It's been a week since Elle departed to her retreat with the threat that she may never again host, The Elle Word, but luckily for us she chose to carry on.

This show had everything including a bit of banter between Elle and me. But after 30 minutes, Somethin was not heard from.
Finally we got on to her as she enjoyed herself at a party and our featured guest promised to contact us in 5 minutes time in quieter surroundings. That turned out to be the bathroom (insert joke here) and after 36 mins of LIVE broadcast, Somethin took over and probably ensured this program will be the most talked about Elle Word Show, ever.
At least until we persuade Larissa to return.
Elle's interview with Somethin.


  1. Anonymous // 24/6/07 3:21 AM  


    this interview was awesome. tykeisha "somethin" thomas is so exciting, rivoting and poignant. a must-hear! lol

    but then people killed it callin in and being all rude for no reason. stupid

  2. Gabrielle // 24/6/07 3:30 AM  

    lol anon thanks

    Sorry y'all for the boring stuff in the beginning, when i think i have a guest i don't prepare extra info, which i KNOW I need to. But hopefully y'all just fastforward 36 min into the show ;)

    Sorry about the cursing.... I knew she had alot of steam to blow off so I didn't stop her. I didn't cut the rude callers off because I couldn't hear what they were saying since it was so loud in the background. Anyways hope we get a reply from Larissa....

    Who won Charm School???

    SAAPHYRI SAAPHYRI ;) Thats my Spolier

  3. Gabrielle // 24/6/07 3:37 AM  

    That spoiler from the last comment box was PERFECT!! 1st to go is Shay cause they ganged up on her, second was leilene cause she stumbled on her speach and Rebecca was third because she didn't improve as much and SAAPHYRI WINS!!! Wikipedia does make up alot of stuff, but I like this spoiler anyways


  4. Anonymous // 24/6/07 4:49 AM  

    Elle, I thought it was very rude of your callers to call in and tell her to shut up. I know you didn't know what the callers were going to say before they said it, but that was rude, and flawless was very rude. What's the point, of calling her out?

  5. Anonymous // 24/6/07 4:49 AM  


  6. Gabrielle // 24/6/07 4:59 AM  

    i didn't kno what they were going to ask, i was ok wuth the first 2 questions flawwed asked i don't remember the others.
    when jeff was telling her to shut up i dind't hear it at first, at that time i was in the chat room discussing sumething cussin and when i did hear it she was already telling him off and i went ahead and hung it up. It was so loud in the background that i kept putting the phone down so i missed alot when the callers called in

    I'm sorry. U know I usually handle it better than that

  7. Anonymous // 24/6/07 5:04 AM  

    why are you still up at 5:04am

  8. Anonymous // 24/6/07 5:06 AM  

    what your name gabrielle or elle

  9. Anonymous // 24/6/07 5:07 AM  

    mr steups In an interview with Fox and Friends this morning, outgoing Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works James Inhofe (R-OK) argued that the current wave of unprecedented warming is due to “natural changes.” “God’s still up there,” Inhofe said, and to the extent there is warming going on, it is “due to the sun.” He added, “George Soros, the Hollywood elitists, the far left environmentalists on the committee that I chair — all of them want us to believe the science is settled and it’s not.” Watch it.

  10. Gabrielle // 24/6/07 5:13 AM  

    I'm up because i have no life lol

    My name is Gabrielle, Steupz nicknamed me Elle

    I'm going to bed now though so I can get some sleep before church it's only 4:12 here though

  11. Anonymous // 24/6/07 5:21 AM  

    hey steups and elle it your boy jack enjoy the sound of the streets

    .. ..

    If you enjoyed that check out for more. Thanks

  12. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:01 AM  


  13. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:27 AM  

    steups, why can't you check your friend flaw bout callin in showin out on your guest, your blinded by your one eye, she tryin to sabatoge your show quit being so damn stupid you deserve it, but elle don't

  14. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:30 AM  

    steups, water under the bridge? maybe if you quit using people to walk on as your bridge.

  15. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 24/6/07 6:32 AM  


  16. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:35 AM  

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  17. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:35 AM  

    Good morning mr.

  18. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 24/6/07 6:36 AM  


  19. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 24/6/07 6:37 AM  


  20. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:38 AM  

    eww anon 6:35, sounds like khicago up early

  21. Anonymous // 24/6/07 6:39 AM  

    allright, how bout you? you missed the show yesterday

  22. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 24/6/07 6:45 AM  


  23. ShakazP // 24/6/07 7:41 AM  

    Great show, Gabrielle, i was the last caller, what's up "buddies"!!

