Here are all the links for the premiere of I Love New York. It was fantastic!
It's not as good as Flavor of Love, but it's good enough.

Now, it's your choice to click on the links or not. Here they are, in order, thanks to the V-Spot King, Ponlork

New York Episode 1 Act 1
New York Episode 1 Act 2 Part 1 (the nickname ceremony)
New York Episode 1 Act 2 Part 2 (the nickname ceremony)
New York Episode 1 Act 3
New York Episode 1 Act 4
New York Episode 1 Act 5
New York Episode 1 Act 6
New York Episode 1 Act 7 (the elimination ceremony)

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  1. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:19 PM  


  2. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:19 PM  

    Stop trying to take this from me Steups:)

  3. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:20 PM  

    I knew I wasn't crazy

  4. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:27 PM  

    *rolls eyes*

    Don't you just WISH I would collapse and die?

  5. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:28 PM  

    Too bad though, I'm not goin' anywhere. GeRon is in the muthafuckin' house.

  6. NV // 4/1/07 12:29 PM  

    Wow I am upset she kept some she kept and I am mad that 1 person went home but I wont say for those who dont want to know

  7. NV // 4/1/07 12:31 PM  

    Steups that was NOT nice to say

  8. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:32 PM  

    Well anyway...what a great 1st round...Man Who has love for Mr. Boston!

  9. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:33 PM  

    Nv we're gonna have to talk in code cause I'm with you some of those that stayed should have went home.. Mr dog man himself

  10. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:33 PM  

    I'm resilient to his remarks by now. I'm like a silk Chanel blouse and he's like a tacky velour track~suit. So I'm totally oblivious to him b/c he's no longer in the same league as me.

  11. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:33 PM  

    I'm was a little surprised by Mr. Boston's tenacity:)Two thumbs up

  12. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:34 PM  

    Dorfam! Shhhhhhhh! I don't know exactly who Mr. Dog man is, but you know I'm smart enough to figure it out! Please don't tell me....

  13. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:34 PM  

    Irre did you watch the spoiler

  14. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:34 PM  

    What is this irresis-delisc..talking about?

  15. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:35 PM  

    Nope, didn't watch. And it's taking every cell in my body to hold out.

  16. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:35 PM  

    please just watch it Irre cause talking in code around you just won't work (lol) you have to much self control for me

  17. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:36 PM  

    I am kinda liking who she picked..but I liked all the guys..even Martian Green Blazer man...So everyone is really cool..I hope they have a great life.

  18. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:37 PM  

    Um, Desbeleaf...

    FIRST, take some phonics lessons. Because your desperate attempt to spell is almost nauseating.

    SECOND, the name is IRESSISTABLE DELISCIOUS, and remembering that name will get you very far in life.

    THIRD, never you mind what I'm talking about, b/c I'm certain I wasn't talking about it to YOU.

    Thanks, here's your receipt honey.... Cuz you've been served!

  19. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:39 PM  

    I'll watch it later b/c this computers' sound if effed up. And watching it would be USELESS w/o the acoustics. But you can tell me who goes if you want, just this once, since I was gonna watch it anyway....

  20. NV // 4/1/07 12:40 PM  


    Lawwwd Dorfam the CRY BABY was too much for me and mr REALITY going home was by far my cry

  21. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:40 PM  

    Wow! Do you also teach elementary school? Because you would suck as a my recall you spell "irresistible" like this..not the ghetto slap yo momma way like you have it...

  22. steups // 4/1/07 12:42 PM  

    Is that desbeleaf or her neighbour without cable?

    Because this woman hates New York like cancer.

  23. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:43 PM  

    Okay... reading NV's statement... I'm gonna guess that the "Cry baby" must be Romance, and that MR.Reality has GOT to be Wood...

  24. NV // 4/1/07 12:43 PM  

    wow you font familiar desbeleaf been here before ? with a different name?

  25. NV // 4/1/07 12:44 PM  

    Irre you were not supposed to read it so you wouldnt know but you are right

  26. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:45 PM  

    This is the one and only "Desbeleaf"..I am still a "New York" hater and she still looks like a tuna fish on crack with new water balloon its all gravy baby yeah...

  27. steups // 4/1/07 12:45 PM  

    I am happy desbeleaf liked the show.

    Where's Quanda?

  28. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:46 PM  

    Wood nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  29. NV // 4/1/07 12:46 PM  

    dont know I was looking for Quanda Earlier

  30. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:47 PM  

    That hurt me to my heart

  31. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:47 PM  

    lol...dorfam its ok here come here you can lay on me..I mean with me...I mean..I will comfort you...

