New York get's under the skin of Bootz like silicone implants in this KTmoze video of their confrontation at the Reunion Special.
New York just seems to irritate these women with her corny lines and overblown sass...

New York: "Bootz. Was it Bootz? Because I don't really remember you." Lmao.

New York: "Shut your mouth; open up your ear"

When will these women appreciate that confronting New York does nothing more but give her the platform to shine...
Here's the New York vs the Ladies video.

Video: Kyle


  1. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 30/10/06 4:42 PM  

    HAHAHAHAHA I'm first to comment on THIS one, too! New York is the hottest bitch ever. In the words of her (Fake fat ass twinkie swallowing) manager, she's a "hell-hot human heatrock".

  2. Mz.D // 30/10/06 4:46 PM  

    LMAO @ the look on LaLa's face when the shoe went by.

  3. steups // 30/10/06 4:49 PM  

    What yall think would have happened had the shoe connected?
    I think Buckwild would have garnered some sort of hero status with some people and she would have attracted a lot of publicity.

    She was an inch away from stealing New York's thunder.

  4. hutche // 30/10/06 4:53 PM  

    I know steups, I think that shoe didnt connect becuase it wasnt ment to be. It was fate.

  5. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 30/10/06 4:55 PM  

    Less than an inch, baby. Didn't you see New York's weave swish as it went past? Ha but New York didn't even flinch. That's a tough bitch. Now y'all saw what she did to Pumkin, and that was spit. But throwing a shoe on a $100 weave? Nah that's an ass whoopin'. Steupz I love ya sweetie!

  6. hutche // 30/10/06 4:57 PM  

    MzD. I know LOL

    That look LMAO. It was about o go down.

  7. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 30/10/06 5:11 PM  

    It is SO cute how everyone is so irritable now that we don't have out little Flav fix anymore. Of course I'M not any different because I'm ALWAYS a bitch. But honestly I need some friendly advice! Okay.... so there's this guy. "Rod". I'm really feeling him, hard. But.... he lives 2 hrs. away from me. I'm scared of being hurt, but I think I'm already in love with him. What am I gonna do?

  8. Paris Hilton // 30/10/06 5:26 PM  

    Oh My God guys, New York is like soo hott. She's almost cool enough to hang out with Lindsay Lohan and I. Later bitches! Now, that's hotttt!

  9. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 30/10/06 5:33 PM  

    Bitch you are NOT Paris Hilton. What would she be doing on a FOL blog? I'm one of her fans. But the girl is dumber than a box of rocks, and she would NEVER have been as grammatically correct as to say "Lindsey Lohan and I". Try again, sweetie. I'm too sharp for ya. (Nice link to her website, though. It added a nice touch.)

  10. Porker // 30/10/06 5:57 PM  

    The only way to verify whether or not NY is really that tough is to put her in a cage fight with that chick Coral from MTV... hmmm... I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that Coral would come out on top. Just sayin'.

    As for that weave... I'm not an expert on weaves but I've read that a decent weave costs between $1000 and $2500. Is that true? Just curious.

  11. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 30/10/06 6:06 PM  

    Yes, a DECENT weave does. But that wasn't human hair. Human hair weaves are MUCH more expensive. Saaphyri's weave was imported Indian hair, and costed $800, not including the cost of gettin' it done.

  12. yunson // 30/10/06 6:15 PM  

    I wasnt happy with the reunion show at all, New York is not going to have a hit show, even though Im sure she think she does. Good Luck with your blog steups!

  13. I Love New York (and Janet Jackson) // 30/10/06 6:34 PM  

    I didn't even see Payshintz

    was Payshintz there....

    now Like Dat was there....

    and Hood was there...

    but no sign of Payshintz....

    I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!

  14. Stunt Show // 30/10/06 6:44 PM  

    I Know, I Wanted To See Payshitz But Anywayz I'm About To Go Put That Video On My Page. Ha !

  15. arielle // 30/10/06 6:49 PM  

    bootz and i must be on the same wavelength, because new york's uncomfortably frequent and emphatic cries of "FAAAAAA-bulusssss!!!" gave me a definite drag queen vibe. not to hate on new york or anything, because there's nothing wrong with being fabulous, but i didn't need to hear it repeatedly with that intonation.

    BUT, i WAS terribly impressed with how she totally didn't flinch and even said "that's ok" when the shoe came by. woooowww.

    and actually, irresistable deliscious, the grammatically proper thing to say would have been "lindsay lohan and me," so it's still incorrect and you can still assume it's not Paris. :) (omg i'm such a grammar nerd.)

  16. Bitchum Armegedon // 30/10/06 7:00 PM  


  17. Anonymous // 30/10/06 7:08 PM  

    Everyone just stop arguing........I CAN'T TAKE IT! I SIMPLY CANNOT! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

  18. hutche // 30/10/06 7:45 PM  

    wow that one persn who posted under all tose identitys reeeeeally needs to get a life forreal.

  19. Bootz // 30/10/06 7:58 PM  

    Bitch, you need to get a life. This is the real Bootz, so kiss my booty ass.

  20. Bootz // 30/10/06 8:06 PM  

    That bitch NY got her ass beat my me. NY talkin' a bunch of shit, but I yanked that motherfuckin weave off her head backstage. Fuck that bitch because she tried to put on a front, but everybody called her ass out at the reunion. She's a lying ass bitch and the only thing she is, is a fucking drag queen. Fucking dumb ass bitch New York.

  21. Deelishis // 30/10/06 8:07 PM  

    Bootz, girl let em know! New York didn't touch yo ass.

  22. The BITCH YA'LL LOVE TO HATE! // 30/10/06 8:15 PM  

    It's time for some more drama ya'll. Setups needs to sit his ass down, before I smack a bitch. Let's get this shit started right now, bitch.

