Sorry about not posting anything last weekend but I had to waste time on my own life for a change.
But, we are ready to resume normal service and get inquisitive about the lives of our favorite Flavor of Love Girls.

Remember last week no one knew New York's true name, well we still don't; but at least it has been proved that the New York My Space I linked you is a complete fake. Whomever that person is she is doing a great trade impersonating New York because of the free promotion she earned for her e-commerce website Celeb Replicas.
As you may recall, Celeb Replicas proposed selling knock-offs of the latest designer wear of Christian Dior, Vera Wang, Gucci, Jovani and Versace.flavor of love baby bib
But if that doesn't succeed the fake New York also has a commercial enterprise from Cafe Express where you can buy a Flavor of Love baby bib for $9.

Pumkin is keeping a low profile, still fooling herself that she behaved with class on the Reunion Show and somehow justified her spitting on New York. But who cares; if she's happy and New York is over it, then it's all good. Here is a photo of Pumkin and her lover at a recent party...
pumkin flavor of love and girlfriend

And Hoopz has been buzzing around the party circuit, she got what she wanted and Flava Flav's media star is still rising so that's all good too.

As you can tell I am struggling for Flavor of Love news so I better end it here before I get a brain aneurysm, but not before I alert you to...

1) Video of Hoopz getting crunked
2)MediaTake-out has reported that Flava Flav and New York may have a new reality television show of their own
3) The same, less than reputable site, also has an interview with Pumkin (Brooke Thompson) where they apparently asked her if she had 'relations' with Nicole Hoopz Alexander

Update: I'll have a bumper update tomorrow or perhaps later tonight with lots more pictures of Hoopz and Serious, including footage or links to footage of Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander on BET's 106 & Park.
And, if that isn't enough I had a brief email swap with someone purporting to be Hoopz and she promised to write a comment or two and have it posted. We'll see how that goes, but don't hold your breath.


  1. Anonymous // 10/4/06 1:34 PM  

    According to Wikipedia New Yorks real name is Tiffany Patterson

  2. Anonymous // 10/4/06 4:48 PM  

    and we all know that's always accurate.

  3. Anonymous // 10/4/06 6:06 PM  


  4. Anonymous // 10/4/06 6:07 PM  

    That video of hoopz is extra funny

  5. Anonymous // 10/4/06 6:51 PM  

    try to post it tonight please

  6. Anonymous // 11/4/06 12:46 AM  

    1.) i don't know how many times i've watched that video just for the few seconds that hoopz is turned around on the steps. good gawd.
    2.) that site uses NY's fake name. don't know if that's credible.
    3.) do you mean an interview by pumkin (and courtney) not hoopz? disturbing, from what i have been able to listen to. courtney sounds dominating, barely letting pumkin talk. "go ahead sweetie"??? when the interviewer was asking her. i didn't get to the part about her sleeping with hoopz (eww at the thought). crappy shit.


  7. steups // 11/4/06 10:49 AM  

    yes, thanks for the correction Olivia. I made a shitload of errors in that post.

    And you don't have to sign Olivia at the end, we pretty much know you by now. Ha.

  8. Anonymous // 11/4/06 7:17 PM  

    I can't get the Pumkin interview to fully download!! I want to know, did she sleep with Hoopz? Did she have sex with Flavor Flav? I want all the juicy details, dammit! Someone fill me in?!?

    By the way, I personally come here everyday to see if you have written something. This is the best!

  9. Anonymous // 11/4/06 10:23 PM  

    no, pumkin said they were just friends even though hoopz is pretty.


  10. Anonymous // 12/4/06 2:30 AM  

    The best way to hear the pumkin interview is to NOT click on the play button at the site....instead, double click on the pic of pumkin and her will open a window to the site were the interview is stored. It plays well from there. : )

    Oh, the Hoopz video was actual a promo for the reggaeton (however they spell it) mix. That's why it's not all that....but Hoopz is! ;) (sorry my opinion)

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