  32. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:47 PM  

    Desbeleaf, you silly bitch, how long did it take you to look up the word irresistible on the online dictionary? Good job hun, and you did it all by yourself. Okay, don't bring my mommy into this, b/c I didn't say anything about that She~wolf you refer to as your mother. Don't try to play me, either. I know how to spell Irresistible. But i don't like it that way, b/c it looks so much better with an 'a'. For example, my Myspace display name is Hypnotiiq, but that's CERTAINLY not the right way to spell the word hypnotic.

  33. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:47 PM  

    I am glad Rico stayed he reminds me of a guy a dated once

  34. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 12:48 PM  

    I'm not really here because I'm on my way out the door (damn PTA), but I just had to fall to my knees and say THANK YOU to Ponlork.

    Dude, you are my hero! I cannot WAIT to watch these! Unfortunately, I have to. (Damn PTA) But the minute I return home, this is the top item on my To-Do list.

    Have I mentioned that I hate the damn PTA?

    Y'all have a good day and BEHAVE dammit!!

  35. NV // 4/1/07 12:48 PM  

    Sorry Dorfam I knew that would kill you

  36. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:49 PM  

    Goodness you are a great old are you again? cause i think you won the 10 year old spelling bee on can you tell me is that an ACRONYM...or how you would spell it...ACCRANIUM?

  37. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:49 PM  

    Wood does to...

    "Memories like the corners of my mind..."

  38. NV // 4/1/07 12:50 PM  

    We will be good momma REPHRASE I will be good Momma, just think if we were really your kids thats alot of PTA meetings lol oh aboutyour other situation you have my prayers (whatever it may be )

  39. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:50 PM  

    I'm kinda sad to see wood is gone, too. But that leaves seceral sexies. (I think, b/c I still don't know exactly who is gone.) As long as these cuties:

    12 Pack

    are still there, then I'm happy. And actually, I like "whiteboy" too, b/c he just exudes realness.

  40. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:51 PM  

    ..."misty water colored memories of the way we were..' Wood cum back I meant come back yes come back

  41. NV // 4/1/07 12:51 PM  

    Yeah I am glad that educated her on what he said being part Spanish seeing her Blow up about what he said was hilarious it was not that serious

  42. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:52 PM  

    Yeah I'm luvin some Whiteboy too, his from the 305

  43. NV // 4/1/07 12:53 PM  

    well Irre you will still be Happy * double checks list * yeah you will be happy oh an yeah White boy so far i am feeling him

  44. NV // 4/1/07 12:54 PM  

    White boy reminds me of someone and I cant put my finger on it

  45. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 12:54 PM  

    Good God NV, if I had to join all of y'all's PTAs, I'd be totally insane.

    And thank you for your prayers sweetie. It's not that serious, really. I just had a wig-out moment. I'll be over it soon -- guaranteed. You're a sweetheart though. This is why I love this blog.

    I'm really leaving now. Unless y'all keep talking to me. heh

  46. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:55 PM  

    Clearly you don't know me. Anyone who DOES know me would know that I wouldn't be caught DEAD on ESPN. And ESPN is an ACRONYM, though I couldn't begin to tell you what the E, P, and N stand for. But quick question...

    who the hell ARE you coming on here challenging me and asking about me? Where did you come from? And please go back. I just had lunch and you're disturbing my stomach.

  47. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 12:55 PM  

    *whispers because I'm supposed to be gone*

    Y'all should really say thank you to Ponlork. Where are your manners?

    Mom ;)

  48. NV // 4/1/07 12:56 PM  

    Thank you Groovy i wont talk to you anymore so you can really leave * waving* * holding hand over mouth

  49. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:56 PM  

    Groovy we can wig out together:) I'm so stressed out I'm thinking about moving into the shelter I work at to start a new life:)

  50. DORFAM // 4/1/07 12:58 PM  

    Thanxxxx POnLOrk!!!!!!

    (always listen to mother)

    Scott Stotch that's who he reminds me of..or PItt Bull fine azz

  51. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:58 PM  

    I'm thinkin' he reminds you of buckwyld, b/c he's definitely her male double. But um, ANYWAY....

    Nicholas, since you're here, would you mind answering that leftover question from yesterday?

    And NV could you be a dear and lemme know what was said in yesterdays comment box after I left. seems to have vanished overnight. How convenient.

  52. NV // 4/1/07 12:58 PM  

    oh oppps sorry THANKS PORKLORN our mother raised us better than that *wink*

  53. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 12:58 PM  

    You are actually the one who called me out wee one....sorry you feel like you own the world or something but you dont own tell ya what I do what I want and you do what you want and we will be happy ....together like ebony and ivory..

