tango-at-the-reunion-show-after-partyIn his first interview since the I Love New York Reunion Show, Tango spoke exclusively, to DC Livers, Managing Editor of the Historical Black Press Foundation.
Tango bares it all and in true Tango fashion, casts himself in the best possible light.

The interview is almost 33 minutes so some of you may be put off by that...but if you make the effort to listen you'll hear him say:

  1. he has absolutely no love for New York
  2. unnamed people (VH1 producers perhaps?) encouraged him to propose
  3. the beef with Chance and Real was genuine
  4. he will soon launch a clothing line called "Tan-line"
  5. he'll have a reality show of his own and Mr. Boston will guest star

And that's just the appetizer. He describes New York as having a split personality and reiterates the reason he dumped her on the Reunion Show.
It rings untrue to me, and especially so when you appreciate this reality Show of his was rumored long before he made an appearance on the I Love New York Reunion Show.

Anyways, to listen to the interview; go to Black Press Radio, click 'Let me Enter' and search the list for a podcast titled "Tango of VH1'S I Love New York Tells All".
I f anyone prefers a direct download, let me know and I'll upload it to Bourgy for you.

First seen at: S2S


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 26/4/07 2:29 PM  

    WHAT!!! (Mouth Ajar). Yeah right no one is surprised.

  2. Anonymous // 26/4/07 2:32 PM  

    Look bootleg trini

    I don't put nothing past you when it comes to whiteboy.

    and LoL@ you calling him Joshua we all know you would never step to Joshua so just kill yourself alright

  3. Cael (Seriously in Love) // 26/4/07 2:52 PM  

    tango sucks and its my birthday!!!!

    VH1 is so stupid. No one wants to watch Tango and if he is looking for love then they just need to stop right now.

  4. steups // 26/4/07 2:54 PM  

    Happy Birthday Shauntay.
    It's Dana's birthday too...if today were yesterday.

  5. steups // 26/4/07 2:55 PM  

    I meant Cael...Shauntay is on my mind for some reason.
    Call the cops

  6. Anonymous // 26/4/07 2:56 PM  

    shut up cael that bitch new york deserve what she got

  7. steups // 26/4/07 3:01 PM  

    It's his birthday Anonymous...be civil.

  8. Anonymous // 26/4/07 3:05 PM  

    ok steups happy birthday cael now shut up cael

  9. Electra (trinidad) // 26/4/07 3:07 PM  

    Yeah Steups you now asknowledge her (Dana) birthday after the fact. Figures. hmmmmmmph

  10. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey & Reppin' Larissa) // 26/4/07 3:07 PM  

    Why am I on your mind Steups?

    GAWD...NO...PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!...I CAN'T TAKE A TANGO SHOW!... Well that's one of the long list of VH1 show's I wont be watching.

  11. Electra (trinidad) // 26/4/07 3:08 PM  

    acknowledge not asknowledge. Hmmmm I wonder Y?

  12. Electra (trinidad) // 26/4/07 3:20 PM  

    Oh Lord Jesus, You told me that there were going to be days like these. But I did not know I would suffer and entire week!!!!!!!!!

    I must be doing something right when you see that. Cause stuff like this only happens when you are on d riht track.

    Grace Lord Grace. More of You and Less of Me. You must increase and I decrease!!!

  13. steups // 26/4/07 3:23 PM  

    Electra...don't blame me for believing those mother cunts had an ounce of dignity.
    But they don't know the Trini in me. They don't know.

    Anyways; Shauntay, I read the comment and I glanced at the picture and it reminded me of yours.
    No need to call the SVU

  14. mysty // 26/4/07 3:34 PM  

    What the hell is wrong with Tango's fake @ss? He can't even justify how fake he is. He's just feeling himself cause someone blind told him he looks like LL!

  15. Electra (trinidad) // 26/4/07 3:36 PM  

    Steups its alright. That is just life. Doh Study It!!!

    I have to bounce my ride almost here. I will talk to you soon.


  16. mysty // 26/4/07 3:37 PM  

    N y does the female who's interviewing him sound like she's about to have an orgasm? TUPAC... no she didn't!! This chick is delusional...u can't EVER compare that poser to Tupac...she needs professional help.

  17. steups // 26/4/07 3:44 PM  

    lmao at Mysty....it gets worse.
    She compares him to someone else later on.

  18. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey & Reppin' Larissa) // 26/4/07 3:44 PM  

    I know you can't wait until I turn 18 Steups. But you don't have to lie about it... Just be honest.

  19. steups // 26/4/07 3:45 PM  

    Incidentally, a few major sites are reporting casting calls/notices for I Love New York Season 2.

    I wrote to VH1 to confirm it, so I'll post their response if I get any

  20. jan // 26/4/07 4:01 PM  

    Tango's a punk. No one really liked watching the guy. The only time he was entertaining was when he was arguing with Whiteboy or Chance. Who would watch his show? With Mr. Boston guest starring? Get real!

  21. The Purple Mist // 26/4/07 4:08 PM  

    Hey all...HI ELECTRA *waves*

    This is a long ass interview, I stopped listening once he started talking about his clothing line. I admire a man with hustle, but geez...everyone has a record label, everyone has a clothing line, everyone's a producer. And I'll give it to the brotha...he does have a very nice smile, but LL HE IS NOT. No one...AND I MEAN NO ONE...can come close to that adonis.