  24. Gabrielle // 24/6/07 10:23 AM  

    oh thanks for calling shakazp, she couldn't understand u but i heard u... thanks for the support tooo


  25. steups // 24/6/07 11:13 AM  


  26. Sanyo // 24/6/07 11:41 AM  

    steups.....i gotta ask u what the deal is with ur display picture. that ain't suppose to be NY, is it?

  27. Anonymous // 24/6/07 1:21 PM  

    At least she's potty-trained now.

  28. Scott // 24/6/07 2:24 PM  

    wow. somethin is such a fuckin dud. like seriously. what the fuck is her problem? no one fuckin gets that mad over a goddamn lie. bootz claimed that somethin lied, and she didn't even get angry about it. truth must hurt, because somethin sounded mighty offended when she called in to "clear the air". she's so fuckin lucky i didn't get to hear the live broadcast, cause i would've surely called the fuck in and gave her a piece of my mind. she's a loser. and her fanbase is bigger than bootz's? hah. just cause people think its gross that you took a shit on the floor and ask you about it doesnt mean you have fans, stupid slut. i hope she does another show. and bootz better let her ass have it too.

  29. Bubo the Hater // 24/6/07 9:00 PM  

    I bet her fan base may be pretty large. There are plenty of men with feces fetishes.

  30. Anonymous // 24/6/07 9:11 PM  

    Somethin sounded compeletly stupid and ignorant. For her not to like Larissa she sures knows alot of shit about her.

  31. Anonymous // 24/6/07 10:26 PM  

    somethin needs to shut up, she sounds real stupid

  32. Anonymous // 24/6/07 10:58 PM  

    Hey! this is my second post :o Steupz, you might remember me when I e-mailed you about the question of Payshintz at the reunion.

    Ok this is what the first side of me says:

    Somethin is nothin but a lie!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! She just gets on my nerves!!! About the part where Larissa was drunk, OBVIOUSLY Larissa wouldn't remember all of that when she's drunk... Also, somethin said Larissa only has men and only men to shake her butt and boobs and all. Then, she says Larissa wanted her. WTF? Somethin get you crap right. Then, she says Larissa said she lied about herself poooping. No dude. You understood Larissa wrong. She said you lied about it being an accident and I even saw that on the v-spot when the show was still on. Also about the magazines Somethin say she is in, I haven't seen any plus size model magazines being hosted so wtf?! You "model" in porno. You're "porno" isn't gonna be on tv or advertised at many public places. I WILL say I was laughing inside Somethin said Larissa looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas! Ok then Somethin said Bootz is fake about saying she gonna hit somebody and she (Somethin) is real when she gonna sock somebody. I saw that on the v-spot and you didn't do it.

    This is the second side of me having fun with the interiew:

    I WILL say I was laughing inside Somethin said Larissa looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas! Also, DJ FLAWLESS I LOVE YOU FOR CHECKIN SOMETHIN! I LOVE YOU! Also about the naked pictures, PUH-LEAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT LOOKS RECENT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ha...ha...and...HA! Omfg this is the most hilarious elle word interview! I LOVE THE ELLE WORD! Also, Somethin said she wasn't fat! OMFG!!!! LOL! SHE'S HILARIOUS! SOMETHIN COME BACK TO REALITY TV!!! YOU'RE FUNNY!

    Seriously, I'd like more answers. Lol. That was one of the best interviews right there. Keep doin yo thing Gabrielle.

  33. Anonymous // 24/6/07 11:13 PM  

    EDIT: Larissa's going to have to explain that picture of Somethin, her, Bucky, and Buckwild being at a vh1 party. On the left of the picture, Larissa has her arms rapped around Somethin. Larissa DOES look sort of high and drunk. I saw this on Somethin's myspace and there's a slideshow at the right somewhere.

  34. Anonymous // 24/6/07 11:16 PM  

    Edit again(lol): Somethin says she has a bigger fanbasse than Larissa. Larissa has an estimate amount of 90,000 friends. Somethin has an estimated amount of 20,000 friends. Unless she has 70,001 more friends, than you're not telling the truth. Also, I'm not hatin. I'm just havin fun! I still love you Somethin! I just have another side of me that dislikes you, but not HATE you. ^^

  35. Anonymous // 25/6/07 1:19 AM  

    I can understand listeners calling in disrespecting your guest, but DJ Flawless disrespecting a guest is not a good look! How can DJ Flawless tell Somethin she is not professional, how professional was that of DJ Flawless?