  54. NV // 4/1/07 12:59 PM  

    opps i mean ponlork sorry

  55. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 12:59 PM  

    LOL NV, I really am leaving. I really am. But I haven't even gotten dressed yet.

    Dor, forget the shelter. Just move in with me. I miss having little ones in the house. So much so that I'm considering having another baby.

    *ponders the thought*

    WTF was THAT? I'm not having another baby. *shudders at the thought*

    OK, I'm leaving now. LOL

  56. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 12:59 PM  

    I was taught to never speak to strangers. I don't know ponlork, personally. I've never seen him comment. Who is this guy? (or girl)

  57. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:02 PM  

    Yeah shudder Grovvy one day with lil Chucky and you will be cured of that thought

  58. NV // 4/1/07 1:02 PM  

    in a nut shell what was said up until i left was I love you Irre and you will see she toying with your brain and she answered and said it was true and Quanda said you should know she lying she does that alot and i think thats it well Tx said bye and then I left work and ddnt log on las tnight because I was doing hair

  59. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:03 PM  

    Irre, I think he's commented before. But he's the one who supplies us with these lovely YouTubes. So whether he's commented or not is moot. He still gave you a gift. He should be thanked.

    Oh hell, who am I kidding? I'm not going anywhere for a few.

    *lights a cigarette*

  60. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:03 PM  

    desbeleaf, where have you BEEN the last decade or so? Ebony and Ivory? Wearing black and white together is SO 92'. Put on a windsuit and get the hell outta here. Make tracks. Go ghost. Teleport back up to your home planet or whatever the hell it is you have to do. I didn't START anything with you. As a matter of fact I didn't notice you until I saw my name come off your keyboard.
    I believe what you said was

    "What is this irresis-delisc..talking about? "

    Or does your short-term memory not permit you to recall that?

  61. NV // 4/1/07 1:04 PM  

    i knew you were not leaving yet lol

  62. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:05 PM  

    10 minutes, NV, I swear.


  63. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:05 PM  

    Yea I said that only to figure out what you were talking about...the person with all the sheltered in aggression toward their oppressing father was you....coming at me with..the whole 3 part step of how I should find out how to read...

  64. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:05 PM  

    How's my Li-li?

  65. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:06 PM  

    Groovy put that cigarette down! I forbid you to stop smoking!
    Oh, and


    Desbeleaf, I DO run this mothafucka. The world is mine, biatch.

    NV what exactly did Electra confirm as "true"?

  66. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:06 PM  

    Dor, your Chucky would fit in nicely in this house. Plus, the house has been pre-destroyed by my own spawn. Bring him on. But I'm not potty-training anyone.

  67. NV // 4/1/07 1:06 PM  

    10 mins and you are not dressed is not believable (sp?) mother groovy

    Dorfam: who is Lili

  68. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:07 PM  

    Tha's fine he has his own version of potty training... he walks up to the pot shitty diaper in hand and puts in the pot!!! Smae premise I guess

  69. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:08 PM  

    What the hell are you talkin' about? I don't have an oppressive father, and to further inform you, my father doesn't even live with me. Dumb ass. Know your opponent before you square up with someone. You know, I would try to ignore you, but that's hard to do. I can practically SMELL you through my computer screen.

  70. NV // 4/1/07 1:08 PM  

    truth: what I told you wsa true

  71. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:09 PM  

    Oh I understand now. The internet is like a world, you type in it, tell your thoughts through it, you have a domain name, and you more than likely sleep with it. Hence this is your world. But in reality you miss living la vida loca and go for binary status.

  72. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:09 PM  

    Dor, Lili is doing so amazingly well, thank you for asking! She's home in Hawaii and looking fabulous. She still has one tube in her, but that's just to make blood-drawing easier. Her blood tests have all been perfect since she's been home. I have THE CUTEST videos of her and her twin! Those are two babies in danger of being kidnapped by Auntie Groovy. heh

    Irre, I'm working on quitting, I swear. But now's not a good time.

  73. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:09 PM  

    LMAO @ the shitty diaper trick. How resourceful of your son, Dorfam. I like his style.

  74. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:10 PM  

    NV, 10 minutes until I go get dressed. LOL And Lili is my niece that was so sick for awhile there.

  75. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:11 PM  

    Oh yeah, smelling the computer is do you say? NON ATTRACTIVE..are you female or like GOLLUM from lord of the rings?