    I got mixed feelings about his response to the Reunion Show and everything. I do believe him when he says that New York and Tiffany are two different people. There may be a little bit of one in the other, but seriously if you think back to Season 1, she was not nearly as aggressive as she was on her show. In fact, I recall a couple of times when her calmness and holier than thou attitude was what set the other girls off, and they started screaming first. But all the hollering and carrying on she did on on Season 2, and the way she acted on her show...no, I don't think that was *all* her, and she was getting fed a little bit by production. And I do believe that he did genuinely like her and was very patient until he started watching the show and see her dog him over and over and over...she did it through most of the season, which is why I didn't think he was going to win. He's right when he said that on Flav's show he showed each girl a certain amount of respect and love, and didn't flat out be mean, in both the confessionals and face to face. She didn't do that at all. So I guess all in all he made the right decision. But proposing to her because VH1 said so? That was a stupid move, Patrick. And what if she did say "yes" and totally mean it, and wanted to start planning a wedding right away? What would you have done then? I hate how freely marriage is tossed around and how it's barely regarded as a holy union anymore. No one takes it seriously.

  22. steups // 26/4/07 4:09 PM  


  23. mysty // 26/4/07 4:17 PM  

    He claims that NY disrespected him, but he disrespected himself. I know good men and none of them would act the fool the way he did. He's supposed to be mature and whatnot...why slob the girl down before you tear her down, be a man. If he was a VH1 puppet tryna make good tv, then he's an arse especially if he proposed to appease them. I agree with purple Mist... marriage is SERIOUS and too many people play with the notion these days. Tango wanted to represent a REAL black man... he failed miserably. Thanks for fulfilling more stereotypes about black men and relationships. BTW...did he think he was funny when he called Whiteboy Beigeboy?

  24. steups // 26/4/07 4:18 PM  

    Excellent comment Mist...it was pretty long wasn't it.
    I endured it til the end because I thought he was gonna insult Whiteboy or something and I didn't want to miss that.

    Understandably he's forgotten Whiteboy already; and who'd blame him.

    Now a 2nd yawn for Jan(e)

  25. Jane // 26/4/07 4:19 PM  

    "did he think he was funny when he called Whiteboy Beigeboy?"

    No that punk bastard did'nt

  26. steups // 26/4/07 4:19 PM  

    Wait, he called Whiteboy, Beigeboy?

    I missed that Mysty...I'll have to listen again.

  27. JANE // 26/4/07 4:19 PM  

    Look bitch boy why would i missspell my name

    that's not me.

  28. mrbrightside976 // 26/4/07 4:21 PM  

    tango thinks he is cool but he just dumped one of the best girls for him and u know what i am happy because he is gonna get a bunch of nasty ass trash bags...and i hope he never finds love and then he can go and hook up with his fat @$$ mother because he would do because he is a hic and he needs a large ass life and also who could not make fun of his mom she is a gross @$$ piece of garbage... and mr boston, tango, tangos mom, and pumkin can go and have a G@Y ORGY LMAO but its tru

  29. Anonymous // 26/4/07 4:21 PM  

    steups are you going to sign up for new york season 2

  30. steups // 26/4/07 4:22 PM  

    Why all this Tango hate?

    Anon...you think I have a chance of being selected?

  31. Jane // 26/4/07 4:23 PM  


    Mr.NY is that you?

  32. steups // 26/4/07 4:27 PM  

    Jane, you sound like one of those S2S fools searching for mp's

  33. Anonymous // 26/4/07 4:29 PM  

    steups hell yeah you have a chance just act like flava flav and chance and you will be pick for sure

  34. Jane // 26/4/07 4:29 PM  

    Bitch boy just step the fuck off
    and kill yourself

  35. steups // 26/4/07 4:30 PM  

    Jane, I will bang you B.
    And then I'll beat the Beige Bitch, lmao.

  36. mysty // 26/4/07 4:30 PM  

    I have to disagree with you mrbrightside.. I am not NY fan. I feel kind of bad for her because I think she is playing a character to make money, but still doesn't appear to be happy with herself. In the process, she is also putting a negative image out there for people who are ignorant enough to believe that she represents the average black woman. I have an issue with Tango because he's putting every other guy on the show down and claiming to be the only REAL man on the show who was representing black men. He admits he didn't come on the show to fall in love with NY, yet he said he had no other agenda, like his record label or rap career, so what the hell was he there for. He constantly contradicts himself and yet desperate women like the radio host cling to him as a good example of how to treat a woman. Give me a break! Everyone came on that show for reasons other than to be with NY... hell half of the didn't even know she was the 1 they were fighting for. The person I had the most respect for on the show was Real... I think he handled himself pretty well under the circumstances. He didn't CHOOSE when to act like a man unlike Tango.

  37. Jane // 26/4/07 4:32 PM  

    You know what steupz just end it go to whiteboy's myspace and send him a long message of what you think about him.

    I dare you.

  38. mysty // 26/4/07 4:32 PM  

    Steups, u r a mess...please don't audition for that show.. hell I hope no one does so they decide not to air it! lol

  39. steups // 26/4/07 4:35 PM  

    I would love to spend weeks making out with New York.
    I'd probably take a squeeze of the boobs too if I can...if she'd let me, I meant.

    Jane...Beige Bitch has to come here.
    I am more important!

  40. mysty // 26/4/07 4:39 PM  

    Steups...how can u hate Whiteboy and Chance so much, yet wanna make out with them. Since Chance hit it... who knows what you'd be doing to him by kissing NY! LMAO Plus u have the distinct honor of doing Hip hop legend Flavor Flav!

  41. steups // 26/4/07 4:40 PM  

    lmao...it's a sacrifice I am willing to make.