  23. Anonymous // 30/10/06 8:19 PM  

    but why would Steupz need to sit down for that?

  24. THE BITCH YA'LL LOVE TO HATE // 30/10/06 8:24 PM  

    Because I said so and whatever the bossy bitch says, you must comply. You can sit the fuck down to bitch. So many bitches, so little time to cuss them all out. BITCH! BITCH!

  25. Anonymous // 30/10/06 8:26 PM  

    you spelled "to" wrong. you should have typed "too"... if you're gonna be a bitch, be a smart bitch.

  26. Anonymous // 30/10/06 8:40 PM  

    that doesn't even make sense. are you on crack?

  27. hutche // 30/10/06 9:08 PM  

    Coral You dont know me like dat.
    Dont get ya ass whooped.
    You aint no Bootz. Bootz was sexy big breasted fiiiine, sexy ass don got me started, but any way you aint her is my point and all these multiple posts are by the same damn person, who ever you are sit yo ignant ass down some where

  28. Bootz // 30/10/06 9:11 PM  

    No, need to sit your motherfucking ass down. You don't want to step up to me, bitch. I'll show you who the bitch is. Now, bring this shit.

  29. Coral Smith // 30/10/06 9:13 PM  

    I'm the biggest bitch around. I thought your dumb ass knew, so step to me, bitch! Do it!

  30. Ru Paul // 30/10/06 9:14 PM  

    I'm fabulous darling....fabulous!

  31. hutche // 30/10/06 9:18 PM  

    See steups and who ever else runs this site. This is what you have to look forward to scince th show is over . There aint much else to talk about till new yorks show comes so you'll get a lot of dumbasses coming to the site. Well one pretending to be many. Its kind of funny though.

  32. Anonymous // 30/10/06 9:35 PM  

    thought you'd love to know, Flava Flav has #7 on the way by someone in Vegas... Deelishis was told by "... girls" (Idk her girls the girls some girls what he said). But anyways he didn't get to tell her first. And worst of all he said she must be pretty special to be carrying his child. Is this the end of him and Deelishis already? It was announced on 106 & Park when he was on today.

    oh and for the record New York was looking JUST like RuPaul with that hair

  33. Anonymous // 30/10/06 9:37 PM  

    oh forgot to add

    he said Krazy is a horrible singer basically too funny

    also that he hated being called foofy but for brigette he took it and their still dear friends or something.

    Im sure they'll replay it soon so be on the look out so you can see it urself!

  34. steups // 30/10/06 9:37 PM  

    walks in (wonders if I am in the right blog) walks out

  35. realitytvlover // 30/10/06 9:52 PM  

    Ahh are these the real girls from flavor of love because I LOVE you all and I love New York and Bootz and Buckeey and Deelishis and all the rest and I LOVE IRRISISTABLY DELISCIOUS's post

  36. steups // 30/10/06 10:07 PM  

    I doubt it reality...the real girls stopped commenting about two weeks ago.

    The last to comment was Nibblz in the "are the girls jealous of Krazy?" post

  37. realitytvlover // 30/10/06 10:19 PM  

    Well will you tell them to get back on

  38. steups // 30/10/06 10:26 PM  

    lmao...I don't have that power.

  39. Anonymous // 30/10/06 10:44 PM  

    wtf@90% of the comments in this thread. are some people off their meds?

  40. Anonymous // 30/10/06 10:45 PM

  41. realitytvlover // 30/10/06 11:02 PM  

    oh lol stepups well anywayz IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS stay fabulous I love your posts keep writing them

  42. Anonymous // 30/10/06 11:08 PM  

    Too much hype! Wasn't what I thought it would be. Flav is nasty tho. He wants all the girls not just London.

  43. hutche // 30/10/06 11:13 PM  

    Ima' ask this again. why in the hell cant you click on those pictures at the top of the site damnit.

  44. Mz.D // 30/10/06 11:20 PM  

    I think the same thing hutche...everytime I come up here...

    LOL....I click on them every once in awhile

  45. Deelishis // 31/10/06 12:21 AM  

    The bitch is back....that's me of course. Lick a cock!

  46. hutche // 31/10/06 12:25 AM  

    Your back? who is you.

  47. Pootang Pie // 31/10/06 12:43 AM  

    That should be who are you? For you information bitch, I'm fat ass Deelishis. That's who the fuck I am, so you really shouldn't question that. Okay? Okay? Yeah, bitch!

  48. Anonymous // 31/10/06 12:58 AM  


  49. Bootz // 31/10/06 1:01 AM  

    Bitch, I don't give a fuck if you were there or not. I tapped that bitch ass and she fucking knows that shit. She's a fake ass bitch just like you and you have some nerve calling me a dumb ass lying ass bitch. You must be talking about yourself, bitch.

  50. hutche // 31/10/06 1:16 AM  

    Heh heh. who ever that is your retarded, but that shit is funny cause that sounds like somethin bootz would say.

  51. Laughin Hard // 31/10/06 2:15 AM  

    (like Flav)

    @ these crazy ass comments, lol

  52. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:01 AM  

    Oh wow man...these comments are just like

  53. GG // 31/10/06 4:34 AM  

    Someone has bidded on Buck Wild's shoe.
    What I noticed is that the bidder isn't rated.
    Basically, whoever bid they have a 0 rating.