  76. NV // 4/1/07 1:11 PM  

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that Li Li I swear i forgot the little one name you two were supposed to say little one lol

  77. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:11 PM  

    Irre I have great new game show for MTV, based on you...SQUARE UP..THE GAME SHOW THAT LETS READ WRITE AND ERASE ANYBODY THAT GETTING ON YOUR GO$@#$#$ NERVES...LMAO... Irre, you would be king on that show... 2 podiums,2 contestants, and 3 timed rounds to speak your mind..the audience decides the winner...i's watch

  78. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:11 PM  

    Dor, please tell me he doesn't use his hands to dump the shit??

  79. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:12 PM  

    *shakes head slowly @ desbeleaf*

    Honey you really have issues that even the great Irresistable can't resolve. Continuing to crawl down to your level is just robbing me of my fabulosity. It's like arguing with a six year old or something. What's the point?

    And "yea, yea...." @ NV.

  80. steups // 4/1/07 1:13 PM  

    I hate when I pop away for three minutes and there are 45 new messages.

    I'll have to assume no one said anything to me.
    About me, too.

  81. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:13 PM  

    NV, I'm not sure I've ever said her actual name on the blog, so it's fine. :) Lili is short for Lilianna, btw.

  82. NV // 4/1/07 1:14 PM  

    *picks up Phone to call MTV *

    MTV: Hello
    Me: I have a friend Great show Idea call her her name is Dorfam number is 555-5555
    MTV: Great we will call her

    MOnths later

    Coming to MTV the new game show Square up With Irre


  83. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:14 PM  

    "Fabulosity" another great word from the rule of the internet world. Wow its like what is the point of telling you anything if you are just like a bug and I can just crush really who talks to Cockroaches I guess I was sorry...about that.

  84. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:15 PM  

    No no handsdiaper to pot...except if some rolls out the diaper to the floor he will pick it up:)

  85. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:15 PM  

    *files fingernails and laughs @ desbeleaf*

    Dorfam, that's a gr8 idea for a game show, except for the fact that no-one would be competition enough, and I'd be just as bored as I am with the one that's jibber-jabbering now. Oh and Groovy, here in North Carolina they have a hotline that helps you quit. You call in whenever you have a craving, and they'll talk you through it. You can scream at them if you want to, whatever you have to do to NOT go get another cigg.

  86. NV // 4/1/07 1:15 PM  

    Aww I like thta name its close to my middle name LeiLanni oh *duh Wys* she is from Hawaii makes since now lol

  87. Groovy Noodles // 4/1/07 1:16 PM  

    OK, I think my 10 minutes are up. I really gotta run.

    Hey, do me a favor? Don't talk until I get back, OK? I'll have to come home to 20,000 new comments and my attention span isn't that big.

    See y'all a little later.

  88. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:16 PM  


  89. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:18 PM  

    Oh great..the great Cockroach of the Internet is still assuming she can talk about people...well I will just ignore this one because I am more of a HU-MAN than that lower class microorganism..

  90. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:19 PM  

    Nicholas it's NEVER good to assume, boy. I'd double back if I were you.

    And Des, since you're so enamored with my vocabulary, I have three for you.

    Insipid, vacous, and nugatory. Look them up, why don't you. And take as many hours/days as you want to do so. PLEASE.

  91. NV // 4/1/07 1:20 PM  

    Bye Groove

    Dorfam: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    desbeleaf: Irre is a guy not a girl

  92. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:21 PM  

    Oh wow...this cockroach is actually growing up to her ESPN spelling bee level...does your mental capacity just go like up and down like that or does your daddy tell you what to type? Dont be so vehement about things if you think you can control little crapeater friend..

  93. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:22 PM  

    Des, I'm a HE, not a SHE, stupid. And that's cool calling me a cockroach and all. I can live with that. Cockroaches are true survivors, which is what I am. Did you a cockroach could survive a nuclear holocaust, whereas a "HU-MAN", as you so eloquently said it, CANNOT. So actually, that makes roaches somewhat suprerior to humans. And YOU especially. So who's the lower class organism now, bitch?

  94. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:23 PM  

    COme NV tell the truth you've never been handed something groos:)lmao

    I worked at a hospital for 10 years I started in the er admissions...I once had a lady hand me her daughters finger...

    HAND IT 2 ME!!!

  95. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:23 PM  

    Aw thanks NV she is a he...I knew going out and trying to get a hooker was hard but dang it I hate the ones that dress up like women and try to sell their anus to straight men...very friend very low..