  42. steups // 26/4/07 4:41 PM  

    and I am happy you pointed out my equal dislike for Chance. Because there is a phony Jamaican running around here who thinks it's all about Beige Boy

  43. mysty // 26/4/07 4:41 PM  

    That's nasty... weren't u the one that reported that her HS nickname was di@k breath? Damn.. who but her would admit some nasty mess like that? LOL

  44. Anonymous // 26/4/07 4:43 PM  

    steups what going to happen is she going be rejected for fourth time on tv she need to stop

  45. mysty // 26/4/07 4:44 PM  

    Steups... do u actually buy this BS from Tango? As a man u should be able to see through this madness. I'm a woman, but I have too many male relatives and friends not to know when a man is running game. I had Tango figured out from day 1.. all he wanted was some exposure and that $100 dollars a day so he could rock more than the 3 suits he wore on the show..LOL

  46. Jane // 26/4/07 4:46 PM  


    Your the one who is obsessed with whiteboy. I just point it out to you.

  47. mysty // 26/4/07 4:47 PM  

    Cause he should know that his wack behind rap (?) skills would never pay the bills. I can't even comment on the freestyle...

  48. Jane // 26/4/07 4:48 PM  

    mysty you killing me and they say I'm hard on tin man LMAO

  49. Anonymous // 26/4/07 4:49 PM  

    mysty rather see bobby brown new love show then new york season 2

  50. Anonymous // 26/4/07 4:51 PM  

    tango is not wack but his rap is

  51. steups // 26/4/07 4:52 PM  

    Mysty...you're kinda playing for the other team now...
    Can you insult Whiteboy for me please. Just so I'll know you aren't one of "them"

  52. mysty // 26/4/07 4:53 PM  

    Jane, I'm sorry... but I hate to see women falling over weak behind men claiming they are real when there are so many wonderful black men out there that really know how to treat a woman with respect and dignity. His immaturity was clear the moment he said that he thought NY should be respected fro tryna cut girls over Flavor Flav... are you serious? That mess is embarassing...love is not about stabbing and beating on people to prove yourself... grow the hell up! Call that sh@t what it really is.. acting an @ss for the camera! Not 1 person on that show respresented what real relationships and real love was based on... yet he's quick to call everyone, including NY a hypocrite...like proposing for the hell of it isn't hypocritical!

  53. steups // 26/4/07 4:54 PM  

    New post y'all, go show some love to our vidcast star, Aurelius.

  54. mysty // 26/4/07 4:55 PM  

    Anon.. I don't wanna see anymore "love" shows that show people acting a damn fool. So the answer to your ? is neither..lol

  55. mysty // 26/4/07 4:56 PM  

    Steups.. we had this convo before...I never had a problem with Whiteboy and you haven't given me your reason for hating him... you haven't persuaded me. LOL

  56. mysty // 26/4/07 4:57 PM  

    BTW.. I'm not on a "team" just speaking my mind..

  57. Jane // 26/4/07 4:59 PM  


    I saw through tango fake ass from day one.

    anyone that has to say he's a real man repeatdly like he did has to be up to something.

  58. mysty // 26/4/07 5:00 PM  

    Thank you Jane...I thought me and my mom were they only ones who felt that way! lol

  59. Jane // 26/4/07 5:04 PM  


    btw steupz hates whiteboy he wishes he were him, its the same old story of jealousy and envy

  60. ~Allie. // 26/4/07 5:05 PM  

    The first 1/2 of the interview was OK. The lady doing the interview was so irritating to me b/c she sounded like she was about to bust one talking to Tango. She was just on his dick to hard.

    Ain't really shit about Tango real he just irritates me. The only thing he said that was the truth was when he said that Steve Harvey is on point w/ dressing from head to toe.

  61. Jeff // 26/4/07 5:07 PM  

    Please! VH1 would have more success with Chamo mincing around in hot pants singing and wedgies then Tango doing anything!

  62. steups // 26/4/07 5:08 PM  

    ~Allie., that woman represents thousands of women, I understand.
    Apparently women find the guy sexy.

  63. Jane // 26/4/07 5:09 PM  


  64. Anonymous // 26/4/07 5:10 PM  

    mr boston suck

  65. The Purple Mist // 26/4/07 5:12 PM  

    Purple Mist and Mysty...we're on the same page, babe. But I do think that he really did like her once he got a chance to know her a little bit...even Onix said that the screaming beast you saw on TV wasn't her when the cameras were off. He said that she was really cool and down-to-earth. But he obviously had a hidden agenda, and it wasn't to be with her. He is his own brand, and being on that show promoted the brand.

    I honestly would love to know what the "real" Tiffany is like. Without the reality TV agenda, without the makeup, without the screaming and insult throwing while VH1 counts their money...just her, before she became VH1's cash cow. Just follow her around "MTV True Life" style. For some reason I think that would be more interesting, and cast her in a whole new light.

  66. mysty // 26/4/07 5:13 PM  

    Steups please...Tango is not sexy he sounds like he's slow, so there is no reason for that woman to be masturbating when she was supposed to conduct an interview! Now Boris Kodjoe is a different story, and she was hella disrespectful to him, so I guess she only knows how to be polite if she thinks she might be able to get lucky. Tango is sexy to those who wanna screw LL circa Deliver Us From Eva who would never stand a chance.

  67. mysty // 26/4/07 5:17 PM  

    I agree Purple Mist...I don't know Tiffany, so I never say I don't like her...I don't like NY, the character she plays. I think she is doing ehrself a disservice by continuing to play that role, because men with sense will never take her seriously and I don't think her ego can take too much more rejection, because I genuinely believe Flav hurt her and Tango reopened that wound.

  68. ~Allie. // 26/4/07 5:17 PM  

    Steups: I guess she does but I just think that Tango is phony. The whole dramatic romeo and Juliet stunts were just annoying and he is NOT a thug. I will admit that I think he is very attractive minus his personality. Come on admit that she (interviewer) was a little over the top w/ the "I am about to climax" gasp/sighs every 5 seconds?

