The 'I Love New York' Reunion Show Missing Link

For the record: I love VH-1 and 51 Minds. Do not punish the messenger. And if I must be punished ...could Kuba be the one to spank me. He is such a cutie. I promise to call him 'Big Daddy K'.

Alright that was a submissive moment. It happens once every 5 years. On to the subject at hand; Where the heck was Pootie? Did we not want to see him again? I did. I mean he stood toe to toe with that Wig-A-Beast. And he didn't flinch. He kept her mansion straight by cooking and cleaning. Pootie stole 12 Pack's graph and gave a memorable 'Potential Earnings' presentation. Then he did the ultimate for the 'I Love New York' viewer ...he did a swan dive down the stairs. (This by the way is Quanda's 3rd favorite reality television moment.) Thanks to a person who shall remain nameless (for disrespect), I discovered Pootie on mySpace. Pootie had no airs about him. He was ready for the readers of the 'I Love New York' Blogspot to hear his take on reality television. All
bullsh@t aside, many think Pootie is crazy. Quanda doesn't and I respect that he is a Chi-town brother who listens to the beat of his own drummer. And in Q. fashion f@ck what anyone else thinks's Pootie's World. And in his world he can do and say what he pleases. Enough typed ....the interview begins.

Who is Pootie?
Pootie is loosely based off of a character in the movie 'Pootie Tang'. He was a good looking cat who had a positive thang goin' on. However, 'The Man' tried to turn him into a negative individual in order to make $$$. And LaMonty was in a dangerous situation with that contract I signed. Which basically gave VH-1 the power to edit, defame me in anyway to make their paper. I want people to know there is more to me than what they saw on 'I Love New York'.

How does LaMonty make a living?
Baby, I am a brick layer. I work on high raises. I work on scale $29.50 per hour. I also model, act and do stunt work. I've been in 'War of the Worlds', 'Ghost & Demons' and 'Prison Break'.

Tell me a little more about LaMonty.
I can be very humorous. I am black and Puerto Rican. I am 31 with no kids and single. I am looking forward to a future in the entertainment industry; modeling, commercials, stunt work and acting.

Single ...huh? How are the ladies treating Pootie?
The ladies have always loved me.

Tell me a little about what you brought to 'I Love New York'.
A real man is what I brought to the show. I am a man who cooks and cleans. I know how to maintain a home. Whilst VH-1 is playing making it look like 12 Pack was throwing it down. It was Pootie who got the barbecue going. T-Weed and I were the ones who got the list together of the groceries and supplies we needed. I hooked that cue up. I made shrimp, pasta, corn on the cob was all good.

What happen during the 'Potential Earnings' presentation?
Somebody need to check her and her mother. Omarosa was real. But them two....

What's up with the dive?
Man, I was trying to make good reality t.v. But instead it scared the producers. They called the ambulance and all this extra stuff. Worried about Pootie suing them. How can I sue them ...I've done signed my life away for a year. I can't sue them! I was trying to be entertaining and make great reality t.v.

How was dinner with Sister Patterson?
Man, I am a steak and potato guy. Why you going to take me to a soup and sandwich place? I don't want no d@mn soup and sandwiches.

What's up with you leaving?
Truth be told ...the producers coming at me telling me I am the realest person there. They tell me to go lay down and rest. Then they play me ...having me asked to leave. But all the time, I 've had enough and they beg me to stay. That' s the real situation.

Ummmmmm...Pootie we stepping into some controversial territory. You sure you want to go here?
Controversy? *He laughs. Sue me...I am broke right? You get nothing from nothing.

I asked you earlier what you brought to 'I Love New York'. Now I need to know what brought you to 'I Love New York'.
I didn't audition for 'I Love New York'.

You heard me. I auditioned for FOX UPN's 'The Player'. They called me to ask if they could pass my audition tape to VH-1. VH-1 was casting for a new dating show. I said sure. VH-1 starting calling me for 'The Flavorette'. And I was told it was Hoopz who we were competing for.

D@mn! ( And he ain't the only one folks!) Did you find New York attractive?
I didn't find her attractive. Hoopz is more my speed. It was an opportunity to be on a show.

Not too long ago in a King Magazine interview, she said the 'winner' had a two inch penis. Any thoughts on that?
I am not one to be commenting on another man's dick. My question would be was it 2 inch soft or hard? Just shows her true character ...

For real huh? What's up with all the suitcases?
Man, I had some outfits. I have some suits you wouldn't believe. And of course I had to bring the gators. I had a pair that Tango wanted. I couldn't let them go ...they my 'Tango' gators. You remember during the presentation I mention it cost me money to get there. That's the money I spent for my extra luggage. VH-1 wouldn't pay for it. But they making a show paying us $100 per day while they raking in the dough. $250 for the 'I Love New York' Reunion Show appearance. ( D@mn ...I should've hit Whiteboy up for a drink or two and a midnight snack.)