  54. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 7:15 AM  

    This is SO wrong! What has happened to the blogspot? I mean, who the fuck let all the crazy people in?? Some of these weird posters make crazy New York look like Condoleeza Rice. Steupz boo what's going on? You got people on here arguing with THEMSELVES, you got bitches taking on Multiple personalities, and some individuals who are under the illusion that she (or HE?) is a multi-million dolar Hotel chain heiress. I mean, what are the odds of Buckeey, Bootz, Deelishus, and Paris Hilton all being on the blogspot at the SAME TIME? Or at all? Where are my REAL blogspot hoes? (JayJay, and Ladybug, and Raven, and Mz.d, and NV, and Porker, and the REAL anon, and Groovy and Steups, arielle, and even ELECTRA! *sniffs and makes kitchen slave fix him some hot cocoa*

  55. cheesemeister // 31/10/06 7:20 AM  

    Those comments definitely got crazy!
    A frightening vision came into my mind.
    Paris Hilton and Flav.
    Nah, I don't think he could tolerate anyone quite that dumb.
    Besides, she'd hog all the attention.
    But they could make a pretty funny unreality show out of it!

  56. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 7:32 AM  

    Irre Del it's beau, noy boo. Dont be calling my beau your boo got that!

    I've been too busy with my beau to Blog.

    Oh and its nice to know u miss that Electra

  57. Anonymous // 31/10/06 7:32 AM  

    Bootz' behavior was so barbaric. I'm pretty sure her and Sapphire are going to end up in jail one of these days. Who knows, maybe Becky can give them some pointers.

  58. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 7:34 AM  

    I mean not instead of noy. U see the effect u have on me when u mess with mines? Dont do it again.

  59. Anonymous // 31/10/06 8:02 AM  

    did anyone see 106th and park yesterday? flav was on there and he says that he's expecting a child from a woman in las vegas (not deelishis)!

  60. TML_Fan // 31/10/06 8:21 AM  

    Now Dats some Bull**** Right thurr

  61. Krishonda // 31/10/06 8:49 AM  

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about all those crazy comments last night. I was so hoping they would leave.... but they didn't.
    *sad face*

    any who, I feel lost knowing the show isn't on anymore. Steupz, hopefully you can dig up some dirt every once and a while. ; )

  62. Anonymous // 31/10/06 9:02 AM  

    Good morning everyone,

    Smooches to all my fol addicts. Irri baby, I missed you.... where da heck have you been? Stueps, whats wit the new dish???? I need a fix soon, or I am gonna turn into one of these people who start talking to themselves. hehehehe. Keep me posted cause I gots to work now, *sobs* At least they pay me well enough that I am willing to split with yas for a few hours.

    Ta ta for now,
    Unique A.K.A datellecash

  63. nvisdngerus // 31/10/06 9:16 AM  

    Morning all

    WHAT THE HELL happened and who the hell are all of these MP's arguing with themselves are you serious??? anywho hi and Hugs to the regulars

  64. Mz.D // 31/10/06 10:40 AM  

    I think its the same person from yesterday in the other topic....

    looks like theyre having fun

  65. Porker // 31/10/06 10:42 AM  

    Awww... Irre Delish...its nice to see you've noted my absence :) The crazy Paris Hilton person scared me away - yeah, I'm easily frightened.

    Haven't got much to say now that the show's over... *bursts into tears* ...but I'm consoling myself with the thought of a FoL3.

    Still waiting for Steups to get us a taste of Hottie's new single... no pressure...
    Oh, and I hope Krazy chokes (just thought I'd throw that in for good measure).

  66. steups // 31/10/06 10:52 AM  

    Funny you mentioned that....where is that single?
    And I hope ,in the end, when people search on Google for "bitch-ass cooter" these comments pay off

    Groovy will be along in a minute to post something but she has to take the kids to school or something...

    She says she has some picture that may prove New York is a reality television fraud...I am waiting as everyone else

  67. Anonymous // 31/10/06 11:29 AM  

    Mz.D and Irre check your myspace and Steupz check your email

  68. Trinity // 31/10/06 11:42 AM
    Sumtin *SP?* on Date My Mom..

  69. Anonymous // 31/10/06 11:46 AM  

    You all are so stupid on this web site. Listen to yourselves "It's not that deep" "pull-up because you guys are in way to deep."

    Stop all of this foolishness!! Flavor got the money and he's now gone. the dummy if she thinks she got the prize. This goof-ball idiot has another baby #7 on the way.. If I was those girls Delish and New York I would request a HIV test immediatley.

    Delish.. I hear is still dating this clown she's a damn desperate
    wanna-a-be losers. Girl stop selling yourself cheap and get yourself together.

  70. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 12:15 PM  

    Electra, bitch are you fucking crazy? I'll call WHO I want WHAT I want to, WHEN I want to, dumb ass. Try and stop me. He may be your "beau" , but TRUST he's MY "boo". Accept that shit.

  71. Mz.D // 31/10/06 12:18 PM I just got done watching the rerun of 106th and Park with Flav

    AND ...........

    It was interesting.

    But I must say...why did Flav have on a leather Nascar race jacket with Viagra ALLLL OVER IT!!!!

    LOL...that was funny

    then ....they asked him some questions but the one that stood out the most was when they asked him was Deelishis and him still together....HE DIDNT Answer the question...all he said was that he hasnt had a chance to kick it with her because of the contracts...and then he stated that the contracts said they couldnt see each other until the show was over....but the show is over....sooooo...

    anywho...then Terrance mentioned the reunion show...dont remember what he said about wasnt anything important.

    theyre playing this game called Flavor/No Flavor or something like that..Flav had to answer the questions with Flavor/No Flavor

    1. Krazy singing
    - No Flavor

    2. NY Kisses
    - Flavor

    3. Foo Fee Foo Fee (Bridgette's Nickname for Flav)
    - No Flavor

    4. Hoopz and then Deelishis
    - FLAVOR !!!!!!!!!!!

    then a little later

    Terrance asks Flav if Rocsi was on the show what would he name her

    - Legz

    Later on ....They ask for a sample from the album...

