There's your answer.The 25yr old star of I love New York missed the Reunion Show because he was and is, incarcerated for driving while license revoked. Our information, confirmed by the authorities, reveals that this is his third arrest within a year for the offense.
The picture above is his most recent mug-shot for his arrest on April 3rd.
The Reunion Show was taped on April 9th.
Let's hope he isn't deported or anything because he's a good guy.

Now, I should say that we discussed whether we ought to run this story or not because it is a tad personal and embarrassing but we've published or written about nude photos and adult videos from Nibblz, Somethin and Toasteee.
We've had people come here and make allegations against Serious, Bootz and Buckeey; so we cannot be hypocrites and choosy on this matter because we like Rico.

However, one or two of us disagreed on the publishing of this story and I am sure you'll hear/read from them.

( I disagree with this story on so many levels. I know some believe any publicity is good publicity. I am not one of them. Rico may not have made the 'best' choices. I am hoping he overcomes whatever legal woes he has and prospers in the end. So someone called the authorities and confirmed his incarceration? One of our faculty ....or another source? Just wondering .....Q.)

Credit: Dottie

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