So this is what happens when a medical student and a writer of fiction get together?

It must be something in the water because we have seen New York and Pumkin; Nibblz and Toastee, and now Groovy tells me she's going out tonight with two hot women from the PTA.
They are off to a local bar, but what type of bar admits only women on a Wednesday night? Maybe I am naive but I thought you'd want men at a bar, unless they're already in there?

It's not all girl on girl tonight though. Did anyone see Monique Coleman and her partner Louis Van Amstel on "Dancing with the Stars" (ABC, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 8 p.m. ET) a few minutes ago?
I only saw them dance for the first time last evening and I could just tell the man had it bad for Monique.
Well tonight he kissed her and refused to pick her up off the floor.

Lucky for Monique there was a studio audience or nine months later she might look like the other Monique.

monique-coleman-jpeg monique-the-comedian-jpeg


  1. Groovy Noodles // 1/11/06 8:54 PM  

    Steups, you freak. It's Ladies Night. Which means that ladies drink cheap. Which also means that there are drunk ladies. Which ALSO means that there are lots of men there because there are lots of drunk women there.

    *shaking my head and laughing my ass off*

    And leave my hot PTA friends out of it.

  2. steups // 1/11/06 8:59 PM  

    Buckwild is selling the shoe that she threw at NY during the reunion show. It's going for $305.00 for the serious hardcore FOL 2 fan. I think this is hysterical. That is one crusty looking shoe.

    Buckwild's Auction on EBAY

    Originally posted by Lareigna

  3. steups // 1/11/06 9:00 PM  

    Sorry Lareigna I had to delete your comment because the link messed up things a bit.
    no problem right?

  4. lareigna // 1/11/06 9:05 PM  

    No problem :-)

  5. Ladybug // 1/11/06 9:11 PM  

    So I guess it's safe to say Nibbz & Toast have no hard feelings for being eliminated that nite. YIKES

  6. Krishonda // 1/11/06 9:38 PM  

    So steups... you gonna start recapping Dancing With The Stars until I Love New York premieres? lol

    (I thought Louie was a lil too close my self)

  7. Krishonda // 1/11/06 9:57 PM  

    And about that kis btwn NY and Pumkin.... ya'll know NY can get WAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTEEEEEEEDDDDDDD!!! (i.e., "The Orock Orock Show") *shaking head*
    So maybe this was in one of her drunken moments.
    But if Miss NY wants to maintain her "fabness" she needs to contol that drinking of hers and keep the lesbian tendancies to a minimum. Just my thoughts

  8. Anonymous // 1/11/06 11:08 PM  

    an internet stripper & an online porn star making out not very shocking.... anyone else agree?

  9. Brwnkys // 2/11/06 3:10 AM  

    Toastee and Nibblz? EWWWWW! not a good look! and I think Monique is cute and funny! Steups stop being so MEAN! lol

  10. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 6:56 AM  

    HEEEEEY Y'all! I've created my OWN blog, if you haven't heard! Steups' blog and MY blog go hand in hand, so y'all check mine out:

  11. Anonymous // 2/11/06 8:08 AM  

    Yea his blog is kinda neat. I went and checked it out.

  12. steups // 2/11/06 9:25 AM  

    Hey Irre, I'll check it out

  13. Anonymous // 2/11/06 10:48 AM

    Irre I love the blog! I really enjoy reading your comments daily. I'm glad you made your own blog, now I can check up on yours and this one along with my other fav

    Hopefully you'll hit the big time bucks like trent did.


  14. steup's wife // 2/11/06 11:09 AM  

    Hi all,its about time that i let all you drooling bitches know ,especially that sanctimonious ho electra ,know that steups is very much taken!SO YOU CAN ALL JUST BACK OFF !To you my darling steups the love of my life ,and groovy also, congrats on a great blog!

  15. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 12:35 PM  

    Steups' WIFE? Bitch who the hell are you? Steups doesn't HAVE a wife. OR did he go and get hitched while I wasn't lookin?

  16. electra (trinidad) // 2/11/06 12:59 PM  

    Well if u are his wife darling then Y do u have to send a message to this hoe Electra.

    If he was really your man then u would of kept him in line and he would not be all up in my grill.

    As for me being a whore, well it takes one to know one. BITCH

    U dont know me so shut the fuck up before I shut u the fuck up.

    Handle your man so he wont be out looking for something he is OBVIOUSLY not getting from u. Damn asshole.

    Maybe if u took a bath more often, combed your hair, brush your teeth and do all the other stuff that hoes like Electra do u wouldnt have to fight to keep your man. You smelly BITCH.

    So get the hell off of my back and handle your business.

  17. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:09 PM  

    I knew it, Electra is a home wrecking whore. Why am I not surprised?