    Flav raps a song from his album (didnt sound too bad) and then he doesnt stop...LOL....Rocsi had to stop him telling him to save some for the album...

    and thats about it...

    sorry so long...

  72. steups // 31/10/06 12:35 PM  

    and that was mzd reporting from New York...
    In other news, President Bush says he is still committed to staying the course..

  73. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 12:43 PM  

    STEUPS! Hey BOO! How you doin??

  74. steups // 31/10/06 12:51 PM  

    pretty good...though a migraine has threatened to kill me

  75. Anonymous // 31/10/06 12:53 PM  

    Mz. D that was filmed before the reunion show so he was bound by contract

  76. steups // 31/10/06 12:58 PM  

    Yeah but he lies a lot...he said he had nothing to do with New York's Show

  77. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 12:58 PM  

    why do you keep having migraines sweetheart? I bet it's all Electra's fault. Let me make it better.

  78. steups // 31/10/06 1:00 PM  

    You'd probably have to swallow my entire head to make it better.......

    Oh-ohhhh, lmao.

  79. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 1:05 PM  

    Oooh trust me Steupz, that can be arranged. Your.....ummm, "head" would dissapear like Buckwild after New York returned to he house.

  80. Mz.D // 31/10/06 1:16 PM  

    I thought that 106th and Park was a live show...and this was yesterday's show (monday)....I dont know

    it just seemed to me that Flav was beating around the bush

  81. Mz.D // 31/10/06 1:17 PM  

    *blinks* this convo between steups and Irr D

  82. steups // 31/10/06 1:28 PM  

    You'd need the collapsible jaw of a snake to take this head; trust.

  83. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 1:33 PM  

    Not if I don't have a gag reflex, boo-boo. I'm am expert snake handler. TRUST. (oooh the blog has gone suddenly X-rated.)

  84. Groovy Noodles // 31/10/06 1:35 PM  

    Oh. My. God. My virgin eyes.

    This is a really good time for me to go do Halloween stuff with my kids...

  85. ~*~IRRE DEL~*~ // 31/10/06 1:37 PM  

    lmao @ Groovy, but steupz knows he can get it.

  86. Groovy Noodles // 31/10/06 1:38 PM  

    I'm sure he does, Irre. But I don't need to know this shit. LMAO!!

    *secretly glad I clicked into the Flavor of Porn blog today*

  87. steups // 31/10/06 1:41 PM  

    Well, not having a gag reflex is good on the way down; but my head has been known to stick coming out.

  88. Mz.D // 31/10/06 1:42 PM  

    who is Mercedes?...I just got an invitation to this FOL message board

  89. Groovy Noodles // 31/10/06 1:46 PM  

    Mz d, if it's the same Mercedez I know, she's commented here before. She's a sweetheart. :)

  90. Mz.D // 31/10/06 1:49 PM  

    okeydokey...I guess I'll be supportive and sign up...

  91. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 1:49 PM  

    disgusting just disgusting.

    Steups (honey, sweetbread) now that u have done your good deed for the day, quit your pity playing and call me.

  92. Anonymous // 31/10/06 2:02 PM  

    WOW I walk away for all of an hour and this place has gone porn * lmao * dont know Steupz Iree might be too much for you lol

  93. Sara // 31/10/06 2:07 PM  

    New York is half as attractive as the majority of the drag queens I've met or seen (really, calling her a drag queen is an insult to drag queens). She's in the bottom tier of amateur drag queens...maybe. God, she's frightening. As for Payshintz, I assume she stayed in Hong Kong.

  94. Groovy Noodles // 31/10/06 2:15 PM  

    And on a totally unrelated side-note...

    To the class act that has tried to send me the same damn virus 8 times (and yes, I know who you are)...

    Dude. I have a Mac. It won't work. Macs cannot get viruses. Watch the commercials. Try another tactic. I'm up for the challenge, but this one has gotten boring. Seriously. Give up the virus thing.

    And on that happy note, I'm off to do the school party thing. I'll try to write my post today, but it might be late. Y'all have a great Halloween!

    *blows kisses on the way out*

  95. Mz.D // 31/10/06 2:32 PM  

    HUH?....who?...whats going on?...Whos sending viruses?..

    oh dear.

  96. ~*~IRR DEL~*~ // 31/10/06 2:38 PM  

    PITY play? Bitch PLEASE.. there is NOTHING going on with yall. Steupz wants me! And I don't care if it gets stuck, steupz. Let it stay in.

  97. steups // 31/10/06 2:40 PM  

    Macs cannot get viruses

    Famous last words?

  98. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 2:51 PM  

    Whatever will make u sleep at night clown. We know better. Its none of your damn business what's going on between us.

  99. ashley // 31/10/06 2:52 PM  

    lol...thats funny

    on a FOL note: when does the DVD come out? I bet there wont be too many extras in there though. They could make a killing if they showed EVERYTHING that happened on the show. I mean they film for 24 hrs a day, and we watch like 12 hrs total. I bet there was some funny shit that went down (other than somethin shittin on the floor). Talk to VH1 and get us some info. I feel so incomplete.

  100. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 4:01 PM  

    Electra you and Flav are the only clowns found on THIS blog, bitch. The jokes on you if you think steupz is really into you. So Electra (trailer park) you can kiss my gorgeous evenly toned black ass. I'd wear FLANNEL before I let you have my baby Steupz. *quickly checks all the posts/comments on this blog* Umm.... sorry, but I don't think he ever threw a sexual inuendo at YOU. That was obvious flirtation.He was giving me hot peaches. Accept the fact that even though I'm a MAN, I'm prettier than you, you $1.39 whore.