  96. NV // 4/1/07 1:24 PM  

    LMAo No Dorfam NEVER cause I wont just give some one my hands cause I hate touching things like I HATE touching pennies so I have to see what you have in your hand first and ewww he handed you her fingers *faints*

  97. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:26 PM  

    I'm FAR from being VEHEMENT right now boo. This is considered calm for me. If you wanna see a taste of me being vehement, I suggest you go back and read some of my past comment posts. You'll know when I get angry. Actually this is funny to me. I have about five minutes left in this class and you're helpin' me kill time until the bell rings. It's kinda like going to the zoo, or watching a mentally retarded child eat. It's fascinating, really, Talking to you.

  98. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:26 PM  

    Oh ok now I am really going to have to stop aruging with have assumed your position per-say....I dont touch dookie shoot nice chatting with ya irres-delis

  99. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:29 PM  


  100. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:30 PM  

    desbeleaf stop calling me FRIEND. I only talk to the "cool kids". And it's sad that you have to resort to going to the streets to get some. And as far as me being a prostitute... perhaps I am, but I'm a good one. I learned all the tricks of the trade from your moms and pops. So cudo's to them. As for YOU, you couldn't catrh any ass if someone stapled a booty cheek to the palm of your hand.

    *places hand on forehead in the shape of an 'L'*


  101. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:30 PM  

    Child by now my A D D would have ad me fialing every class lmao...I could not text and pay attention

  102. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:30 PM  

    Oh, this is a typing class, Dorfam. I finished my word processing project AGES ago.

  103. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 1:32 PM  

    Oh! The bell rang! Love you guys, but I gotta go! Actually my fourth perod teacher flirts with me so I'll probably seduce him into letting me use his CPU. See y'all in a sec, okee-tay?

  104. NV // 4/1/07 1:32 PM  

    Dorfam you are silly lol you dot have A D D

  105. NV // 4/1/07 1:33 PM  

    bye irre if you cant get on

  106. Jemiella // 4/1/07 1:33 PM  

    ....Wow....I missed alot. [[I'm so lame...]]

    Lemme go and watch this episode....cause right now, I'm not going to step into this heated argument...*backs down like a bitch, lol*

  107. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:33 PM  

    Dang It your like a fly dude with a sweet piece of candy in front of it....I really dont care who is your friend and who isnt I just care about the last word as you do. If you want it you can have it, after you say your sorry for everything that happened with your dad raping you and all and how you turned out to be the "I LOVE NEW YORK" apprentice "CHAMO"....

  108. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:35 PM  

    You wanna be NV:) I'm just to proud to go get diagnosed so I self diagnosed..wish I could get the meds 4 it though lol

  109. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:36 PM  

    I meant "bet" Nv

  110. NV // 4/1/07 1:36 PM  

    lmao why do you want Meds to make ou move extra slow lol wait no they give you meds to focus for A d d lol but still

    Desbeleaf: that was a low blow and that was not nice

  111. NV // 4/1/07 1:37 PM  

    I knew what you meant

  112. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:38 PM  

    I apologize for all the humane people that read this...

  113. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:42 PM  


  114. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:42 PM  


  115. NV // 4/1/07 1:43 PM  

    Dorfam , that is somewhat impossible the masses can get along but EVERY single person Naw not gon happen lol

  116. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:44 PM  


  117. NV // 4/1/07 1:45 PM  

    lmao Buy the world a coke

  118. NV // 4/1/07 1:46 PM  

    Mcdonalds fries Wendy Burgers lol

  119. desbeleaf // 4/1/07 1:50 PM  

    Sorry you two...I must leave for a bit..I hope you all are here when I get back ..c yas

  120. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:50 PM  

    OMG NV!!!!! OKAY, you're going to think I'm nuts (if you don't already) I feel our connection (ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm) that's what I do...ha ha

  121. NV // 4/1/07 1:53 PM  

    alright desbeleaf See ya Later

    I knew we were cool for a reason Dorfam lol if I am driving i am stopping at both places to get fries and a burger lol

  122. steups // 4/1/07 1:58 PM  

    desbeleaf, Irre is one of us.

    We'd appreciate if you settled in (if you're staying) for a month or so before you trade insults with the regulars.

    I mean I like you already, but it might be more prudent if you eased yourself in; ya feel me.

    Where's txshawty?

  123. DORFAM // 4/1/07 1:59 PM  

    Miss Me Too here:) lol

  124. DORFAM // 4/1/07 2:00 PM  

    Haven't seen tx

  125. DORFAM // 4/1/07 2:00 PM  

    Haven't seen tx

  126. NV // 4/1/07 2:02 PM  

    tx may have had school today instead of work

  127. DORFAM // 4/1/07 2:03 PM  

    Soo who's going to take it all...and who's going 2 b next 2 get their own spinoff....this FOL thing could concieveably go on 4 ever

  128. Shawn // 4/1/07 2:04 PM  

    Hello Everyone,

    Wow I just the eliminations. That was right on time.