  69. The Purple Mist // 26/4/07 5:18 PM  

    Oh yeah, and my big off switch was hit when he said that he proposed to NY because "certain people" were pressuring him to propose. I was like, "damn, he just fell right into the Reality TV hole." It bothers me so much that marriage is taken so lightly these days, and people don't take marriage vows to heart anymore. Now its more about the actual wedding and doing shows than love. It's sad.

  70. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:22 PM  

    *Askin all the Whiteboy haters* "Why you took ya lil shoulder brace off? You posed to be injured. Why you dont took ya lil shoulder brace off?"

    Okay, So I know it makes no sense but that has to be one of my favorite Whiteboy lines. Another, of my favorties, and I feel more appropriate for all the Whiteboy haters in this box... "Prove you gonna put somethin in me!"

    In the infamous words of Sir Tango, "I want you to do whatcha say ya gonna do"... ME TOO Tango, ME TOO....


  71. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:22 PM  



  72. mysty // 26/4/07 5:23 PM  

    I don't wanna come off like I'm preaching, but I think it's sad that so many people take marriage and relationships for granted, treat them like it's a joke. Falling in love, being in a relationship is SERIOUS and there is nothing better in this world than being in a real relationship with someone who loves you. Back in the day soap operas were considered entertaining because they were so far removed from what went on in real life, now people are living their lives like it's a script from All My Children.

  73. mysty // 26/4/07 5:24 PM  

    Officially stepping off my soap box...Steups be damned.. Whiteboy DOES have cute @ss lips.

  74. steups // 26/4/07 5:25 PM  

    If Tango is phony, Whiteboy must be cellulary.
    Let's not forget it's a television show. The reality comes from it not being wholly scripted.

    Whatever Tango did or did not...he cannot be criticized until New York says he tricked her.
    If she was in on it then he is in the clear.

    Because the only thing you can fault TANGO IS DUMPING HER, because he would have wiped the floor with the beige bitch and the perm head skunt.

  75. steups // 26/4/07 5:26 PM  

    I knew Mysty was fraudulent...

    Just one of the six Whiteboy fans who swarm this Board.
    I feel sadness for you Mysty; I am willing to pay for therapy.

  76. ~Allie. // 26/4/07 5:27 PM  

    Negrolicious said...

    *Askin all the Whiteboy haters* "Why you took ya lil shoulder brace off? You posed to be injured. Why you dont took ya lil shoulder brace off?"


    I am neutral toward Whiteboy but I loved that line too just b/c Tango was so fake w/ that injury and everything else he did. The snitching and the speaking in private. What I liked about Whiteboy is he always called him on his bullshit.

  77. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:28 PM  

    OMG, I just have to say this as well. Ummmm, yeah, Tango reopened NY's wound... but the bitch talked about his Mama so bad she deserved to have her whole head taken off. You talk about MY Mama like that and TRUST you're gonna be more than dissed on t.v. FUCK THAT! Ain't nobody talked about your ManBearPig lookin Mama, you could at least show mine the same respect. I don't feel sorry that heffa... she brought it on herself.

    And another thing! I cannot stand it when people always put FAT first... like its the biggest insult in the entire world. I'd rather have a FAT, loving, supportive Mama with some sense, then one who's an evil, devil woman with EXTREMELY bad teeth, hair, & forehead! I mean seriously people, enough with the fat talk.... its' totally severing my soul right now!

  78. steups // 26/4/07 5:30 PM  

    Is Whiteboy selling his red-towel on EBay.
    He can buy another black vest, but hopefully he's grown a chest to fit it...

  79. Jane // 26/4/07 5:30 PM  

    Steupz lost his mins again now he's talking about pitbull

  80. steups // 26/4/07 5:31 PM  

    you love a line that assumes "posed" is supposed".
    Are you an English teacher looking for a Government grant to teach under-educated white boys?


  81. mysty // 26/4/07 5:31 PM  

    That's not a perm.. he got Indian in his family! I don't think Tango can fight...if he could he woulda handled that months ago. He may have been banned from seeing NY, but he could have beat them all down one at a time. Just like he hasn't been hiding, I've seen too many pics of WB, Chance and Real out and about to believe that Tango couldn't have handled his business. My issue with Tango is that he was a reality tv creation just like everybody else, but he wants to front like he was representing REAL men. Plus he can't keep his stories straight.. first he forgave her, then he didn't. He keeps changing his story so he can get more interviews to promote his tired behind career. So much mess about the Stallionairres (sp) but I haven't seen them doing a million interviews or promoting a new show with Boston of all people.

  82. Jane // 26/4/07 5:31 PM  

    i meant mind

  83. Jane // 26/4/07 5:33 PM  

    speak the truth mysty

    now that's real talk

  84. mysty // 26/4/07 5:33 PM  

    I'm not a Whiteboy fan.. I'm a pretty lips fan and I recognize the juicy ones when I see them...lol I don't care about Whiteboy one way or another...

  85. Jane // 26/4/07 5:34 PM  

    I meant what you wrote about tango

    whiteboy does have juicy lips OMG yes

  86. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:35 PM  

    OMG! OMG! OMG! See I usually try not to direct anything to Steups becuz ummm, well, I wont say why.. just becuz LOL. But ummm, I gotta say this... You think that Tango wouldve wiped the floor with Whiteboy?!??!

    You CLEARLY aren't knowin... CLEARLY!