  101. Porker // 31/10/06 4:09 PM  

    *laughs @ Groovy's "Flavor of Porn" comments*

    Gee willikers, this conversation is leaving a bad taste in my mouth... pun intended.

    About Hottie's single Steups, I read about it on her website (yes, that in itself is unhealthy). I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I think its called "My man, my mansion, my money" (or something like that - I'm too lazy to go back and check). I'm sure its gonna be SWEET. Everytime I click on the link for it, nothing comes up... the suspense is killing me.

    Irri, honey, you're seriously making me blush... get a room you two. Take care of business. hehe.

  102. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 4:10 PM  

    It doesnt matter because I am on the phone with him RIGHT NOW. So rant on, rant on CLOWN

  103. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 4:13 PM  

    By d way when he gets off, my steups said he will and address u on the Blog idiot.

  104. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:15 PM  


  105. steups // 31/10/06 4:22 PM  

    Electra isn't too happy about the way you've addressed her, Irri. She wants me to talk to you, lol.

  106. steups // 31/10/06 4:24 PM  

    Irri, let's hug it out.

    Maybe you should try to ignore Electra before she commands me to choose.

  107. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:27 PM  


  108. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 4:28 PM  

    I'll only hug you, not that she-wolf. And she doesn't HAVE to command you to choose, because I DO. Right here, right now,once and for all. I'll say whatever the fuck I want to, because I'm not scared of Electra, other than her face and her nasty ass breath. Bitches breath probably stink so bad, she can't HELP but talk shit. Tell me, can you smell it over the phone Steupz? Talk about burning up minutes! If Electra wants to bring that shit down to the NC and handle it like the gentlemen we are, we can. I'll glady walk the dog on her tired ass.

  109. steups // 31/10/06 4:29 PM  

    Irri, you have jealous ways and I can't deal with that.
    We spoke about it Irri. I can't deal with jealous ways.

  110. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 4:34 PM  

    steups said...
    Irri, you have jealous ways and I can't deal with that.
    We spoke about it Irri. I can't deal with jealous ways

    Can you guys fucking believe this? I'm NOT jealous, I just want her to understand that she gets in the way of things. But.... are you throwing hints nigga? Because I'll leave, it's fine with me. But don't diss me because of my personality. Me acting this way is proof that I'm really down wit you. And Anonymous you can call me a loonatic bitch from hell I don't give a fuck b/c I don't even KNOW you let alone care about what you say. Carpet munching dike.

  111. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:42 PM  

    *sits back and watches clocking ceremony*

  112. steups // 31/10/06 4:42 PM  

    Irri....where are you going? I am not throwing any hints.

    And I don't want a hundred people emailing me because I chased you away.

  113. Queen Bitch // 31/10/06 4:42 PM  

    First of all, I'm not jealous of you bitches, because I am the best. Second of all, you guys are starting drama within the board so don't bring me into it. Last, but certainly not fucking least, keep my motherfucking name out of your bitch ass mouth. Got me? If you don't then you'll be dealt with accordingly.

  114. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 4:43 PM  

    No I'll leave because I've noticed that I am out of place on this Blog.

    Its not my fault God made me beautiful and men are attracted to me all the time.

    Its not my fault that females (and homos I've noticed) feel threatened by my presence.

    So before this gets nasty (I hate nasty) I will depart.

    Steups honey, thanks. Lovin u always (we'll talk).

  115. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:46 PM  

    Da hell! Electra, where you going you cant leave either, you and Irre have to kiss and make up NOW DAMNIT!

  116. Mz.D // 31/10/06 4:47 PM  



    Thats So Sweet !!!!!!!!!


  117. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 4:50 PM  

    Pleaze I wouldn't kiss that hoe. Steupz needs them, and they would MOS DEF fall off If I did so. Shit Let Electra leave. Weak ass bitch. And dumb, too. How can she say I'm threatened by her presence. She's not PRESENT. I don't know about yall, but all I see is a damn computer screen. Electra, I'm here, I'm QUEER, and I ain't going NO muthafucking where ya heard? As for the self-proclaimed "Queen Bitch".... I'M the Queen Bitch in this muthafuggah. I don't know WHO you are, but unless you wanna learn who I am you betta back the fuck off. Crazy Bitch.

  118. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:51 PM  

    Lmao@ how this is getting so just entertaining. I guess this is what shall keep us posted until we get more news about FOL

    and lmao!@ MZ D saying awww we hate you too

    This is so hilarious I think I'd go into labor early

    BTW Steups I'm so sad you don't want to be my friend no more:-(

    And Irr Del. if you wondering who B.A is on myspace that's me *blushes*

  119. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 4:52 PM  

    This shit is pissing me off in the worst way. Electra I don't know if you speak all that bullshit because you think it hurts my feelings, but.... I really do have sincere feelings for this man and that's why I can't stand you. It's all a fucking game to you, right? Well I'm NOT playing.

  120. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:53 PM  

    Oh gosh I'm not in the arguement but Irr you just turned me on! I love it when you talk dirty lol

  121. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 4:53 PM  

    Fuck u Irr Del.

  122. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:55 PM  

    Irre baby calm down, you told me to calm down yesterday so youdo the same talk to me how was your day going post word war

    I think I have the solution ok we have 7 days out of a week mon, wed, and friday Electra you have Steupz and tuesday Thursday and Saturday is all yours Irre Sunday the man can rest is that better

    Hey Mz. D * waving*

  123. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:55 PM  

    ok wow i thought yall were playing are yall serious?