    Thanks Ponlork.

    You guys do know the dude she name Trendz is actor right? He been on a couple of movies.

  129. NV // 4/1/07 2:06 PM  

    Hey Shawn I thought I knew him from some damn where

    and Dorfam dont give them any ideas

  130. steups // 4/1/07 2:09 PM  

    maybe tx..oh never mind.
    I am in enough hot water as it is

  131. Shawn // 4/1/07 2:10 PM  

    Hey NV

    Yeap, maybe he trying to make a comeback or something.

    I knew she was going to get rid of Wood. That wouldn't be fair to keep him.

  132. steups // 4/1/07 2:11 PM  

    Oye, I forgot something.

    Tango says he reads the blog all the time and would love it if the readers wrote their opinions of him.

    Apparently the dude is a bit nervous about how he comes across on tv.

  133. steups // 4/1/07 2:12 PM  

    He and Chamo (I got this from someone else) says you lot visit their MySpace but don't add to your friends list.

    Come on peeps, that's why we post the links. Let's add these people

  134. NV // 4/1/07 2:17 PM  

    Adding now lol Sorry guys I forgot lol

  135. NV // 4/1/07 2:31 PM  

    what is Chamo's Myspace?

  136. NV // 4/1/07 2:35 PM  

    nevermind found it but does anyone find it wierd NY myspace is NOT on his friends list

  137. DORFAM // 4/1/07 2:58 PM  

    I requested to be Chamo's friend...looking at awatch.......

  138. steups // 4/1/07 3:04 PM  

    If anyone out there can help me fix my previous posts column and my previous posts link atop each article.


  139. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 4/1/07 3:07 PM  

    Got damn it took me forever to get through all those damn comments. I hate when you all get a head start....y'all go crazy with it.

    Steups were you erasing Huge White
    Cock's comments last night? You sure in the hell made me look crazy. Thanks.

    Good afternoon to All!!!!

  140. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 4/1/07 3:22 PM  

    Someone remind me not to speak to Steups! For some reason he almost never responds to my questions. He certainly doesn't respond to IRR DEE's either.

    I am going to take a bath. I will return later.

  141. steups // 4/1/07 3:31 PM  

    I'll join you and answer them there.

    (turns on hot water)
    Nope, it wasn't me last night.
    Must have been Groovy.

  142. NV // 4/1/07 3:32 PM  

    Steups what are you trying to do

  143. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 3:33 PM  

    *yawns and stretches*

    That fourth period nap was just fabulous. And I had the most delightful dream. A stunning pair of chloe peekaboo-toed heels were chasing electra and nicholas all over the internet. It was very strange. ANYWAYZ, what's the deal with this forum I keep hearing about?

  144. NV // 4/1/07 3:33 PM  

    Quanda I missed you

  145. NV // 4/1/07 3:34 PM  

    supposedly we are getting a forum thank God

  146. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 3:34 PM  


    I just went up and read some of the earlier comments...

    Do I have a bad case of dementia, or did that silly whore actually ask for an apology? From ME, of all people? That heffa needs some "Rit-a-lin", as Mr.Boston would say. Which reminds me, I never did watch the finale.

    *puff of glittery pink smoke*

  147. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 3:35 PM  

    What's the forum called? Or am I not invited??

  148. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 3:37 PM  

    what a bath THAT would be. Talk about an acid bath. I'm willing to bet that water will sizzle like overcooked oodles&noodles....

  149. NV // 4/1/07 3:41 PM  

    the forum has not been named yet Irre it snot up and running yet

  150. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 3:49 PM  

    Oh I knew THAT, I'm just wondering how I'm gonna find it once it IS up. Hey, guess what? I think officially 74% over the whole 'drama' thing from yesterday. B/c when I thought about it...... I'd rather have someone drive a rusty bayonette through each of my fingernails than spend an evening with nicholas. And being anywhere NEAR Electra is about as pleasant as drinking a bottle of old cough syrup. So why should I stress either one of them. The way I see it, Nick wasn't trying to make me stop liking him. He was trying to make me JEALOUS. And there's only one reason a guy would want to do that. (RIGHT?) So I'm not gonna sweat that aspect of the situation. I AM, however, concerned about YOU NV. The only thing worse than having someone hurt you is having someone you care about hurt you. And I really, really, REALLY hope you haven't been feelin' Nicholas all this time...

