(Throws Holy Water on the site and in the corner where Texas is hiding)

Sorry about the hair, I couldn't find a rat-tail comb nor a scissors.

Can we stop the fighting please? At least until the forum is launched this weekend.


  1. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 3/1/07 10:27 PM  

    It took you .....how long to come up with the lastest post?

    Who is fighting? Just some bored ass people trying to ruffle the feathers of those who are friends.

    Steups you started this all by some accounts....LMAO

  2. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 3/1/07 10:31 PM  

    On an important note, I am so excited about Charm School. The same excitement I had for FOL2. I think it's going to be a hit. Even though the powers that be (here) are so nonchalant about it.

    *needs a piece of cake*

  3. Ivory // 3/1/07 10:56 PM  

    Can somebody please tell me whats going on? Im lost...

  4. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 3/1/07 11:02 PM  

    I could but man.........it's crazy and I might get it wrong.

  5. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 3/1/07 11:16 PM  

    Ivory, can we get a news story?

  6. Ivory // 3/1/07 11:33 PM  

    I dont know Quanda its kind of late, just wanted to say hi and get filled in. What happened, why cant we comment in the other box?

  7. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 4/1/07 12:10 AM  

    It was @ 339 messages. People were trying to put one another on blast. IRR DEE got upset or irritated. We found out Electra had signed in under other aliases. Girl we were just being a 'hot mess'. And it's moments like earlier that remind me....why we like FOL so much.....because some of us are also 'hot messes'.

  8. Ivory // 4/1/07 12:24 AM  

    Lol WOOOOOW...so who was Electra pretending to be...Im confused(LOL)

  9. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 4/1/07 12:38 AM  

    Sister Sista and some other aliases

  10. DORFAM // 4/1/07 10:33 AM  


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