  124. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:56 PM  

    ladybug you have been missing, Hiya

  125. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:56 PM  

    Yeah NV i thought they were playing too...hopefully they are

  126. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:57 PM  

    aw shucks! heller dear!
    i've been busy w/all the OB visits and planning my baby shower ahead of time cause i'm a lazy cow so it's gonna take me months to do it lol

  127. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:57 PM  

    I sure hope so .... waiting for an answer

  128. Anonymous // 31/10/06 4:58 PM  

    ladybug when are you due?

  129. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:58 PM  

    I've been waiting on a answer from Steups for like 2wks now if he's mad at me or something :-(

  130. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 4:58 PM  

    NV I don't share. What would I look like sharing him? That hoe Electra has more crabs than Long John Silvers. They be bungey jumping from her tampons strings like

    "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Look at ME!!"

    Electra is an attention whore and she's using Steupz AND me for just that purpouse. I'm falling for her bull$hit and letting her get to me. Fuck that shit.

  131. Ladybug // 31/10/06 4:59 PM  

    Lol..I'm due between March & April. but the fact I never planned my pamper shower that was supposed to be in 2wks...says alot about me right now so I'll just plan the red shower right now cause I'm just pathetic

  132. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:00 PM  

    And NO, I swear to Louis Vuitton I'm not playing. I really, honest to god have true, noble feelings for Steups. It's not a joke!

  133. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:00 PM  

    Well if it helps I still love you Irre!!!

  134. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:01 PM  

    well ok I understand but dont let it bother you Irre you are a great person and from the post Electra makes ( besides to you ) she seems nice too I just think it may be you have feelings for the man I dont know where she stands but I am sure you two can talk this out, that is if you want to ....

  135. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 5:04 PM  

    Yeh u think u bad because u have a foul mouth but that's all u have, u have no substance.

    Calling me dumb because I dont want to act like you and degrade myself.

    You give all homos a bad name. As a matter of fact u give all humans a bad name.

    Anyway u are not important. Steups is important and d only reason I was leaving its because of all the email.

    However, I am not going to let u run me off just because u cant get your way, am sorry, I mean u cant get the man.

    So live with it becaue Electra is still in the mother f*&$ing house.

  136. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:04 PM  

    OH Irre well i apologize I seriously thought you were joking about Steupz ( dont ask me why i thought you were joking cause I damn sure dont know ) but I did maybe you and Electra can respect each other in that regard yall bothlike him ( if she does I dont even know if she is serious) irregardless I want both of you to stay

    Ladybug you need a spanking lol waiting till the last min.

  137. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:05 PM  

    I love you too Ladybug. And you too NV. Y'all are true friends and I'm glad y'all understand. There is no feeling worse than loving somebody who loves someone else. I just feel so stupid.... but the thing that draws me to steups is the fact that I KNOW what I'm feeling is for real. Usually I'm attracted to somebody for thier physical appearance. But I don't even know what he looks like, and for the first time in my life I don't CARE. Perhaps I just need to shake it off and have mixed drink slave fix me something tangy. Drink, anyone?

  138. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:07 PM  

    Love you too babe yeah I could go for a drink... something strong... very strong

  139. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:13 PM  

    Honey please nobody could go for a drink like I could right now! Lol

    Yes NV I know shame on me.tsk tsk

    Dang Electra why the hostility like that against gay people?

  140. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:13 PM  

    I'm not all mouth bitch. And I don't think I'm bad. I KNOW that mothafucking shit, aiight? You say I don't have substance but I'm deeper than you will ever know. And I can show you exactly how solid my FIST is. Nah I wouldn't even punch your silly ass. I'd chop you in the damn throat and watch you choke. I don't give ANYBODY a bad name, becuase I represent GeRon Lafeyette Turner and ONLY me. I may not be perfect, and I have a mouth from hell, yeah I'm the first to admit that shit but guess what? This is ME bitch. Any respect I had for you is as DEAD as the skin on your dry ass coochie. Your playing with my heart and my emotions, don't you see that shit? You make me out to be the villain all the time, but you KNOW you don't care about him like I do, and yet you insist on shoving your relationship with him in my face. So FUCK you Electra, and I mean that shit from the bottom of my muthafucking heart.

  141. Mz.D // 31/10/06 5:15 PM  



    Hey NV

  142. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:17 PM  

    lol did she say oooo babies? got that Itch mz.D?

  143. steups // 31/10/06 5:17 PM  


  144. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:18 PM  

    Whoa nobody can be the villian or a crazy bitch here except those ppl with the mult personalities that are off their meds.

  145. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 5:19 PM  

    Oh Irre Del, u are serious. I thought u were joking all d time.

    Well truth be told I feel for steups too(I am very serious)and I only throw things in your face because u always trying to insult me.

    So I am sorry. I will stop if u will stop

  146. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:20 PM  

    Since steups is here...what do you have to say about this? Can't you stop it?

  147. steups // 31/10/06 5:21 PM  

    Can we discuss Flav's baby or other such topics of National importance?

  148. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:21 PM  

    Electra I personally thought you were serious as well to say homo's and a disgrace to humanity.Are you sure you thought he was joking?

  149. Mz.D // 31/10/06 5:21 PM  

    I LOVE BABIES!!!!!!....


    when theyre not crying

  150. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:22 PM  

    That was very mature of you Electra. The part that stings is that it looks like you'll be the one to get him. I think I'm in love with him. And I always did have a "queer eye" for the str8 guys. This will only stop if we get to the bottom of it. Steups, do you love Electra?

  151. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:22 PM  

    Well yeah sure Steups we can talk about how Babies R US lost the password and information for my baby registry.Or if Flav would actually try to get back w/NY if she does she's stupid ain't that much love in the world

  152. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:24 PM  

    Lol Mz D they are quite cute are'nt they!. w/the exception of crying cept it can be a cute cry like ohh thats adorable!*blushes*

  153. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:26 PM  

    correction. There IS that much love in the world.