  151. NV // 4/1/07 3:51 PM  

    why are you concerned about me i told you me and nicholas are just friends my concern is the man whose child I gave birth too

  152. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:00 PM  

    Oh, okay. Just forget about it then. A true friend can do nothing but take your word, and that's what I AM, so that's what I'll DO. Besides, I'm all bubbly and giddy after watching the elimination. I LOVE the part where they were all showin' Chamo some love and shouting his name. So much LOoooOoOOOooove is in that house...


  153. NV // 4/1/07 4:04 PM  

    how long you think that love will last i bet they fight second show lol

  154. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:07 PM  

    hello people i'm back

  155. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:08 PM  

    Ummmm lemme see... I think the first fight will be the one where whiteboy argues with someone in the van. I give it third episode. But anywayz, don't leave! I have nothin' else to do but talk to you at the moment. Everyone else is missing. I guess Nick and Quanda are still taking that bath, heaven help them both. What was up with that nutjob desbeleaf? I didn't appreciate he/she/it coming up in MY mothafuckin' comments box starting shit with me. Someone needs to inform that pyschotic bitch who the reigning queen is.

  156. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:09 PM  

    Hey there half and half. I don't exactly remember you honey, but you sure as hell sound good on print. Are you a man?

  157. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:10 PM  

    what going on hear

  158. NV // 4/1/07 4:10 PM  

    i am here and Half how are you darling ?

  159. NV // 4/1/07 4:11 PM  

    nothing much me and Irre chilling Quanda taking a bath Groovy had PTA Dorfam disappeared TX never showed up that all i remember

  160. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:13 PM  

    I WOULD say that for once, drama is nonexistent on the blog. But that would be a lit. Drama follows me. I AM drama. Irresistable Deliscious is the show that never ends.

  161. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:14 PM  

    And that's irresistible with an "A", thank you very much.

  162. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:14 PM  

    i'm a man and i was hear last year are you deliscious from the flavor of love

  163. NV // 4/1/07 4:16 PM  

    lol we know Irre and no Half HE is not

  164. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:18 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  165. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:19 PM  

    For you darling.... I CAN be...

    And anywayz, NV, Chance is so funny! Did you watch that extended clip of the "I Love New York" Preview. It's on the post that's under this one. At the very end, Mr. Boston makes a comment about Studs, and Chance mimics his voice and it is TOOOO hilarious.

  166. NV // 4/1/07 4:21 PM  

    thats great boo,

    is this fact or rumor?

  167. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:22 PM  

    i'm good nv i just want to tell you guys that flav will not be a special guest on i love new york show

  168. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:24 PM  

    Um.... WHO are you talkin' too NV. Is WHAT a fact or a rumour? And panama pimp daddy, how do you know Flav won't be on the show? Other than that time on 106 and Park when he said he had nothing to do with New York's show?

  169. NV // 4/1/07 4:25 PM  

    Yeah Irre I was over here DYING laughing at him i need to myspace him and let him know how funny his ass is

  170. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:26 PM  

    Honey, you DO remember my password, don't you? If you know his myspace, add him for me, will ya? And be SURE to put him as number ONE on my friends list.

  171. NV // 4/1/07 4:28 PM  

    I was talking to Half he deleted his first post he made

  172. NV // 4/1/07 4:29 PM  

    ok Irre let me find the email with the info

  173. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:33 PM  

    if you are a flava flav fan i got some good news for you from producer cris abrego and mark abrego flava flav will have a new reality show about love and relationship it's a talk show type of show at the end of the year

  174. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:34 PM  

    You know what? I am REALLY in grief about this whole Chance boy. I mean, I am feelin' him extra hard. I like his style, I looove his swagger, and he makes me laugh, and he's cuter than a pink pitbull puppy!!! *giggles like a school girl* And he might not have a lot of gwap, but I'd still love to get to know him. And yet I will indefinitely NEVER meet him.


    How sad.... New York you lucky, crazy bitch.

  175. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:36 PM  

    Pulls up a chair VERY close to Panama. How do you know this? Actually, I'm a NEW YORK fan. Flav.... not so much. He's played out now. His show is over. His album flopped. And now he's just an ordinary crackhead. Nothing special, there are millions of em' on 54th and Crenshaw. But enough about Flav.

    How YOU doin?
    (said in my best Wendy Williams voice)

  176. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:37 PM  

    Oh, oh, OH! And if you really ARE reading tango..., I want you to know that you are totally sexxi. And suave. Smoother than a frosted pina colada. Now if only we could get Chance to bring his fine ass to the blogspot...

  177. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:39 PM  

    are you guys looking forward to new york show or not don't you guys miss flavor of love already

  178. NV // 4/1/07 4:40 PM  

    Tnago reads and Yeah Tango you are great and Sexy

  179. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:41 PM  

    Honey me and NV are the only ones here right now. And I sent NV on a mission. So I guess that means there's just the two of us.

