

    lol. They told me that I be in there begging for listeners, and I just went in there this weekend cause I heard they had listened to the show. They was talkin about Ms. Yvette, talkin about we brown nosed because we didnt call her on her BS, I didn't catch the Bs they were talkin about I guess. But I was always taught that it takes a BSer to know a BSer sooooooo. I just prayed for'em and let it go.

  84. Gabrielle // 16/7/07 12:50 PM  

    DALLAS!!!! YEA

    Shawty, I met someone in the chatroom on saturday who was from dallas, pleasant grove (my spot) and graduated from skyline. So I was like, shoot I might know them cause thats my alma mata, and i was like "when did u graduate?" and they was like "u asking too much lol" so i was like, "i ain't tryna stalk u" so they asked me "did u graduate before 1998" and after i read that i just busted out laughin.

  85. steups // 16/7/07 12:51 PM  

    Jorundi, that was Raven...but I got a few things wrong in my post so I might be off on that...

  86. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 12:55 PM  

    Gabby, I just went to your myspace, I used to live in Arlington near Arlington Memorial..I actually worked there before we moved to TN (I am not trying to stalk you btw LOL)..PS. I asked to be added to your friends list..My real name is Elizabeth..My Mom did not name my Dalgal LOL

    As for now blasting her, why would you?? I mean, she did not really do anything that needed blasting in my opinion. Mo explained her side. We dont know what all happened after the show ended. People who do radio and TV are not there to BLAST their guests. That is how they GET GUESTS. I guess those LAME BRAINS dont get it. OH..I just went out there and said they had brains!!!

    TX..where are you at in Texas??

  87. revenge // 16/7/07 12:59 PM  

    shockingly i miss watching ny

  88. steups // 16/7/07 1:01 PM  

    dalgal, jemyne is a nice person; but you have to appreciate she came from a site (televisionwithoutpity.com) where the average member insults the cast of a show as a matter of sport.

    It's what they do, so it's natural she would disagree with Elle's approach

  89. steups // 16/7/07 1:01 PM  

    Hi Rev...

  90. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 1:02 PM  
  91. revenge // 16/7/07 1:02 PM  

    hello darling boy

    enjoying potter mania?

  92. steups // 16/7/07 1:04 PM  

    Yes, yes I am...I might do a bit of filming at the store when I collect my copy at midnight and pass it on to Aure and Baller

  93. txshawty // 16/7/07 1:04 PM  

    Dalgal23: Str8 DALLAS, boo! lol..

    Gabby: Oh that's that OLD school dallas, you wouldn't know her/him even if you took a time machine back! lol

  94. revenge // 16/7/07 1:06 PM  

    the last book no?

  95. steups // 16/7/07 1:08 PM  


  96. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 1:14 PM  

    Yeah Tx..Dallas...LOL

  97. txshawty // 16/7/07 1:15 PM  

    dalgal23: How long has it been since you've been in Dallas?

  98. revenge // 16/7/07 1:15 PM  

    lol....pobrecito. your disappointment and sadness is almost palpable.

  99. steups // 16/7/07 1:19 PM  

    I laughed when he said 'The Bachelor' is kinda queer and 'The Flavor of Love' had Flava Flav in it, so 'The Rock of Love' is gonna be better.

    He asked Brett Michaels if he's bald and he said 'he has a graciously receding hairline', lol.

  100. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 1:33 PM  

    tx..about 5 years now

    steups...there is a reason he wears a hat! LOL

  101. Dreadblades1 // 16/7/07 1:37 PM  

    Hey guys if any of you are fans of Sony or the PS3 check out my blog. It is constantly being updated. Or if you have friends that are thinking about getting one check this blog out to tell them to convince them. Thank you.


  102. jorundi // 16/7/07 1:50 PM  

    Thanks Steups...I think Raven is proudly Wiccan. You don't see too many showing the Pentacle/Pentagram on national tv.

    That is what stood out about her, that and the weave.

  103. steups // 16/7/07 2:13 PM  

    Then she's a crazy Wiccan (whispers) as are many, I assume

    DB1, I have a PS2 and a PSP; what you got for me, son?

  104. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 2:19 PM  

    He's balding!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn. I should have known sumn was up.

  105. Dreadblades1 // 16/7/07 2:21 PM  

    LOl I have a PS2 and a PS3 but the PS3 just got a price cut and the 60 gb cost 499 right now. Its selling out pretty quickly. If you check out my site you can see trailers for all the cool games and release dates. I was hoping that you could check out my site steups or tell other people about it. If they have friends that want a PS3 and are skeptical that it does not have good games which it does.
    I also have like a picture of the day, video of the day and release dates for games. my blog looks really cool.


  106. The Q // 16/7/07 2:27 PM  


    I did not write about Raven for a reason. *giggles*

    WTH was she talking about and then she SHISHED Bonnie incredible.