  36. Anonymous // 25/6/07 4:12 AM  


  37. Anonymous // 25/6/07 5:09 AM  

    Somethin is a Hot Ass Mess!! 1st Lets Clear "Somethin" up!! You Say She's so Ugly then you said she's pretty.. your contridicting yourself... make up that Sick mind of Yours.... Deep Down inside I Think Somethin Really Has A Thing 4 bootz... She Seems Very jealous, Envious, She Seems To Have Alot of Resentment Towards Bootz.. I Think That She Want To Be Like Bootz.. Bootz Is Very Opinionated, outspoken, Very Pretty, Weave Never Busted, Fly As A Muthafucka.. She Was One Of The Prettiest girls outta the Flavor of Love, Both 1 & 2.. I Also think Deelishis, Buckeey, Hoopz, Spunkey & Serious was some of the prettiest girls...
    Somethin is a hater... The Whole Interview Sounds Like A Lie.. U Just Want Some Publicity.. Your Not A Star, Nor A Celebrity MA!! If anything Bootz is more of A Star Then You & Alot of Those Other Girls too.
    Now I Want To Address Some Issues I Feel Is Wack.. I Feel Like Bootz Should of Never Turn on Buckey To Try To Get Her Out of The House.. that was Wrong, But At The Same Time Buckeey Ass Should of Never Snitched!! That Was Real Wack of Her.. A nigga Couldn't Do a Crime Wit Buckeey Ass, Cuz She'd would Sell Ya Ass Out... She Claim to b Like Lil' Kim, in the Picture situation, but i Don't Recall Lil' Kim Sellin' them Niggas out!! She's So Full of Shit.. I Believe Buckeey Ass Do Cry 4 Camera Time Cuz the only time I Saw Her Ass is when her n krazii ass had that lil' "Fight" n When Flav Was Layed Up IN THE BED WIT HER WHEN SHE AIN'T HAVE NO DRAWS ON.. n Flav Was robbing Her Ass!! ((WHORE))!! Do Anything 4 Attention!! [That Say Alot About Our Black ppl!!] n On charm School You Barely Saw Her.. I Only Saw Her taging behind Bootz, Following Her Around. The Fight Wit Leilene, Buckeey made her way to that camera where bootz was, The Arguement wit Bootz n Brooke, Buckeey Flew Down The Steps(Almost Knocking Buckwild Down The Steps),The Pic issue.. Buckeey Coulda Said She Ain't Want Part of it.. "Larissa is such A Lil' Girl, But has "Grown" Women Following Her. That Should Tell Mo'Nique Ass Something!! I Believe They Kept Larissa on The Show for raitings.. cuz believe it or not the show wouldn't be what it is without Larissa n Saaphyri.. it actually would b More boring Than It Already is!.. Do I Think Larissa Acts Like A LIl' Girl, In Certain Situations.. I Mean She's only 22, She's Still Kinda A Kid At Heart.. she'll Grow up Sonner or Later.. it gon b cool That My Girl!! To All THe Negative ppl that has something negative to say About Any of these Girls r haters!! look @ Everything I Said, I Never Hate, Just Stating Facts!! But To Bootz, I Love You Girl, Do Ya Thang n Can't Wait To See You on The Reunion Show & The BET AWARDS((Holla @ THat Buckey & Somethin))!! Love u Boo!!

  38. Anonymous // 25/6/07 5:10 AM  

    The Person Above Name Is Brian from THe Bronx New York!! (Walton Ave)

  39. Jada // 25/6/07 12:47 PM  

    Why are people judging others' fan bases by how many friends they have on myspace? Half of the people that send friendship requests on my myspace page are complete strangers. Many people give an add to anyone who asks for it. So just because Larissa has 90,000 "friends" and Somethin has 20,000 doesn't mean anything.

    Neither one of them probably has a real friend to their names.

    Larissa is a childish, ignorant bully and Somethin has bowel issues. How you gonna be over 5 years old and shit on yourself? If my 5 year-old shit on my carpet, unless he has a virus, I'm beating the brakes off him....

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