  87. Jane // 26/4/07 5:38 PM  

    Yo don't pay attention to that fool

    he has claimed that he can beat whiteboy's ass


    the boy is insane

  88. mysty // 26/4/07 5:39 PM  

    Negro...I don't agree with what NY said about Tango's mom.. she's disrespectful as all hell...but she has NEVER been any different on tv. She was crazy on BOTH FOL shows, so he should have expected something like that from her.. I knw I did. That being said he had every right to choose not to be with her afterwards, but he had already claimed he forgave her for what she said two weeks before the reunion show.. why the change of heart? And if he made up his mind to dump her, why slob her down? My ex gets none of these lips, that's over.
    I also don't like the fat talk.. i'm a big girl and I'm cute as hell. Face it, skinny does not equal pretty.

  89. steups // 26/4/07 5:41 PM  

    The way I see it is Whiteboy made the threat. The onus is on Doughboy to follow up that threat.

    He never did....
    Just as he didn't do shit when Chance cussed his ass at the table

    Just like he ran behind the producers when 12 Pack got up off the bed

    Just like he got up all scared when Tango came within ten feet of him at the Reunion Show.

    He's a scaredy bitch.

    He fought Real, Tango fought the All-American wrestling and Ultimate Fighting candidate...WITH A BUM ARM.

    Tango is like 240 by his own words. Whiteboy is like 140; and dumb.

  90. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:43 PM  

    Ummmm Steups ...Whiteboy is not like 14Olbs...just thought you should know this.....

    No one ask!

  91. steups // 26/4/07 5:43 PM  

    And the dumb part is the killer.
    By the way, did I mention Tango is a trained fighter?

    I may have forgot that...Whiteboy drinks cognac in plastic cups. I've never in my life, seen a drunk who can fight.

  92. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:44 PM  

    No Steups, I am not an English teacher and clearly, neither are you. I am, however, a woman with a sense of humor who found the comment quite entertaining, even if it wasn't proper english. And don't get crazy with me... becuz I didn't ask you why you'd be willing to tongue a bitch down who sucked more dicks than Vanessa Del Rio... nor did I mention anything about your desire to rub up on some nasty skanks fake ass breasts... I guess I should be asking you if you're a fake ass pimp looking to hire new recruits i.e. New York.

  93. mysty // 26/4/07 5:44 PM  

    Don't you have to have some kind of rhythm to fight? Be able to bob and weave? NY said he was stiff as hell and Tango proved her right when he was tryna "spank that @ss" with Boston. It's not all about size, I've seen big people be beaten by skinny folks before... don't sleep. And Steups, I am not defending WB, just hating on Tango. LOL

  94. steups // 26/4/07 5:45 PM  

    140, 150, 160...doesn't matter.
    He couldn't beat Laila Ali in stilettos

  95. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:45 PM  

    And by the way, Allie, didn't mean to igg you LOL. YES it was hilarious... the only thing that made it more funny was the look on his face while he was delivering the classic line....

    *Lovin Whiteboy*

  96. mysty // 26/4/07 5:45 PM  

    LMAO @ Negrolicious! HAHAHAHAHAHA I was thinking the same thing!

  97. mysty // 26/4/07 5:46 PM  

    About Steups

  98. steups // 26/4/07 5:46 PM  

    I usually try not to direct anything to Steups becuz ummm

    Write "ummm" one hundred times.
    Because you need reminding; clearly.

  99. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:48 PM  

    Steups you have admittedly never won a fight.

    Whatchu know about fighting?

    *as she picks up dreads from a recent altercation.

  100. steups // 26/4/07 5:48 PM  

    Mysty, New York's word is gospel to you?

    Just asking; because she also said Whiteboy can't kiss.

  101. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:48 PM  

    What up Mysty,

    I totally agree with all of your points. Tan contradicts himself a lot. I can't say that I've never liked him, cuz I enjoyed watchin him on t.v. He was entertaining. Do I think he was a role model for what all "good, black men" should be... ummmmm, no. LOL and my ex gets none of this either... but I understand, it was to make a good show. And it worked.

    Unfortunately, in this society, skinny clearly DOES equal beauty... but that's just not realistic to me either girl!

  102. mysty // 26/4/07 5:48 PM  

    And Tango needs to be trained to fight his wifebeaters because they were tryna suffocate his ass!

  103. steups // 26/4/07 5:49 PM  

    She also dumped him for Tango.
    I recall.

  104. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:50 PM  

    "Why you took ya lil shoulder brace off? You posed to be injured. Why you dont took ya lil shoulder brace off?"

    Damn Whiteboy turns me on!

  105. mysty // 26/4/07 5:50 PM  

    Hell no NY word is not gospel to me.. I clearly said he proved her right when he did his "spank that ass" moves with Boston. He provided me with evidence to back her statement!

  106. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 5:52 PM  

    And Steups, NO, I don't need reminding why I don't direct comments to you. Im VERY clear on why I don't...

    But I digress. Cuz my Mama taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all.

  107. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:53 PM  

    And Tango dumped her and according to people in 'his camp'. He told them of his plans. They knew what was going to go down before it even happened.....

  108. mysty // 26/4/07 5:53 PM  

    NY didn't dump anybody 4 Tango.. she chose the person she THOUGHT would take her sh@t and be with her. WB was risky because he couldna went back to his ex, Chance probably woulda got tired of her and cussed her out on the daily, and I don't think anyone hates Real enough to think he deserved someone like NY!

  109. Anonymous // 26/4/07 5:54 PM  

    steups is a nasty s. o.b!!! Belive me steups you arent going to get away with your crap eventually you will pay !

  110. steups // 26/4/07 5:55 PM  

    You know what...if you guys like Whiteboy so be it.
    'Tis folly to be wise.

  111. steups // 26/4/07 5:56 PM  

    Anonymous....keep personal matters in email, please.
    Excuse me ladies; and Negrolicious.

  112. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:56 PM  

    Who the hell is Anon @5:54pm?!