*Laughing Pootie you are definitely too much. What was it like living in the 'I Love New York' mansion?
It was a danger zone. You have New York, Sister Patterson and Chamo staying on one side of the house. You in there with guys you don't know. And you know they have that placed wired where they can hear the sound of your shit dropping.

Are you going to be at the 'I Love New York' Reunion Show?
No they didn't invite me back. But they keep calling about some d@mn counseling. I want them to leave me the hell alone. You know what Quanda that contract binds me to get approval for any other projects I want to do. But when I have an opportunity, they take weeks to get back at me. You can't get back to me about me getting exposure and building my future. But you want to call me about some therapy. Go on with that bullsh@t!

Pootie this interview nervouses the hell out of me.
Baby, VH-1 is about reality t.v. Our reality is God's vision.

You have just shared a Qmoment way overdue!


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 21/4/07 9:33 PM  

    Good night everyone and God bless you all!!!

  2. Anonymous // 21/4/07 9:33 PM  

    I must say I'm lovin pootie's honesty, They (vh1) should leave the dude alone now.

  3. pepsigirl // 21/4/07 9:37 PM  

    Thanks Quanda, this interview makes me like Pootie even more, I didn't think he was crazy!

  4. Danger Zone // 21/4/07 9:38 PM  

    Goodnight E., Pootie's honesty is something else Jane and your welcome Pepsigirl.

  5. Anonymous // 21/4/07 9:45 PM  

    You know what Quanda

    there was a time when I felt NY did'nt desearve the bad rap that was given to her, but know I see its clear that girl has some serious issues she needs to work on. Vh1 needs to try and hook her up with come therapy instead of tryin to push it on pootie.

  6. Danger Zone // 21/4/07 9:48 PM  

    LMAO@ Jane

  7. Negrolicious // 21/4/07 9:51 PM  

    *strollin in Whiteboy Swagger style*

    What up everyone?
    What up, Q!

    This interview is HEE-LARRY-US! Ummm too things I'd like to point out: 1. Your delicious use of the word "wig-a-beast* CLASSIC! And 2. your use of the word, "nervouses" hahahahaha imma have to get a Tee with that word on it somewhere.

    Im glad to read a good Pootie interview. I was curious about him. And please tell me that he didn't reall say, "whilst VH1" hahahahaha whilst is my word! I love it! Good job Mama...

    *walkin out thinkin LUCKY HEFFA!*

  8. Anonymous // 21/4/07 9:51 PM  

    I had meant "some therapy"

    but you get it

  9. Bubo the Hater // 21/4/07 9:57 PM  

    He is lying! At least a little. I wanted to make good reality TV! Negro please. I did enjoy the interview and he seemd like a decent guy. We all know how editing can make one look crazy.

    Summary. He wanted to be on a Fox show-The Player, got traded to VH1 thinking it was Hooppz Dreams (or something like that), but was really I love New York....Sounds like he should have been on MTV Punk'd.

  10. Danger Zone // 21/4/07 10:02 PM  

    Jane, I always know what you mean even when you don't type it.


    No you not tryin' to steal my 'Swagger Man' style.


    Okay, I am off to go perv Whiteboy's mySpace page of the 73rd time today. I love that song on his page.

    *walks off singin' "oh oh we in the bed like oh oh...."

  11. pepsigirl // 21/4/07 10:08 PM  


    VH1 is to busy making a mint off of NY to offer her therapy, poor girl does have some issues though

  12. Negrolicious // 21/4/07 10:11 PM  


    Q, Please dont make me hate you cuz then I can't visit the blog anymore LOL! *Givin Q da Gas Face from 3rd Base Dayz* You know I that's MY Swagger Man Style LOL. Well, I'm off to snitch on Q perv Whiteboys page AKA stalking my man!

    *SWAGGERS OUT singing "He's MINE ya may have had him once but I got him ALL TIME...* LOL

  13. Anonymous // 21/4/07 10:12 PM  


    what's sad to me about NY is she walks around saying she wants people to be "real" with her, but she has no concept of what being "real" is. She is so deluded in thinking that being a nasty hateful mean bitch is "keeping it real".

  14. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 21/4/07 10:21 PM  

    yeah when I first read about this show, like I read the casting forms and all that it said it was looking for 21-35 year old males who will compete for a season 1 girl. Did they tell them who the girl was after they actually cast the person on the show??

  15. Danger Zone // 21/4/07 10:21 PM  

    So true Pepsi and Jane....


    Snitch on me if you want to ...Whiteboy is fully aware of my lust and devotion ...thank you very much.

