If you are here for New York spoliers, the video below is no longer available. Go to the frontpage of the site for interviews with guys from the cast of I Love New York.

Ponlork has gone insane!
Our videographer has gutted V-Spot for 'I Love New York' video, and we have all of it.

I'll do my best to avoid naming the eliminated contestants but no promises ok?
That said, here is You Tube video of the extended "I Love New York" teaser. We'll be back with video of the premiere for you readers with dial-up or weak-ass DSL, no cable or unfortunate purchasers of Apple computers (Macs)

Courtesy: YouTube and Ponlork


  1. DORFAM // 4/1/07 10:41 AM  


  2. steups // 4/1/07 10:57 AM  

    Give me an hour and I'll be back with the entire episode.

    Dont go looking for it, because that will make me mad.
    Hi Dorfam, bye.

  3. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:19 AM  

    We don't want that:) MOrnin Steups!!!

    Chance is kinda funny

  4. steups // 4/1/07 11:38 AM  

    Girl, don't worry, I won't put it in the front. I'll give you the choice to view it or not.

  5. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:40 AM  

    No I meant we don't want you mad:)

  6. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:42 AM  

    Steups I think I've found all the contestants that I possibly could, what else can I do to contribute as "faculty":)

  7. NV // 4/1/07 11:51 AM  

    Hey Dorfam Whats good

  8. Jemiella // 4/1/07 11:51 AM  

    Dammit, I would watch tha first episode on V-Spot, but when I play it it gets sloooow....
    So I guess I have to wait until freakin' SUNDAY. BOO! Me and my momma are lookin' forward to it...

    But yeah, hey everybody! Tha baby of the Blogspot is here!! ^_^

  9. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:53 AM  

    HI Nv, is everything all good 2 day

  10. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:54 AM  

    Nv, you're good people (I can tell) don't sweat the small stuff and everything outside you and your family are small stuff

  11. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 11:54 AM  

    So, um, the show is going to good, right? Or do you think its gonna suck.

  12. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:55 AM  


  13. NV // 4/1/07 11:55 AM  

    Hey Jemi How are you Living?
    Dorfam: I am always good baby life is what it is!

  14. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:56 AM  


  15. NV // 4/1/07 11:58 AM  

    Than kyou Dorfam and you know I am not worried about a thing.

    Desbeleaf: I finally watched V-spot and I have to say I like it Chance is too funny I am gonna like him this season I am not the biggest Tiffany fan but I respect her hustle and if i know one thing about her she is feeling him he will be around for a while I am willing to say until the finals

  16. DORFAM // 4/1/07 11:59 AM  

    Is it just me or did his brother seem really short 2 u?

  17. NV // 4/1/07 11:59 AM  

    I am loving Chance I mean I would have been upset too if someone blew smoke in my face i dont smoke and second hand smoke kills lol ( I sound like one of htem truth Commercials lol )

  18. Jemiella // 4/1/07 12:00 PM  

    Dorfam: What's good-good witcha?? ^.^
    NV: Heya, NV, I'm living fine, tryna see if I can go get my hair done today....I need it.

    And I LOOOOVE New York, I dunno why, but I always loved the girl. She's just....y'know....FAAABULOUS! lol

  19. NV // 4/1/07 12:00 PM  

    Naw real seemed Short but he is a cutie too I wonder how close in age they are damn I have to go visit myspace pages lol

  20. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:01 PM  

    What about T-BOne><

  21. NV // 4/1/07 12:02 PM  

    I had to do hair last night a weave job that took forever lol

  22. NV // 4/1/07 12:02 PM  

    *faints* who told him he had dreamy eyes?

  23. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:03 PM  

    He barely has 2 good eyes:)

  24. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:04 PM  

    I want a weave sooooooo bad!!!!

  25. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:07 PM  

    LMAO @ Dorfam:

    No you didn't say T-bone! Eww he looks like a bull~dog. And did ponlork find video of the ENTIRE season? I certainly hope not, b/c I don't want any leaks, and I don't want to know who wins yet.

  26. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:07 PM  

    Am I loosing it was there just a new post and then it disappeared or is it me?

  27. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:08 PM  

    T-Bone she know she wanted to call him ham bone:)

  28. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:10 PM  

    Good morning Irre:)

  29. Jemiella // 4/1/07 12:11 PM  

    lol, I wanna see that sexy TANGO....did they show him? *question mark* Cause I just wanna stare at that luscious kidd...Daaaamn. lol

    WHAT'S GOOD, IRRE D!!!!!

  30. NV // 4/1/07 12:13 PM  

    Dorfam just why do you want a weave ?

  31. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:13 PM  

    I'm with you jemiella, I want to start a TANGO Myspace fan club, nice body....but NY gives him the backside

  32. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:14 PM  

    It's less maintainenc....isn't it?

  33. Jemiella // 4/1/07 12:16 PM  

    *nods* If you do start a Fan Club page, sign me up as co-director. *licks lips* LMAO

    Never had a weave cause I don't need one....but I heard it was a bit easier to handle, but it depends on the style i.e. braids, etc., etc....*doesn't know anything. X_X*

  34. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:17 PM  

    HEY Jemiella! How you doin'? (LOL) Tango IS very sexy, but he's too smooth for me. He looks like a player, and I don't like that at ALL. Chance is my baby though, and when I make it big, I'm movin' to L.A. so I can ride that there Stallionaire.

    *literally licks lips*

  35. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:17 PM  

    Do you have to get a relaxer 1st NV?

  36. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:19 PM  

    I thought you were movin to Georgia

  37. NV // 4/1/07 12:19 PM  

    a weave can be easy depending on how its weaved and Dorfam to relax or not relax depends on style

  38. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:19 PM  

    And no you DON'T want a weave, honey. That's too much work. And if you don't take care of it, the result could be very similiar to Nibblz or New York's on Season Two.


  39. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:20 PM  

    I dont know why you think you have to make it big to get with these dudes....lol...they are no "Denzel Washingtons" or whatever...

  40. steups // 4/1/07 12:20 PM  

    Full episode is up!
    If I missed anything, let me know, if a link isn't working, let me know.

    If Irre collapses and dies, I am busy.

  41. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:21 PM  

    True enough!!! Irre don't look up but the new post lloks like all of the I love NY spoilers:)

    I'm going upstairs

  42. Jemiella // 4/1/07 12:23 PM  

    desbeleaf: Denzel Washington isn't all that to me anymore, so.....lol, but to each his own, I guess! ^_^

    Master Steups, that was mean. *slaps forehead* Irre might have some words for that one.

  43. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:25 PM  

    Dorfam, apparently Gerogia isn't my style. L.A. seems much more appetising right about now.

  44. Jemiella // 4/1/07 12:29 PM  

    Ewwww, I live in Georgia, and I wanna go back home. -_- [[Boston, baaaaby!]]
    Trust me. Its a very annoying place.

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