  154. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:27 PM  

    well yeah perhaps your right i can believe it irre

  155. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:27 PM  

    so Irre youthink she should take him back if he comes back after he fucked and dissed her not once but TWICE

  156. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:28 PM  

    Lol garsh NV that was so direct! There may be that much love in the world, but if she does she'd be kind of silly to me but love makes you do some crazy thing even if you are NY

  157. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:30 PM  

    How can I put this? I know what she feels like because I get burned by Steups and Electra on a daily. But true love never dies. Once you give your heart to someone you can't take it back.And when you search for something your entire life, you can't just let if go once you've found it! If you know in your heart that a certain person is THE ONE, and you know that NO OTHER PERSON can make you feel that way, then you'd do anything in your power to get him/her. Steupz could diss me a million times and it wouldn't change how I felt.

  158. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:30 PM  

    sorry ladybug lol I am straight no chaser when I talk lol but if she was to do that she is a better woman than me hell she was a better woman than me for coming back

  159. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 5:33 PM  

    Yeh ladybug I was joking. I dont have any problem with people's sexual preferences. In fact gay guys makes the best friends.

  160. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:33 PM  

    well Irre I see your point but there is a thin line between being in love and being a fool so where do we draw the line?

  161. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:35 PM  

    Good question. Am I a fool? Or am I in love? If I AM indeed a fool, then..... shit I look damn good doing it.

  162. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:36 PM  

    lol I was not talking about you boo I meant NY lol you knew that

  163. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:36 PM  

    Oh Irre I got teary eyed, that made me think of my baby dad...that ol cow did so much I had to get a restraining order.But I still loved him.Even though over nite he's telling some girl he's in love w/her all over myspace & then tells me he does'nt he loves me it's weird we'll talk about it some other time but I understand what you mean and say now

    Yea Nv lmao no it was like I hit the publish ur comment & all I saw was the word fucked but shoot yeah man she better than me cause somebody like me? would've been hell no

    Oh to Electra..did'nt know until now

    AND YES IRRE you look damn good doing it..well typing it cause I can't see you lol. But you turned me on hehe

  164. Mz.D // 31/10/06 5:36 PM  

    LMAO @ Maury right now...

    Dressed up as Flav....hes so silly

  165. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:37 PM  

    I know you was talking about New York sweetie. I was actually asking your opinion. Am I a fool?

  166. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:38 PM  

    ladybug your baby daddy... girl you need to add me to your myspace so we can talk lol

  167. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:39 PM  

    LOL Ladybug you are so silly ma-ma. "That ol' cow". That line was just priceless. But yeah, men are assholes, aren't they? It's like when they hurt you, you love 'em more, because you think it's your own fault, and you wonder what it is you're doing wrong. Girl I could speak on this situation ALL DAY do you hear me?

  168. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:44 PM  

    If you're wasting so much time, ANONYMOUS, why don't you do something that will benefit society? Like..... oh I don't know, PLAY IN TRAFFIC? Don't call me a muthafucking fool if you don't know me. And you DON'T. You are SO not in this conversation. This ones for the popular kids, and on this blog, you're a smelly gothic kid with braces and acne. Invisible ass bitch.

  169. Mz.D // 31/10/06 5:44 PM  

    I feel a little Waiting To Exhale coming on...

    IM BERNICE...or BERNADINE!!...whatever that heffa's name was

    she was a bad one...

  170. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:45 PM  

    I dont think you are a fool I honestly think you love the man or have some type of feelings for him HOWEVER you know he is a straight male so gettingupset with any female he may be attracted to or vice versa is like running a race in the Special Olympics... do you really want the Gold?... because if you win it what does that say ...nothing except you are an exceptional retard in the regard he does not like men in that manner and we both know this I wont tell you to stop loving him but I will tell you to look for love elsewhere instead having your heart stuck on a man you cant have you said your unrequitted (sp) love hurts

  171. steups // 31/10/06 5:45 PM  

    anon speaks sense...let's all leave and return in November

  172. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:48 PM  

    steupz now you talking nonsense us "popular kids" as irre put it like it here shooting the breeze

  173. Porker // 31/10/06 5:49 PM  

    Lol Mz.D... I saw Maury this morning. He looked like an ass but I still laughed.

    Irri... I remember you mentioning something about your love interest "ROD"... is Rod actually Steups? I'm confused.

  174. Ladybug // 31/10/06 5:50 PM  

    Man I'm not a stick-lar for argueing but Anonymous SHUT THE FUCK UP! just when everything is calm you try to ruin it

    Oh yes Irre I hear you on that speak on it baby!!

    Steups but november is tomorrow????

    Shoot yeah NV add me on there
    I'm going to get ready & take the day care kids trick a treating! Yall have fun!

  175. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:51 PM  

    WOW NV that makes sense. A lot actually.But I hope y'all don't think I'm a fat cheeto eater who never gets offline. HELL NAH. I can get men. I DO get men. You should see my Fly ass stop the show when i hit up the clubs. ANYWAYZ: Steups, you like all the attention, don't ya? You really DON'T care about me at all do ya? And yet you're flattered that I'm crazy about you. I haven't felt this stupid since my mom forced me to wear a polyester shirt on kindergarten pictue day. *cringes at the thought and shudders* Thanks for the advice ma-ma.

  176. Mz.D // 31/10/06 5:52 PM  

    Hey Porker...




    I gotta go...

    Mr. D getting all grumpy about the dinner stuff...

    I outta tell his lazy azz to go fix his own dinner...shoot

    [new york] I RUN THIS !!! [new york]

    oh well...
    I'll be back...before nov.