    *takes a flamboyant bow

  16. Bubo the Hater // 21/4/07 10:35 PM  

    THere are some really gay pics of Pootie floatin arond the net. Car to address?

  17. Danger Zone // 21/4/07 11:01 PM  

    I haven't seen any gay pictures?

  18. Negrolicious // 21/4/07 11:01 PM  

    *Bowing out gracefully*

    I bow to your Whiteboyliciousness, Mama! Ill just have to be happy with spending the rest of my days dreaming of it... That is until I deswollify and become TRULY Negrolicious... then I might try to make a move! Lets hope Im not in need of some sort of walker by the time that happens...

  19. Luv // 21/4/07 11:04 PM  

    Yeah! the interview with Pootie is finally here. Great Job, Quanda!
    I wish you had ask him who threaten him in the house. I think Pootie is funny as hell. He might have went a little too far, when he dive off the stairs.But other than that he's seem cool. I think VH1 did him wrong by not inviting him back for the reunion show, heavens know he could have used the money. Hell, they brought back Romance crazy butt, so I do not understand why they didn't invite Pootie. It's not like he's the one acting like a butt naked ho. LOL! Great interview. Thanks again.

  20. Anonymous // 21/4/07 11:08 PM  

    Are we talking about the pics with him wearing a towel and you can see his manhood.


    Are there pics of him with another guy?

  21. SpeaKnTrutH // 21/4/07 11:11 PM  

    love the post on my boy Pootie i didn't appreciate how they (VH1) did him either.

    **and if your reading this Pootie I had your back for the Mr.Fine '07**
    Chi-Town represent

  22. Gabrielle *Mrs. Wil "Onix" Lash* // 21/4/07 11:26 PM  

    much better interviewee.... ;)

  23. Bubo the Hater // 21/4/07 11:35 PM

    Perhaps not gay...but they dayum sure and right!

  24. Anonymous // 22/4/07 12:17 AM  


  25. dirty filthy whore // 22/4/07 1:04 AM  

    LMFAO nobody wants new york fuck ratings fuck having the best show on vh1 she make herself look bad look at her she got rejected for the third time on national tv she don't need a season 2 she need to get a life LOL

  26. Anonymous // 22/4/07 2:53 AM  


    I didn't the know the thong was a standard miltary issue.


  27. flc2006 // 22/4/07 3:56 AM  

    I knew he wasn't nothing but a aspiring actor just looking for a few mintues of fame, most of the guys on the show were on their for fame not for New York, now that the show is over, he is talking all this shit now, when people misuse people they get misused in the end.

  28. Bubo the Hater // 22/4/07 11:57 AM  

    flc2006. The guys were honest about it and their deisre for fame. Many of the flavette's still aren't open about their quest for riches. Pumpkin did admit that she'd say anything to get that Charm School $50k.

  29. misterballer // 22/4/07 12:30 PM  

    hey everypne,aurelius posted his erpisode 1 recap

  30. jorundi // 22/4/07 12:52 PM  

    Charm School Episode 2 is on VH-1 NOW! Elimination is coming up in a few minutes!

  31. jorundi // 22/4/07 12:57 PM  

    Heather---is GONE!

  32. jorundi // 22/4/07 12:58 PM  

    Heather - Krazy is expelled for being the "victim" all the time.

  33. ShakazP // 22/4/07 1:21 PM  

    hottie played all of them, man, she's good. and Serious and bootz are sexy as hell.

  34. misterballer // 22/4/07 1:22 PM  

    does anyone know where to download the episode for 1

  35. Bubo the Hater // 22/4/07 1:30 PM  

    Whoever does an interview with Bootz, tell her I love her. Caller her Bootz-bo the hater

  36. Lady Ty // 22/4/07 2:23 PM  

    Great interview definitely allowed us to see the more honest side of Pootie and not have this pre-conceived notion of him being crazy...thanks to reality tv editing...I wish pootie luck in whatever he does as long as he doesn't pull that naked picture thing we had onthe blog some eon ago!

  37. misterballer // 22/4/07 2:41 PM  


  38. ShakazP // 22/4/07 3:11 PM  

    what's up, mr. new york, how do you feel about romance's crazy come back i saw on your blog

  39. misterballer // 22/4/07 4:04 PM  

    noones on eh, they all come on when I am at school.

  40. misterballer // 22/4/07 4:56 PM  

    no not really :)

  41. Anonymous // 24/4/07 7:07 PM  

    pootie is lying. he did not do that for television. who would do that. that handshaking and crying was not acting. he had plenty of time to think up a lie.

    also, i agree with him on the vh1 producers. they encourage those characters off camera to say and do things. pumpkin once said that she was encouraged to spit and crazy was told to tell the cameras how she felt. i saw the extras for charm school.

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