New-York-kisses-Pumkin-TMZ-jpegNew York has excellent timing, I'll give her that.

When Groovy emailed me those TMZ photographs of New York and Pumkin kissing I was none too pleased. How could New York kiss and makeup with the woman who spat on her face? An act I thought was one of the more disgusting scenes ever broadcast.

But, wouldn't you know it, the picture (of New York and Pumkin) was released on the very day, Nelson Mandela issued a statement of condolence, to the family of his racist oppressor, and now deceased PW Botha.
So, I guess if Mandela can find it in his heart to continue to forgive his jailers, then New York can forgive a wad of spit from Pumkin.

Anyway, that's just me, some readers weren't too happy about New York's tongue dance with Pumkin. And one in particular (Shawn) was so hurt he couldn't keep her secret any longer and chose to expose her...


  1. Bubo // 1/11/06 7:54 PM  

    First! Still shots can be damning. I love the picture, I guess we now know what lay underneath all that weave.

  2. Anonymous // 1/11/06 7:55 PM  

    Thats fucked up yall, don't be clowning my boo new york

  3. horusbey // 1/11/06 8:02 PM  

    One thing leads to another, but for pumpkin spitting on her we may never have heard of NY, again it was all that crazy stuff on the first reunion show with NY trying to get at pumpkin that her fame as a I don't play that shit-bitch really took off. And as for NY kissing her well well "man they both ugly bitches who cares".

  4. Anonymous // 1/11/06 8:24 PM  

    wow i was shocked when i saw that

  5. Mz.D // 1/11/06 8:30 PM thats comedy

  6. Porker // 1/11/06 8:44 PM  


    Why are they making out? We know Pumkin has some gay tendencies, but NY??? Thats weird.

    Maybe they were just doing it for attention. Pumkin isn't that popular anymore, maybe NY was just throwing her a bone. People are talking about it... isn't that the point?

    Those FoL girls are fucked up. I've given up trying to figure them out.

  7. hutche // 1/11/06 9:15 PM  

    What da FEEZY. This shits off the HEEZY, I dont even know what to make of this . I realize they may be joking, or may not be joking but in (New Yorks Voice) I'm a little dissssgusted by it, and I dont liiiike it.

    Seriously this is just ruining my image of her. I want New York tot play the part she sled every one to beleive. And Uh this aint it.

  8. Ladybug // 1/11/06 9:15 PM  

    Ok so..I saw the one w/Nibbz & Toast first..which that 1 would'nt surprise me. But Pumpkin and NY??? I did'nt see 1st season so pumpkin has tendencies??Most importantly NEW YORK?? Did Flav really hurt her that bad..cause I mean come on please

  9. Ladybug // 1/11/06 9:16 PM  

    Whoa...why did it post 3times...sorry people

  10. hutche // 1/11/06 9:25 PM  

    Pumkin doesnt have tendencies . Pumkin IS a lesbian. She has been in a relationship with a woman for a while noow. I learned that from this site and quite frankley dont know how you didnt know that. Thats common flavor of love trivia knowledge.

    New York girl damn, I just dont know

  11. Anonymous // 1/11/06 9:40 PM  

    could this pic be photoshopped???

  12. hutche // 1/11/06 9:46 PM  

    Be real now...

  13. Anonymous // 1/11/06 9:55 PM's a real pic

    it's from after they won the award for best fight on the reality awards last week...

    supposely it was their 1st time back on stage together and i guess they reconciled was said that pic was snapped by pumkin's aunt

  14. electra (trinidad) // 1/11/06 10:17 PM  

    Clearly from the pic u can see its a pretend kiss. They just did it to draw some attention to themselves

  15. hutche // 1/11/06 10:29 PM  

    Yeah .... still.....

  16. Anonymous // 1/11/06 11:14 PM  

    i can't believe this pic ny must be drunk if someone spat in my face the only part of me that would ever touch their mouth would be my foot or my fist.... i'm soooo
    disappointed in ny not to mention that pumkin is nasty

  17. Fergalicious // 2/11/06 3:01 AM  

    i don't believe that's pumkin. come on now as crazy as new york is i just know she ain't sell out and kiss that piece of shit

  18. Brwnkys // 2/11/06 3:13 AM  

    Newyork Newyork...u dumb broad! There is no way I would make up with a bitch who spit in my face! *smh I hope this is photoshopped or she's crazy'r than I thought!

  19. Brwnkys // 2/11/06 3:14 AM  

    And I LOOOVE the pic of her as a man she looks so much betta that way! rofl

  20. Laughin Hard // 2/11/06 3:37 AM  


  21. Fergalicious // 2/11/06 4:08 AM  


  22. steups // 2/11/06 9:26 AM  

    Yeah but why put false eyelashes on the mae version

    brwnkys....I am waiting on my email. You are stressing me out

  23. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:25 PM  

    First off, i wanna say that this blog is my crack! I 'm so addicted to it! Good job steups and groovy!! Second, this seems so out of character of New York, i'm so confused. She doesn't have to pull a stunt like that, SHE"S NEW YORK and she's going to mad spotlight just by breathing. That whole nibblez/toastee thing is expected of two girls from the show trying to get a little extra shine, but New York is on another level!!! I must say, the fact that she's so mysterious and isn't showin her ass(like them otha hoes)all over the internet makes her an even bigger personality.............but then we see that picture! WTF!!!!!!

  24. Posh Gemz // 2/11/06 4:37 PM  

    To be honest with you that pic of Ny and Pumkin looks fake and photoshopped like hell...

  25. Anonymous // 2/11/06 4:47 PM  

    I always said that NY acts like a drag queen....

  26. Anonymous // 2/11/06 7:21 PM  

    Posh Gemz, I believe so too.

  27. Anonymous // 2/11/06 7:32 PM  

    That photo of MY and pumpkin looks photoshoped. Its a fake

  28. Anonymous // 2/11/06 7:32 PM  


  29. Fergalicious // 2/11/06 8:30 PM  

    hell yeah. look at how "pumkin's" right shoulder disappears into NY"S left breast. i knew that my girl woulldn't be kissin that flea infested bitch

  30. Anonymous // 2/11/06 9:03 PM  

    her breast is covering her shoulder up

    try again ferg

  31. Fergalicious // 2/11/06 10:52 PM  

    my computers on the ghetto side os i have ot blow shit up to see it right. if this is pumkin then yuuck on new yorks part

  32. Anonymous // 3/11/06 12:08 AM  

    This picture have to be fake: make up....look closer to the details....
    Someone just wanted to spread some fake photos on New York.

  33. Anonymous // 3/11/06 12:22 AM  

    Yes, I do agree, this photo, wow, is so fake, look at the black hand around New York.

  34. Anonymous // 3/11/06 12:26 AM  

    Yeah, what I see is a arm up in the arm, thats not New York arm, and what woman kiss like that, come on. This picture is not real.
    I know New York is very mad about this picture, I know I would be kissing someone that spat in my face, O, no!

  35. Anonymous // 3/11/06 9:01 AM  

    oh give it up
    its real
    theyre trying to peck and keep theyre mouth closed as much as possible so they wont swap spit

  36. Anonymous // 3/11/06 12:32 PM  

    it's real ny fans the girl is full of shit. she has to be kissing pumkin who's breath she said smelled like "straight up shit."

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