  18. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:12 PM  


  19. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:15 PM  

    Annon 1:09 dumb ass Steups aint married.

  20. Mz.D // 2/11/06 1:18 PM  

    What The...?

  21. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:20 PM  

    I know Anon 1:15. The point is I could see Electra being that girl.

  22. MissLady // 2/11/06 1:23 PM  

    Irre Del's page is cute, and fabulous, but.... nobody's posting anything. Where are4 all you guys?

  23. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:24 PM  

    How old are you anyway Electra? You seem a little young with the comments you made. "smelly bitch"

  24. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:30 PM

  25. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:30 PM

  26. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:30 PM

  27. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:36 PM  

    Stop posting that weak ass blog, no one cares about that shit bag.

  28. Anonymous // 2/11/06 1:37 PM  

    I left a comment on Irre's blog this morning, although being that it was so early in the morning I made a mistake and typed "here" instead of "hey"

    Hey there Irre .. Loving the blog!

  29. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 1:38 PM  

    You raggedy muthafucka don't hate because you don't have a blog. WHO are you anywayz? If you're anonymous, you ain't worth my time biatch. As a matter of fact, if you can't show yourself then I won;t even bother you.

  30. Anonymous // 2/11/06 2:10 PM  


  31. Anonymous // 2/11/06 3:10 PM  

    U nasty shit load scrum dick licker. Fuck you motherfucka. I will beat the brakes off you nasty faggot ass.

  32. Anonymous // 2/11/06 3:28 PM  

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  33. NerdNoir // 2/11/06 3:38 PM  

    That picture gave me eye clap...

  34. electra (trinidad) // 2/11/06 4:26 PM  

    Attention all Electra haters and Electra's Judge and Jury:

    Firstly: Electra in not a whore or a home wrecker.

    In all the 20something yrs I have been on the face of this earth I can count on one hand how many men who haved known me (in the Biblical sense) and still have 3 fingers to spare.

    That's right - 2 men. My 1st love and my current love.

    Secondly: Just because I set high moral standards I strive to live by does not make me sanctimonious.

    I have my own views and opinions on how to live MY LIFE just like anyone else. Therefore what I believe in, may not be the same for someone else.

    What u see on this Blog mostly is only Electra JESTING that is all.

    However, when someone tries to back me up against a wall, I do like anyone else and retaliate.

    I came on this Blog to catch up on the latest FOL gossip and happened (luckily)to develop a rapport with a fellow Trini.

    Steups is a wonderful man and any normal woman who gets to know him will develop some clandestine feelings for him.

    So dont go judging me because u all dont know Electra.


  35. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 4:26 PM  

    Hey yall check out my latest article on

    There's some interesting news about Flav.

  36. Alexis907 // 2/11/06 4:44 PM  

    Irresistable D pick yourself up and do your thing as long as you gave 100% then you shouldint have to feel bad thats on him, do you know how hard it is to find a man like you thats his loss.karma karma karma his new boyfreind will never be like you,so dont lose any sleep think of him as someone elses problem now you dont have to woory about him not treating you right thats the other mans problem ya

  37. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 5:13 PM  

    Alexis, thanks sweetie. I really do appreciate the advice. Out of every 100 psychos that come thru here, it's good to know that there are still some sincere people in the world.

  38. Alexis907 // 2/11/06 5:23 PM  

    irre your welcome people like us are rare I know how ya feel.

  39. steups // 2/11/06 5:30 PM  

    why am I the bad guy again?

  40. steups // 2/11/06 5:32 PM  

    Oh snap, now I have to read Irre's blog each time I post so I won't duplicate anything

  41. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 5:33 PM  

    Wha? You're not the bad guy, Steups. You can't help it you're a hopeless hetero, darling. It's my fault, not yours. So how do you like my new blogsite?

  42. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 2/11/06 6:07 PM  

    *sniffs dramatically* I need some more feedback (and regulars) on my blog. GO TO IT NOW BITHCES!

  43. steups // 2/11/06 6:52 PM  

    I like it, but not the color.
    However if that's your fave color I can't complain.

    You need a header picture though

  44. Anonymous // 2/11/06 6:54 PM  

    So is it true that Mon'que is going to host a show called CHARM for the reject Flavorettes?

  45. steups // 2/11/06 7:12 PM  

    dang, I was holding that back for tomorrow.

    Yeah it's apparently true...D-Listed broke that story last month or something

  46. Queen Bitch // 2/11/06 8:26 PM  

    Well too fucking bad for you bitch. Don't blame anyone except yourself. You're too damn slow to post the shit, so they have the exclusive, dumb bitch.

  47. Anonymous // 2/11/06 9:25 PM  

    queen bitch is a hairy drag lookin muhfucka

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