  113. Anonymous // 26/4/07 5:57 PM  

    The woman conducting this long ass interview is far from objective. She didn't ask any good questions. Tango makes himself out to be so perfect and holy. He really gets on my nerves badly. Some people do not take responsibility for their roles in things. This interview was one big commercial for him.

  114. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 5:59 PM  

    In an interview wasn't New York asked out of the guys is the one she would have a relationship with and she stated Whiteboy?

  115. mysty // 26/4/07 5:59 PM  

    Steups, stop crying.. I never said I like WB, just that he had nice lips. Y must you hate on him and argue with a bunch of women who find him attractive in some way shape or form? If he is sucha non entity to you, why talk about him at all. You seemed to be a bit too concerned with someone you claim to hate. Maybe YOU need the therapy to get in touch with your obsessive feelings for WB! LMAO

  116. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:00 PM  

    CTFU @ Mysty : Chance probably woulda got tired of her and cussed her out on the daily

    hahahahahahha Oh so true!

    And yeah, the click I run with, we're more Soprano style... GANGSTA with ours. We don't run around tellin each others biznass the way some folks in Tango's click do. He really, really, REALLY needs to reevaluate who he has hired to handle his affairs. Cuz some of em are big mouth bitches that are gonna cause him to have to pay up on that $5 million contract he signed... Im just sayin LOL

  117. mysty // 26/4/07 6:02 PM  

    I'm kinda slow Negro... whats CTFU? lol

  118. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:02 PM  

    Oh I'm lovin this! Yeah Steups.. I might not be in the "Lady" category as you SO CLEARLY tried to point out. But at least I dont have crazy bitches bustin all my personal biznass out in a comment box for all to see... You sir, are SUCH a gentleman. LMBAO!

  119. steups // 26/4/07 6:04 PM  

    I'm kinda slow Negro...

    You'll fit in nicely with the other Whiteboy fans.

  120. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:04 PM  

    Its alright, Ma. CTFU = Crackin The Fuck Up

  121. steups // 26/4/07 6:05 PM  

    Your ass is black?
    Looks a little papayaish to me.

  122. mysty // 26/4/07 6:06 PM  

    Steups.. get a life. I was referring to acronyms.. that hardly makes me unintelligent. I probably have more education than ur ignant behind. You must be the slow one, because I have mentioned SEVERAL times that I am not a WB fan...let me know when you get off the little yellow school bus!

  123. The Purple Mist // 26/4/07 6:06 PM  

    Negrolicious...I SO agree with you with the fat talk...this society has such an issue with any woman bigger than a size two. I love rocking my curves and I know men who love watching me rock them, so I say work it! And like you said, I'd rather have Tango's mom, who was obviously loving and supportive of her son, than someone who is so full of negativity like NY's mom, another one who was acting out for the cameras.

    I'm not going to get all preachy with the whole marriage issue either, maybe it's a sensitive subject because I've watched so many people who are getting married or who have been married and went into it thinking it was going to be all fun and games. Relationships are just not like that. They can be beautiful and wonderful and sexy if you work at it. It takes work. People today don't understand that, or aren't willing to do that, so they run and cheat, or get divorced at the first sign of a storm. That's why these kids today are so troubled, because they have very few positive role models in their lives to look up to, including in their own family. A strong marriage is the foundation to a strong family, and that just doesn't seem to exist anymore. Sigh.

    Steups, why don't you just wave the surrender flag on this whole love/hate deal with Whiteboy? Accept that he has a fan club and move on babe. I have no feelings towards Whiteboy in any direction(he's not a bad looking guy, but I personally am not attracted to him at all, he's not really my type), but sheesh, what did the man ever do to you?

  124. mysty // 26/4/07 6:07 PM  

    Thank you Negro.. steups is just mad that he has to make a mad dash to the clinic after messing with chicks like NY! Since hookers seem to be his type! LMAO

  125. steups // 26/4/07 6:08 PM  

    Mysty...don't be angry.
    It's never personal with me.

  126. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:09 PM  

    I know your half white ass ain't calling no one papayaish!

    Hahahahahaha @ Mysty

  127. steups // 26/4/07 6:10 PM  

    Purple Mist; he exists.
    That's what he did to me.

    Haven't you met someone and; as they say in Trinidad, your "blood didn't take them"?

    I just don't like the guy. I am sure there are those who hate me for no valid reason at all...like Mama Licious.

  128. mysty // 26/4/07 6:10 PM  

    Steups, I'm not angry babe. I, unlike you, know how to ignore people who I don't like. I just want you to know I can hold my own, so don't get on my bad side.LOl

  129. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:12 PM  


    That's what he did.

    Yeah, I am not a size two as Bucky Blends likes to remind me. But neither is he so FUCK HIM.


  130. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:13 PM  

    Being that you've never had the distinct pleasure of viewing my ass, Steups, I'm not sure how you could even make that observation...

  131. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:14 PM  

    Steups please don't make me call you out!

    Anon seems heated enough for all of us! What did you do the her?
    She ain't feeling you at all....

  132. mysty // 26/4/07 6:14 PM  

    LOL @ Danger Zone. I've been tryna get steups to explain his hate to me, but he can't. I never saw anything that made me have such heated feelings for WB 1 way or another.. steups must have some private beef we don't know about...lol

  133. steups // 26/4/07 6:15 PM  

    Bucky said you aren't a size 2?
    Lm (legitimately)bao.

    Must be comforting to know Bucky Blends is scrutinizing your body.

  134. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:16 PM  

    I know about it...but inappropriate for me to repeat it.

