tango-proposes-on-bended-kneeYou really can't please women.
Be a gentleman and you are trying to 'play' them.
Treat them with contempt and you are a 'dog'.
Ignore them and you are full of yourself.

For that reason I was not surprised by the reaction to Tango's interview because the truth is most women don't know how to be happy. They don't know how to receive a 'brotha' with confidence and focus so they dabble in insults and criticism.
It explains why women with severe mental problems fall for guys like Chance and Whiteboy. That shit happens because the expectations are low and those guys are a dime a dozen.

But what's worse is the criticism directed to the ladies who 'get it'; like DC Livers, the person interviewing Tango on the podcast we linked yesterday.
"It was amazing how quickly people found out about the interview and how intensely they reacted" said the Managing Editor for the Historical Black Press Foundation and Black Press Magazine.

On messageboards and on this site (Mysty, is this you?) she was described as "about to have an orgasm" the way she fawned over Tango, but DC says "...he was a challenging interview and at times I got caught up in the moment. It just shows you that reporters are people too"

Moving away from that drama, BlackPressRadio deserves your attention. It's mission is to change the way Black readers and listeners get their news (Oh Snap, no more National Enquirer?)
As Livers wrote, "I hope that our project provides an answer and outlet for people who want to hear Black radio news"
I hope so too...

(Mysty; DC said "I was not rude to Boris." And she was close to taking her shoes off for you until I intervened.)


  1. steups // 27/4/07 11:14 AM  

    That "Oh Snap" was for you Bhatti.
    What it do, son?

  2. Mexi-rican Mama (The new Ms. Latin) // 27/4/07 11:28 AM  

    Good afternoon, Steups

  3. pepsigirl // 27/4/07 11:29 AM  

    I liked the interview, it put my mind at ease that it was not staged from the beginning Tango was going to dump NY. I believe he truely did care for Tiffany but seen that NY had taken over Tiff and he could not deal with that.

  4. steups // 27/4/07 11:45 AM  

    Good Afternoon Mexirican Mama..and Pepsi Girl.

    Damn, y'all need to curtail those names

  5. T-L-B. // 27/4/07 11:47 AM  

    What's up yall, I think people are realizing that Tango is a good guy like some of us knew already. NY drove him away. He was a good guy but she did him wrong so he bounced. You can't blame him or get mad at him. She's got some growing up to do. Starting with her new show. .I Love New York 2

  6. revenge // 27/4/07 11:47 AM  

    oh god...tango still makes me sick and i pity any woman who swoons at the thought of speaking to the damn turtle.

  7. Historical Black // 27/4/07 11:47 AM  

    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for reading my response to all the reactions to Tango's podcast interview with me.

    Until I read this blog I had no idea this was his first interview since leaving the show. Although we were going to do the interview in person (God only knows where THAT would have gone), he missed his plane to DC and so we did it on the telephone.

    Like the many of the other publishers, authors, photographers and celebrities I've interviewed, I've never met Tango.

    I could sense that during our interview he felt comfortable enough with me to share some things he hadn't been able to share anywhere else. I'm grateful for that.

    With over 450 Black-owned newspapers and magazines, the Historical Black Press Foundation strives to make it possible for people to remember the importance of and need for Black-owned media outlets. From Ebony and JET to the Chicago Defender, PURE News USA and others, Black-owned media deserves a seat at the table when it comes to breaking news.

    Haters come with the territory sometimes. Our profession is the only job protected by the U.S. Constituation (Freedom of the Press), so I know we have a lot of access to things and people that most would never have. I try to honor that gift and responsibility by asking the questions that others would if they had the chance.

    But, whew.....I wasn't expecting to become the news. The posts and messages about me where way off base. I wish I was having as much fun as they made it sound like I was having.

    Because we're a new organization and not a PR firm, Black Press Radio does not edit the podcast interviews. I admit, I really wanted to take out the last part when I asked him to press pound. I felt if we edited the interview in any manner it would cause people to wonder what else was taken out. So, you'll suffer through verbal stumbles, ringing cell phones, babies seeking attention (like in the case of actor Boris Kodjoe) and all the stuff you won't hear on urban radio. It won't be polished and shiny like radio cause we're not radio personalities. The beauty of podcasting is to give people the realness of the moment.

    So here's the bottom line:
    Is Tango fun? Yep. Is he sexy and captivating? Yep. Does he know how to get what he wants - even from reporters....Open for discussion.

