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Does New York care about the negative things we type? I don't think so. She laughing all the way to the bank. I have my opinions of the entity known as New York. And as people often remind me, " Opinions are like @ssholes. Everyone has one." ( Does everyone have an @sshole? I don't think so.) Anyhow, the boss man says I am a New York hater. Which I 100% disagree with that bogus opinion. That is a ridiculous notion. A hater in my mind never has a positive thing to say about a certain individual. For example: You help out a friend. And her hating @ss associates tell her ..."I don't know why Q. did that?" It's called F-R-I-E-N-DS-H-I-P. To me that's hateration or haterism in it's highest form. Your dislike or hate hinders your ability to see or acknowledge a good deed. Your dislike disables you to make a positive statement.As the 'I Love New York / Flavor of Love' Blogspot readers can attest too, I can say something positive about each and every cast member of ' I Love New York'. Most of us realize these are real men and women. However, while some of them were being their 'true' selves, others were doing 'extraaaaaaaa'. The end result for me is that when I watch a television show ...I see characters. It's not like I am watching a PBS documentary or something. This blog is about fun. It's about sharing information about the shows that keep us wanting more. And for those who enjoy giving their two cents. Of course, some take it a bit far and go into rabid pit bull mode. But one ever told me blog life was rainbows, butterflies and nude pics of Onix. But this is what happens when individuals can hide behind a screen and have zero consequences for their behavior. The funniest thing to me is when an anonymous person comes in and criticizes someone's work. 1. Thanks for your opinion and visiting our blog. 2. Hell if you can do better, show us what you're made of. 3. If it was so bad, why waste your time to read it? Keep it moving, and again thanks for dropping by. Criticism is fine. However, some people just get so heated when you have a different opinion. And take it as a personal attack when your favorite is not their favorite. We watch the same shows 'I Love New York', 'Flavor of Love', and coming soon 'Charm School'. We see and notice different things and sure in the heck have different interpretations.

So today we started talking about fashion in the comment box. Don't ask. And I learned something. There is a difference between haute couture and couture. I always thought couture was just a shortened term for haute couture. For the record, an anon reminded me yesterday that I am just a Richmond welfare ho, old @ss ugly b@tch. So I highly doubt I can afford a couture outfit, let alone haute couture. But heck it doesn't stop me from looking at the pretty pictures in Vogue. (Of course considering I am on welfare, I read them at the grocery store magazine section.) What triggered this discussion on fashion? Oh yes, T.L.B. said New York's dress fit her so very well that he believed it was a 'couture' piece. I disagreed about the couture aspect of the dress. However, New York was wearing the heck out of that dress. And though her make up was a little heavy, her eyeshadow choice was a perfect match for her dress selection. The wig managed not to irked me severely but those bobby pins were so not glamorous. And some of you are asking, "Why does her wig irk Quanda?" It irks me on occasion *coughs frequently because she is an attractive woman who doesn't maximize her full potential (on the show) my opinion. However, I am noticing in fan pictures that her hair is looking good and her make up application is very good. Even the picture in the previous post she is looking great. So, I am thinking the wig selection and make up application on 'I Love New York' was to give us 'haters' something extra to talk about. I say, "Bravo...bravo, it worked!" We are talking about New York, 'I Love New York' and the handsome men vying for her heart. And daily those dissin' New York's sense of style are met with force from her staunch supporters Steups, Hutche, The Original Mr. New York, and T.L.B. Once in a blue moon we have a special visitor in the comment box. This charming character goes the Blog name BuckyBlends. He types in all caps (I am thinking he is blog yelling.) Bucky refers to the writers and commenters as 'losers and idiots'. Yeah, he's laying on the 'Bucky Charm' thick. In spite of my fanaticism, I get called squander. Thanks Bucky I love you too. May I type, " PUT DOWN THE BOTTLE."I am in no way taking credit for the success of 'I Love New York'. Mark Cronin, Chris Abrego, 51 Minds' production staff, writers, VH-1 publicists, New York, the guys *waves @ Pootie are responsible for the show's success. However, I will say this 'We the Bloggers' sure in the hell don't hurt it. Actually VH-1's Celebreality, VH-1 Reality, The 'Flavor of Love' Blogspot and other various blogs promote the show to the fullest. And sometimes cause people who would've never watched 'I Love New York' to tune it. And you want to know how I know this? Because I am one of those individuals.

D@mn that felt so f@cking good. Back to the comment box update, a regular who happens to be a hardworking cutie pie named Gabrielle had a complaint. She wanted to know why we haven't touched on New York's fur eyelashes. What the hell do you want me to type? (I am on welfare remember?) The mink ones JLo sported where rumored to cost $1,000. Heck, you can get some bangin' strips @ Walmart or Sally's while you playing. Low budget lashes for a low budget b@tch ...that's what I am writing about. Quanda is getting her $5 lashes and demanding her pro-discount. Now whatchu hatin' fo? Gigi, I hope you are happy now. We have touched on New York's fur eyelashes ...may they rest in peace.

Anything else? Yes, Mexiricanmama said she enjoyed my presence. That's one smart cookie! Steups said that Groovy will always be loved. And that is so very true. We love and miss you Groovy. Last but not least, Shawn was typing in code again. Which none of us understand the code! Yep, that about sums it up. I am off to BUZZ someone in IM. Yep, life is oh so good.

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