  135. steups // 26/4/07 6:16 PM  

    Anonymous has left her office, she won't be commenting further.
    That was personal

  136. mysty // 26/4/07 6:17 PM  

    Oh, OK... I know I'm not crazy...that kinda hate has to come from somewhere

  137. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:19 PM  

    Actually knowing the he is addicted to this site is refreshing considering he has posting rights on another. He must be lonely in the comment box over there...so he comes here to attack a woman who pulled the men that didn't want the raggedy bitch.

    My bad...I forgot I am TOW WANDA and a HOOD RAT....

  138. mysty // 26/4/07 6:19 PM  

    LMAO @ raggedy bitch.. so wrong!

  139. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:21 PM  

    Steups, I dont hatcha, Love! LOL

    CTFU @ Danger hahahahahahaha!

    Mysty, you're killin, MA! HEE-LARRY-US!

    Purple Mist, thanks! It's very true... very true. And I LOVE how in the interview Tango says, "It doesn't matter what type of woman you are: skinny, redbone, ebony sista, Plus Sized... it doesnt matter. As long as you have a beautiful soul, that's all that matters to Tan." Uhhhh, somehow, I SERIOUSLY doubt that. Lord, forgive me for being presumptious, but I SERIOULSY doubt that the Tan Man would PROUDLY rock a sista on his arm that looked like (body wise) his Mama. But, if I ever see it happen, I will bow to the Tan Man for being true to his word. Ummm, and I have NO idea how he saw a "beautiful sould" in NY... night vision goggles perhaps??

  140. steups // 26/4/07 6:21 PM  

    Bucky is very intelligent and refined on the phone.
    You should call him.

    Anyways, let's all hug it out.
    Licious, you can fit between any combination that'll keep us apart.

  141. Anonymous // 26/4/07 6:24 PM  

    Steups.. if I didn't know better I'd think you were tryna feel us up...but no hands that touch NY will ever touch me. We'll have to nod and agree to stay in our corners. LOL

  142. mysty // 26/4/07 6:25 PM  

    OOps, that last anon was me

  143. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:25 PM  

    I have no interest in Bucky accept to continue being his target.

    He has become quite entertaining!

  144. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:25 PM  

    Don't hate me cuz you ain't me....

    Nuff said

  145. mysty // 26/4/07 6:26 PM  

    Negrolicious, you are a mess! I'm a plus sized woman, but I can definitely do better than rocking the Tin Man on my arm... he should be so lucky!

  146. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:26 PM  

    I need a hug from Whiteboy. And a kiss and a suck....

    *fans self

  147. steups // 26/4/07 6:27 PM  

    Anyways...Cheers to all of you.

  148. mysty // 26/4/07 6:28 PM  

    Wow DZ.. u got it bad!

  149. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:28 PM  

    Negrolicious dear ...could you slap be for being a stubborn old, fat, tacky,....hood rat?


  150. mysty // 26/4/07 6:28 PM  

    Good luck at the clinic Steups! LMAO

  151. steups // 26/4/07 6:28 PM  

    You are plus-sized Mysty?
    To what degree are you plus-sized?

  152. steups // 26/4/07 6:29 PM  

    I'm still her Mysty. I try to leave but can't.

  153. mysty // 26/4/07 6:31 PM  

    What degree? I guess I'm part of the Lane Bryant crowd.. I buy their lingerie because Vicki Secrets doesn't do me justice, they can't hang with this.

  154. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:31 PM  

    Mysty....you didn't know about my complete LUST for the 'Swagger Man'?

  155. mysty // 26/4/07 6:31 PM  

    Well, for future reference.. I hope antibiotics does the trick for ya...lol

  156. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:32 PM  

    LOL@ part of the Lane Bryant crowd.

    Girl my @ss is a lifetime member!

  157. steups // 26/4/07 6:33 PM  

    hold a sec please...I'm researching Lane Bryant

  158. mysty // 26/4/07 6:33 PM  

    I picked up on it DZ.. I just think it's funny! I love his lips, but he kinda reminds me of an ex I have. I can't be mad at you for dipping in the white chocolate.

  159. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:34 PM  

    It's a Plus-Size store! It's for the big girls who like to do big girl things with Whiteboy!

  160. mysty // 26/4/07 6:34 PM  

    DZ...my LB credit card is damn near maxed out...especially love the bras and panties!

  161. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:35 PM  


    I am trying to swim in the White Chocolate!

  162. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:35 PM  

    *Slaps the HELL outta Danger*

    Did that work???? Baby Girl, I told you ... they hate you cuz the ain't you, Ma! They want what Whiteboy got hahahahaha Man, my stomach hurts from laughin at this ish hhahahhaha....

    And WHY, on God's beautiful green earth, does it matter to "what degree" she is plus sized??? She could weight 452lbs and STILL be the ish... SHM, unbelievable!

  163. mysty // 26/4/07 6:37 PM  

    It's an acquired taste I must say..cause I am a fiend for milk chocolate...hence the LB shopping!

  164. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:37 PM  


    Mine is ZERO! I have been on this kick to be Credit Card Debt free and I've am getting there!

    I only fool with Lane when I have EXTRA cash. I love their bras and pants. Their tops are too big for me.

  165. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:37 PM  

    I mean.. SMH... that Kat severes my soul

  166. mysty // 26/4/07 6:38 PM  

    Thank you Negro, I was thinking the same thing, but I decided to humor Steups cause little boys need to know how much they can handle! LOL

  167. steups // 26/4/07 6:40 PM  

    Butterscotch is the best damn color I've ever seen on a panty.
    That ish is the truth.

  168. mysty // 26/4/07 6:40 PM  

    My issue is the tops fit me just right, it's my budget they're too big for! LMAO I'm currently a full time student so I practically live off of credit cards for the time being.