    Anyway, I hope you'll come to our first POD-a-palooza Workshop: Everything you wanted to know about podcasting but didn't know who to ask on July 13-14, 2007. You'll hear from panelists like Tee Morris, author of "Podcasting for Dummies," Bendrick Williams, Mr. R and others.

    Thanks for reading my response and even for your replies. I'll certainly remember your comments as I go forward.

    Much love,

    DC Livers, managing editor
    Historical Black Press Foundation

  8. steups // 27/4/07 11:57 AM  

    I appreciate your reply DC.

    Pity Mysty isn't here so you could whup her butt.
    Hey TLB, I wondered where you went to?

  9. T-L-B. // 27/4/07 11:59 AM  

    I was trying to update my own blog, I've been really busy working up some thing for this blog and my own. I can send you all the Charm School elimination banners now if you want me too.

  10. steups // 27/4/07 12:01 PM  

    I think it's your accent...
    No seriously.

    You speak exactly like Shawn,a writer on the blog and she has that sexy southern-ish drawl.

  11. steups // 27/4/07 12:02 PM  

    I've never heard anyone who met Tango say he's fake.
    Even Quanda, aka misguided Whiteboy fan; said he was one of the nicest guys at the Reunion Show

  12. revenge // 27/4/07 12:04 PM  

    to each his own.

  13. T-L-B. // 27/4/07 12:08 PM  

    Yeah, Tango's stock did go up in that moment. He turned the tables and not only gain respect but his own show as well. Big up to him. I have an accent? LOL.

  14. steups // 27/4/07 12:17 PM  

    How are you Revenge, haven't seen you for 120 hours

  15. T-L-B. // 27/4/07 12:17 PM  

    DC's done some really good interviews, I love the ones she's done with Victoria Rowell & Essence Atkins. Those were good and well spoken. They really are about bettering our black community. I got there regularly now it's a great site to get the true scoop.

  16. Katsgoturtongue // 27/4/07 12:30 PM  

    Greetings All,

    This is Linda Madison of LRM Entertainment and Tango's publicist.

    First of all mad props to all the FlavorofLoveBlogspot writers! This site is like cyber crack very addictive.

    Basically, I wanted to say, that everyone is going to have their opinions of Tango good or bad, it comes with the territory and Tango understands and welcomes it. (-:

    It's all love!

    My agreeing to represent Tango was based several factors 1)Tango's overall (REALISTIC) objectives for his career, 2) the fact that he wants to use his current celebrity status to give back to his community as well as charitable organizations, and 3)Tango is an overall good guy.

    Keep an eye out for big things from Tango!

  17. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:32 PM  

    Excellent response!

    I didn't have a problem with her interviewing. People are human and if she likes Tango so be it.

    My issue were his answers ...he seems to contradict himself. And though VH-1 may have not staged the break up. Tango certainly did! Or should I type an individual in his camp blogged that he did.

    I am a hot mess interviewing Whiteboy. And he always has to get me back on track with the interview. Because this sister just has a one track mind when it comes to his deliciousness.


    Great video Bhatti!

  18. revenge // 27/4/07 12:35 PM  

    q, mama...can i call you?

  19. txshawty // 27/4/07 12:35 PM  

    Good Afternoon...

  20. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:35 PM  

    Thank you Ms. Madison and we wish Tango much success and prosperity!

  21. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:36 PM  

    Of course Revenge........waiting!

  22. steups // 27/4/07 12:37 PM  

    Can we have the contradiction please, Mrs Q.

    We appreciate your comment Miss Madison; and you have confirmed what all reasonably thinking individuals would conclude...Tango is a good guy.

  23. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:37 PM  

    To Shawty: FUCKFACE

  24. revenge // 27/4/07 12:37 PM  

    or rather call me becuz i always forget to save your number to my phone...ggrrrr.


  25. T-L-B. // 27/4/07 12:38 PM  

    what's up Q and revenge how are things goin

  26. revenge // 27/4/07 12:38 PM  

    blahz, i dont have a thing for turtles...regardless of any interview or public statement.

  27. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:38 PM  

    If you would like the contradictions... it shall be in a post format. Would you like it that way?

  28. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:40 PM  


    Yesterday I was involved in a physical altercation, not lady like.

    Other than that I am a well oiled duck. Bills are paid and nothing is remotely bothering me.


  29. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 12:43 PM  

    Okay Revenge....I need to look for your number and plate breakfast. 20 minutes tops....