    *smiles coyly*

    But to answer your question, I DON'T miss flavor of love. I mean, Helloooooo. I have New York, her mom, and 15 gorgeous dudes all wrapped up in one show. What could be better? So yea, I'm hella amped about New York's show.

  180. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:42 PM  

    deliscious i know the producer of the show i know cris and mark

  181. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:43 PM  


    I'm more bored than a dead rat in a wet cardboard box. (Damn, I'm really spittin' out those similes today, ain't I?) If I watch the show clips one more time, I'll know every line by heart. I could probably tell you how many times New York blinks during the naming ceremony.

    *sighs again*

  182. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:44 PM  

    Oh, that's cool. Then you can talk to them for me and tell them to give me MY own show. Would you like to be a contestant?

  183. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:45 PM  

    If I had a show, it'd be a total rating ORGASM for the Vh1 big-wigs. Would y'all watch? And would one of you devote a blog to ME???

  184. NV // 4/1/07 4:46 PM  

    ok so half what else do you know or do you need to email me * still searching for Irre*

  185. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:46 PM  

    why do you hate flava flav

  186. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:48 PM  

    I am SOOOOOO bored. I know! I'll compose a limmerick to pass the time.

    There once was a boy named Iree.
    He was beautiful, true....
    also queery.
    And he fell for a dude
    that's barbaric and rude
    and Electra's a prude, unlike Iree.

  187. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:49 PM  

    that it's nv you can tell that to setups

  188. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:51 PM  

    Oooh that was so FUN. Here's another

    I know of a chick named Quanda.
    They say absence makes hearts grow fonder...
    But if SHE went away,
    I'd sing "Oh happy day"
    Cause I'm not quite so fond of Quanda.

    And 1/2 black, I don't HATE Flav, sweetie. What are you, his rep? It's just my JOB to be all about everything that's new and exciting. And Flav is out of date. He's the pop culture equivalent to wind suits. Do you remember those?

  189. NV // 4/1/07 4:51 PM  

    I am sure he will read it and matter ffact I thikn he posted the talk show thing already * bad memory *

  190. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:53 PM  

    I'm on a roll. Here's another one!

    I know of a lass named Groovy...
    She's as sweet as a green apple smoothie.
    But the poor girls a fiend
    for that 'ol nicotine
    That charming young lady named groovy. ( You really SHOULD quit, Groovy. I looooove you.)

  191. NV // 4/1/07 4:55 PM  


  192. half panamanian half black // 4/1/07 4:56 PM  

    but before i go you guys know that if it wasn't for flava flav new york would not have a show and vh1 will still suck

  193. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:57 PM  

    Now I'm back to that guy they call Nick.
    He's an asshole, a god-honest prick.
    If he'd just change his ways,
    he'd have happier days,
    I believe that would sure do the trick.

    And I have a good friend, named NV.
    She's as sweet and as FIERCE can be.
    Then that Trinidad whore
    had to come back for more,
    and my girl cut her down to the T.

  194. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:58 PM  

    Okay see ya sweetie. I feel you on the whole New York thing, but Give me a Kiss before you go!

    (god I hope he doesn't look like T-bone)

  195. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 4:59 PM  

    NV, you KNOW he was a representative for Flav, right? I certainly HOPE you saw through his disguise. He practically BEGGED Steups to post about the talk show thing. Perhaps he was even Flav himself. I can't think of anything sadder. Would you fancy another poem, hun?

  196. NV // 4/1/07 5:00 PM  

    oh Half I thank flav for bring entertainment back to tv

  197. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 5:01 PM  

    What trips me out is that Vh1 spent two seasons of Flav to try and make New York look like a nutjob and an evil BITCH, and now the producers have to cast her in a good light.

  198. NV // 4/1/07 5:02 PM  

    i figured he was or a huge flav fan and sure I am laughing at your poems lol

  199. NV // 4/1/07 5:04 PM  

    this lil light of mine ... sorry song popped in my head

  200. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 4/1/07 5:05 PM  

    (LOL) okay, okay...

    Let's seeee.....
    Ah! I GOT it!

    Now PLEASE lemme tell you bout' Chance.
    That's the guy that can make my heart dance.
    There's a gap in his teeth,
    but it makes him complete
    and I'd LOVE to use HIM for Romance....

    Hahahaha I'm such a cornball. hey I think I'ma go over to my blog and see what's up with it. I haven't been on there in Sooooo long. Perhaps I should bring it back. Whaddya think?

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