    And I am scaring myself because I know all of the 25 ladies names. I can tell the blondes about and it's scarying me.

    I need to relaxed on the researching.

  107. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 2:29 PM  

    Q - Never relax. You have to be into it like you are otherwise the articles won't be as good. Someone needs to tell them apart - it might as well be you...

  108. The Q // 16/7/07 2:30 PM  


    To each their own, we have the PS2 & PS3. We aren't feeling the games out for PS3. And honestly the XBOX 360 is used far more than our PS3. I take that back; our PS3 is an overpriced DVD player.


  109. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 2:33 PM  

    We have a PS2 and PS3 and I know nothing about either except that it makes noise and takes attention off me and I am happy I moved it out of the bedroom.

  110. Dreadblades1 // 16/7/07 2:35 PM  

    hey but did you check out my site. Did you see E3. Killzone 2 man. Also Metal Gear Solid 4. Heavenly Sword is coming up soon and so is Lair and Ratchet and Clank.

  111. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 2:40 PM  

    Actually the PS3 can be a like a computer or laptop. It's a harddrive and thing for games. All you need is a Monitor for it. That was the main purpose for PS3. I like the WII better.

  112. steups // 16/7/07 2:40 PM  

    I'll link it later

  113. Dreadblades1 // 16/7/07 2:46 PM  

    thank you. I need more people to see my website because I think it can grow into a blog like yours.

  114. The Q // 16/7/07 2:47 PM  

    I have an computer. The XBOX360 has a hardrive too. The main purpose of the PS3 is games. LOL.

    DB1 I will check out your site to read about upcoming games.

  115. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:03 PM  

    Well if you guys need cheatcodes I can let you know 6 month before they hit the market.

    I used my PS3 for a harddrive with a flatscreen monitor since my kids fell in love with the WII.

  116. Dreadblades1 // 16/7/07 3:03 PM  

    thanks its really informative.

  117. Dreadblades1 // 16/7/07 3:04 PM  

    also look at the videos I posted they are very good. To the right is the column where I have all the game releases and all the news. The top are pictures and videos of the day and middle are posts etc..

  118. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 3:05 PM  

    Raven tripped me out when she said "Every thorn has its rose"..I was like WTF..does she not even know HIS SONG?? STUPID WHORE!

  119. The Q // 16/7/07 3:07 PM  

    So did you all agree with Bret's decision on what ladies to send packing?

    And how did you feel about the Big John elimination? Where you shocked as I was? I didn't see it coming.

  120. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 3:07 PM  

    I was wondering about that

    But I don't know any of his songs either...*blush blush*

    What is the song???

  121. The Q // 16/7/07 3:09 PM  

    I wasn't that extreme Dalgal. I was just like, "It can happen."

    I will admit I was about to lay out on my floor. Oh Boy, and when she started talking.


    Bret said she was 'forceful'.


  122. The Q // 16/7/07 3:10 PM  

    'Every Rose Has A Thorn'

    is the title, I believe.

  123. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:10 PM  

    I'm just glad they didn't give them nicknames.

  124. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 3:12 PM  

    Shawn - Maybe not yet - lol

    Q - What did he just pick the ugliest ones and send them away? What was the criteria?

  125. steups // 16/7/07 3:13 PM  

    I wonder why he picked Tiffany and not Bonnie.
    I had a penis crush on Lauren

  126. The Q // 16/7/07 3:13 PM  


    I just read your whole nickname.


  127. steups // 16/7/07 3:14 PM  

    Why are you glad. I am not.
    Nicknames bring traffic...any old site can have those names on it.

    Any old, much-more-popular site.

  128. steups // 16/7/07 3:15 PM  

    And Raven gave me a lesbian vibe at the end. She got all manly and shit all of a sudden.

  129. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:17 PM  

    They needed to seperate it from the other shows. It's bad enough they played the same theme music.

  130. The Q // 16/7/07 3:18 PM  

    My honest opinion (prays 51 Minds don't read the comments), the production team had already cast the 20 girls. But to give it the reality of 'potential groupie rejection', the 5 girls they decided not to cast in 'Rock of Love' for whatever the reasons where allowed to see Bret Michaels and get seen in millions of homes.

    Yes, it was brutal. However, unlike the almosts 'made it on 'Flavor of Love'& 'I Love New York', they got a little television time.

    They can officially say they are 'Rock of Love' women.

  131. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 3:19 PM  

    So do you think the Tiffany thin was staged then Q?

  132. dalgal23 // 16/7/07 3:20 PM  

    I was SHOCKED at the Big John elimination. I never saw that coming..and neither did the girls.

    I do think Raven had some bi action going on..but as we have learned from FOL, that does happen on these shows. At least she knew the words to the title, I doubt some could have done that much.