  30. T-L-B. // 27/4/07 12:47 PM  

    That's good, I can see the understand the contradictions you see wit Tango but I think the interview cleared a lot of things up. It was puzzling how he chose to break-up with her on National Tv like that. But he was respectful toward her in the end of it all. I can respect that. I think Tango is a rolemodel to many young black men like myself.

  31. Miss T // 27/4/07 12:50 PM  

    Why I gotta be all up in ur blog? LOL Anyway, any objective person could listen to the Tango interview vs the Boris one and see there was clearly a difference between the way she responded to them. I also stand by my comment that she was rude to Boris (talking over him, repeatedly mispronouncing his name after he corrected her, not being informed about his work) which made it a not-so-great interview. Despite the fact that everyone is human, DC was VERY inappropriate with Tango and those are real words, not fighting words.

  32. steups // 27/4/07 12:51 PM  

    Looks up at the Boris fan...

  33. lil_redhead // 27/4/07 12:57 PM  

    i dont think tango was fake... but the proposal was sooo put on. was i the only one who noticed that he got the ring from the same place New York got the watch for Whiteboy. can we say sponsors?

  34. steups // 27/4/07 12:57 PM  

    By the way Q.
    Can you link me to the tribute to his friend on Whiteboy's page.

    I missed it

  35. mysty // 27/4/07 12:57 PM  

    I'm not a Boris fan either.. I just know that wouldn't fly in a regular interview, he seemed a bit taken aback. As someone who has to correct people's spelling and pronunciation of my own name, I realize it seems a bit disrespectful when people don't get it right.

  36. steups // 27/4/07 12:58 PM  

    He admitted that Redhead...but it would have been his choice to buy that particular piece of jewelery, I think.

  37. mysty // 27/4/07 1:00 PM  

    N I still don't think Tango should be a designated role model for young black men, just like NY shoudln't be for young black women. I'm sure my own experience with men has influenced that opinion, but I'm happy I've known great men and won't apologize for it.

  38. mysty // 27/4/07 1:01 PM  

    Steups, at least admit he was wrong for proposing to someone he didn't know on national tv...be real.

  39. Mexi-rican Mama (The new Ms. Latin) // 27/4/07 1:10 PM  

    Steups are you gonna put the Bootz video up on here?

  40. steups // 27/4/07 1:13 PM  

    That's true Mysty, but you have to understand how important "face" is to a man.
    He couldn't look bad with those guys watching.

    Yes I will Mexirican...thank you.

  41. steups // 27/4/07 1:15 PM  

    I deleted your post, Mexi...
    To make it seem like I FOUND IT, lol.

    You know how it goes...

  42. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 1:16 PM  

    Revenge.....where are you at?!

    I am calling you.

  43. mysty // 27/4/07 1:19 PM  

    We'll have to agree to disagree on that one Steups. I think a man is more concerned with being true to himself rather than putting a "face" on for people.

  44. Danger Zone // 27/4/07 1:21 PM  


    Why do you continue to make light of him losing a friend?

    Why do you banish Mr. New York?

    But it's alright for you to make light of his friend's death.

    Get the fuck over yourself ...I lost several important people in my life last year. And there are no tributes on my mySpace! And it doesn't mean I didn't love or cherish them. Speaking of tributes where's yours ...didn't you mention the devastation of losing someone you loved.

    Don't fuck with me today!

  45. steups // 27/4/07 1:35 PM  

    Danger Zone?
    You mean he did not write a word about it?

    Sorry, I didn't imply anything..I just thought I'd read it; that's all.

    New POST!

  46. Katsgoturtongue // 27/4/07 2:31 PM  

    Steups and Q,

    You're very welcome.

    You guys rock!

  47. Jada // 27/4/07 2:41 PM  

    Tango a role model for Black men? If Black men want to be hypocrites, yeah, he'll be a great one!!! Way to go Tango! - just kidding

    I'm sure there is more to him than what we saw on the show, but he was, as Onyx said, "Puttin' on for the cameras" like every other bamma azz dude there. He's not an unattractive man, and I'm sure he has some good points as most people do, but I wasn't impressed with anything about him, especially that lame shoulder injury that he lost and found whenever it was convenient for him.

    The interview was just what I would expect for someone who is trying to get their name out there for whatever project (new show, clothing line, etc), and I'm not knocking his hustle, but he would have to come 100% stronger than that to get at me...

    and his freestyle was garbage....

  48. steups // 27/4/07 2:44 PM  

    Jadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  49. Jada // 27/4/07 4:05 PM  

    sorry.... *winces at the verbal lashing*

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