  177. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:53 PM  

    Oh, and Porker you have great memory! How deliscious. Me and Rod are still kickin' it. But in the back of my mind, I still wanna get to know steupz. If givin' the choice between spending a day with Rod or Chillin' in New York with Steupz for a while, I'd MOS DEF pick the latter.

  178. Anonymous // 31/10/06 5:54 PM  

    you welcome baby and I am sure you can get a man boo I have seen your pics wit yo fly ass WORK IT !!!! lmao

    on a side note ~da hell up wit myspace???

  179. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 5:54 PM  

    Steups u are so funny. November is tomorrow.

    Yeh and Irre Del good one u sure told annon 5:40 ass

    Oh and I am really really sorry you are hurting right now (for real).

  180. ~*~IRRESISTABLE DELISCIOUS~*~ // 31/10/06 5:58 PM  

    What you mean what's wrong with Myspace? I'm not on there at the moment. And...... thank you Electra. I'll just drink dinner and everything will be fine. Massage Slave will make it all better. For what it's worth.... I guess I WAS pretty jealous ma-ma. And that kind of thing NEVA happens. I mean, you pulled him without even really trying. So congratulations. If you do love him, then who am I to step in between y'all? ( THE HBIC, that's who. LOL J/K)

  181. steups // 31/10/06 5:59 PM  

    Alright, we are stopping comments for tonight until Groovy's next post.

    Not because I think anything is becoming heated or whatever; but it's like 200+ posts here and we should give it a rest.

    My guess is some people might read this and not understand we are just cool here.

  182. Ladybug // 31/10/06 6:00 PM  

    I had to come back and tell Irre he had a good 1 about being in kindergarden w/ a polyester shirt...

    Ok foreal now I'm goin to take the kids. And myspace been trippin for days NV but dont forget to add !!! KISSES

  183. steups // 31/10/06 6:00 PM  

    Oh, y'all stopped arguing?
    Well let's talk then...who was it mentioned Toys r Us?

  184. Ladybug // 31/10/06 6:01 PM  

    I did steups!! I said babies r us..but i was supposed to leave a long time ago was'nt i? ok bye

  185. Anonymous // 31/10/06 6:01 PM  

    Steupz they been stop fighting silly

    Irre I have been trying to add ladybug for 5 mins it wont let me some error

  186. Ladybug // 31/10/06 6:02 PM  

    Well nv i'm on irre's list under B.A w/ a purple tank on try it that way..ok bye lmao

  187. Anonymous // 31/10/06 6:03 PM  

    ok leave girl lol

  188. Queen Bitch // 31/10/06 6:13 PM  

    Well, Irresistable Delicious, let me just tell you that you don't run a goddamn thing and you need to stop pointing the finger, because I'm not afraid of you. Nobody's afraid of you. Just because you sit up here having an attitude doesn't mean that anyone's going to take what you're saying into consideration. Bitch, I run the shit around this motherfucker, so you need to understand that shit. Bitch, don't even get me started. The Queen Bitch has arrived up in this motherfucker.

  189. Anonymous // 31/10/06 6:16 PM  

    Are we back to these medicated ass psychotic ass manic depresed ass motherfuckers again, someone plese get there mentally retaded sibling playing on an adult blog *fucking bad ass kids *

  190. Anonymous // 31/10/06 6:21 PM  

    yeh your 23 right whatever stupd ass hoes i swear

    ladybug ma i gotta get through fort knox to add you lol

  191. Ladybug // 31/10/06 6:40 PM  

    ok wow..i have'nt left to take them yet..but just wow

    anyways uh dang that's messed up nv is it saying I don't exist or something?? cause i'm there grrr!How about I link it as my website and you try then..if not leave yours on aim and i'll just try to find you lmao

  192. Mz.D // 31/10/06 6:43 PM  

    I tried to add you as a friend LadyBug but....I dont know your last name ...or your email....


  193. Anonymous // 31/10/06 7:31 PM  

    dang in' this blog about the FLavor of love shows? what's with all this drama up in here for now reason. ya'll need to calm downnn...and tell me what in the hell buckwild was tryin to prove talkin 'bout "STEP TO THIS BITCH< IM BUCKWILD BITCH" durin teh reunion. aint nobody tryin to worry about her. lmao

  194. electra (trinidad) // 31/10/06 7:35 PM  

    I love this Blog it helps to relieve my stress.

  195. datellecash // 31/10/06 8:09 PM  

    Hi, I am back! okay for those of you who thought I was someone else this morning.... haha jokes on you. I am a nobody, why imitate my tag? okay, iri hun, don't be sad, I guess stueps is the new flav, hehehehe. Whats up baby? * winking at stuepz* boy I am gonna start somethin now. okay, stueps, I heard a rumor that Dee and Flav are in splitsville again. Can you check into that for me?

    love you all,

  196. Ladybug // 31/10/06 8:40 PM  

    Congratulations Queen Bitch!! You just made yourself look like an ass :-) way to go kiddo!!!Apparently your dillusional I have no idea what your talking about & to be honest I don't care! Have a blessed week

    Moving along..dang man I wonder whats up with adding me but I'll add you Mz D

  197. Ladybug // 31/10/06 9:15 PM  

    and you want me and everyone else to argue with you because??

  198. Anonymous // 31/10/06 9:24 PM  

    I heard bootz had a gang bang video out on the net. Any links?

  199. Anonymous // 31/10/06 9:26 PM  

    Irres Del,

    No disrespect intended, but you are being a fool for love. And some times that's the worst kind of fool. If he doesn't want you, let it go. Trust me.


    been there before

  200. Anonymous // 31/10/06 9:45 PM  

    Yo Does Anyone Have The Link To The Gangbang Video Of Boots That The Other Anonymous Asked About

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