    As for why he kept Tiffany: RATINGS

  133. steups // 16/7/07 3:20 PM  

    and that's the separation?
    Perhaps they should have started with saying BIG John's name was just John (rolls eyes)

    And what about not having an elimination ceremony?
    Or what about not meeting the girls en masse in the yard

    It's a straight copy, so they might as well give names to help me out

  134. steups // 16/7/07 3:21 PM  

    dalgal, I meant picked Tiffay in the five to be eliminated

  135. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:22 PM  

    Oh there's alot of stuff that happen in that house that will never be shown on TV. LOL. There is alot of femme females in that house.

  136. steups // 16/7/07 3:23 PM  

    The best thing is he only kept one black girl...because we all know he isn't picking a sista.
    Flav kept Pumkin, Buckwild and Krazy way too long when he knew he was never gonna pick those ladies

  137. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:25 PM  

    She might not be there for long.

  138. steups // 16/7/07 3:27 PM  

    lmao, I thought so too until I saw her from the back and I was like..."da hell?"

    She has a nice ass.

  139. maxell is gay for steups // 16/7/07 3:27 PM  

    steups Throat fuck me, degrade me, make me swallow your cum

  140. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:29 PM  

    I will say she will be number 3 for the eliminations.

  141. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/7/07 3:31 PM  

    hello everybody

  142. steups // 16/7/07 3:31 PM  

    can't I just hold it near your mouth so I won't be gay on a technicality?

  143. maxell is gay for steups // 16/7/07 3:31 PM  

    steups Mouth fuck me, degrade me, make me swallow. This is my fantasy that I go to your office or your apartment. The second I am there you shut the door behind me and tell me to get on my knees and you undo your pants and take then down just enough that your dick is out and you put it in my face and tell me to suck it. I suck it until you are rock hard and then you grab my head and face fuck me. You also make me suck your balls. You gag me with it. I slutp on it. You

  144. steups // 16/7/07 3:31 PM  

    'Sup Aure...

  145. steups // 16/7/07 3:32 PM  

    the insert thing isn't doing it for me.
    Find another way...

  146. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/7/07 3:33 PM  

    hahaha, hey steups, someone got the hots for you?? lol

  147. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 3:33 PM  

    No you most definitely can't

  148. steups // 16/7/07 3:35 PM  

    I'll take the groupies as I get them.
    Even if it's that 2ft guy from Mongolia

  149. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 3:37 PM  

    I just got a mental pic of that whole gagging thing and it made me go a little green around the gills

  150. steups // 16/7/07 3:42 PM  

    I've see video of that degrade-sex mess and it's not cute.
    It's ugly and disgusting to be honest

  151. The Q // 16/7/07 3:53 PM  

    Funny thing is he did pick a woman who was not black, his latest baby's mama.

    I don't think Tiffany was a plan. I think she was an opportunity. She was determined to get in that house. Producers said let's see if this makes good 'reality television'.

  152. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 3:57 PM  

    Y'all I got to see 1/2 of Rock of Love. The 1/2 that's on the front page. But I had to watch it in a tiny screen because when I try to open a bier window it says "V-Spot is not available in your territory"

    Anyway I'm still really excited

  153. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 3:58 PM  

    Have you look on youtube to see it? Maybe somebody record it and download it there.

  154. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 4:01 PM  


  155. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 4:01 PM  

    I looked but it's not there yet :-( just the trailer and some silly commercials

  156. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 4:06 PM  

    Ok here's the deal Vh1 has a site similar to youtube. I will go and look and see if they have it there.

  157. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 16/7/07 4:11 PM  

    Thank you Shawn :-)

  158. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 16/7/07 4:17 PM  

    Dana, no problem. My friend in Toyko have problems with seeing it and I send her here to read about it. I will send you the link.

  159. steups // 16/7/07 4:23 PM  

    new post up and below if y'all missed it. No comments though; as if...

  160. txshawty // 16/7/07 4:33 PM  

    freaking sleepy...

  161. steups // 16/7/07 4:40 PM  

    Oh Yeah, you want to go to bed?

  162. txshawty // 16/7/07 4:51 PM  

    ...yes...alone. lol

  163. steups // 16/7/07 4:59 PM  

    Of course..., lol.

  164. txshawty // 16/7/07 5:08 PM  

    you ARE steups, ya know...anywho...I'm getting ready to leave, maybe I'll have more time to be on 2morrow...{yawns} Bye Steups!

  165. steups // 16/7/07 5:17 PM  

    rolls over, "ok Shawty" (wink wink)


  166. revenge // 16/7/07 5:36 PM  

    oi, allgeries.


    off to watch rock oflove yet again.

  167. ~MEALE~ // 17/7/07 12:16 PM  

    Loved the recap Q, you've actually piqued my interest enough to watch this show.

  168. RichBoi88 // 17/7/07 1:34 PM  

    that show was DUMB AS HELL


  169. Anonymous // 23/7/07 2:19 AM  

    Brandi C from Rock of Love is also a porn star


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