  169. mysty // 26/4/07 6:41 PM  

    Congrats on being almost debt free...I've been there before.. will be again. It's a wonderful feeling!

  170. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 6:42 PM  


    But don't you love it when they ain't scared of the size. They can appreciate, handle and serve it.

    A few of those cats appreciate the
    'Meaty' sisters.

  171. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:42 PM  

    You are more than welcome Mysty!

  172. mysty // 26/4/07 6:42 PM  

    Sorry Steups, but I'm a bit more toffee or caramel than butterscotch :: bats eyelashes::

  173. mysty // 26/4/07 6:44 PM  

    DZ.. I have never had a problem with a man over my weight.. they love it! I'm extremely picky about who I allow to handle me cause this here is precious cargo!

  174. steups // 26/4/07 6:44 PM  

    I never fear plus-sized women because I am an over-sized man.

  175. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:44 PM  

    "But don't you love it when they ain't scared of the size. They can appreciate, handle and serve it."

    LMAO! SERVE IT!!!! *sigh* awww, good times!

    Girl, I just had a flashback of the no panties, hood of the car shot. Wishin that had been Whiteboy instead of the Son of a Bitch Ex LMAO

  176. steups // 26/4/07 6:45 PM  

    The best thing about Lane Bryant is "click image to enlarge"

  177. mysty // 26/4/07 6:45 PM  

    I can't even go there with you Steups, I don't know you well enough to know if you're frontin..lol

  178. mysty // 26/4/07 6:47 PM  

    Step away from the boobies Steups! Their Cs and Ds can't hang with DDDs.. say what! LMAO

  179. steups // 26/4/07 6:47 PM  

    Oh My Godddddddddd
    There is a gatdamn zoom button too

  180. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:48 PM  

    LMBAO @ Mysty hahahahahahaahahaha!

    And normally, I do not find Steups funny, but I give credit where credit is due. That was some funny ish...

  181. mysty // 26/4/07 6:50 PM  

    Yeah, can't fight Steups anymore.. I'm working on an empty stomach.. takes the hate right outta me..lol

  182. steups // 26/4/07 6:50 PM  

    New York needs to get with an indian or pakistani guy, cause they usually don't have a choice for who they marry. I don't think they would care about how ugly she is, and they probably would like the camel look because it would remind them of home. ;)

    that comment by Elle damn near gave me an heart-attack

  183. steups // 26/4/07 6:51 PM  

    You have a lot of 'normally's' about me.

  184. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:51 PM  

    *pukes in mouth a lil bit*

    Have yall seent the new pics on Chance's page? Rockin the new Stallionaires clothing line?? Ummmm, that brotha needs to find a woman who will COOK for his ass! He needs to eat STAT! PRONTO!

    *Imagining skinny ass Chance's rib bone pokin me in my side*

    *Da shivas*

  185. mysty // 26/4/07 6:53 PM  

    I'm not a Chance fan, but boney boys need love too.. I've fed a few in my time! LOL

  186. mysty // 26/4/07 6:55 PM  

    But.. I will say he has some luscious lips too... I just have to overlook the gap thing. Don't go there Steups.. I can see and appreciate without wanting him

  187. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:55 PM  

    I know I shouldn't be talkin bout the skinny boys. Thats wrong. FORGIVE ME! It's no better than folks talkin bout da big girls... My sincerest apologies to Chance and his fan base. There are some hot pics of him on there... I just enjoy the ones with his shirt on.

  188. steups // 26/4/07 6:56 PM  

    Stretch cotton boy-shorts is some serious shit.
    You do not want to have a big ass with that.

  189. mysty // 26/4/07 6:57 PM  

    LMBBAO @ Negro... girl u r a trip!

  190. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 6:57 PM  

    Yeah, his gap is unacceptable. He's handsome with his mouth closed. He should go see the dentist that fixed Real's teefus cuz he did an EXCELLENT job! No joke! But I enjoyed watching him on t.v. He was funny, ignant, but funny nonetheless.

  191. mysty // 26/4/07 6:59 PM  

    I agree girl...I am a teeth and lips girl.. I love eyes too, so if they're all on point I can overlook the fact that a man may have missed a meal or 20. LOL I did find Chance entertaining.. " I dibble dabble" priceless!

  192. steups // 26/4/07 7:01 PM  

    There's still a lot to be said for red panties. I don't like them on black women, though.

  193. mysty // 26/4/07 7:03 PM  

    STEUPS... get away from the LB website! And what's wrong with red panties on black women? I have a few that could change a man's mind lol

  194. steups // 26/4/07 7:05 PM  

    Not sure about red anything on black women.
    I can't leave just yet...I'm loving the Houston plaid wide leg capri

    Only 39.50.

    Why don't one of you buy it, wear it, photograph yourself and email said photos to yours truly.

  195. steups // 26/4/07 7:06 PM  

    It's late...laterz

  196. mysty // 26/4/07 7:06 PM  

    What am I doing flirting with Steups? Forgive me...I haven't eaten and Prince's Scandalous is playing in the background. Must've lost my mind for a minute.

  197. Danger Zone // 26/4/07 7:07 PM  

    I like Chance's gap ...excellent for clit play, just typing....

    But Whiteboy's eyes, lips and swagger keep me continually wet.

  198. mysty // 26/4/07 7:07 PM  

    Good luck Steups!

  199. mysty // 26/4/07 7:08 PM  

    LMAO @ DZ

  200. Negrolicious // 26/4/07 7:13 PM  

    Danger? You know I love you, Bitch. But we can't both be havin multiples over the same man... well, fuck it. Never mind. Yes we can!

    *Rockin my These Muafuckas T-shirt*

    Never thought about the usefullness of Chance's gap, DZ. Good lookin out LOL

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