Just to let you know, this site is losing popularity fast and that's unacceptable.
Would it hurt you to visit once in a while? Uh?
I really do appreciate your readership you know so show a blogger some love why don't ya?

Okay, enough begging. I found a couple more websites that seem to be legitimately owned by Hoopz and Serious but we have to investigate their authenticity a bit more before I mislead you as I have done in the past.
Speaking of legitimate and legal issues; Red Oyster -a friend of mine, I think- alerted me to her website's claim to be in receipt of a lawyer's letter from the attorney representing New York.
The letter cites the unauthorized use of New York's name to peddle products; specifically that Celeb Replica site selling Fendi, Versace, Jovani and Vera Wang knock-offs.

All I have to say is New York is really keeping silent which leads me to speculate that she has some definite possibilities brewing and does not need any extra publicity.
New York, if you are reading this, email me at steupz at gmail dot com for the simple reason that I love you.

More of New York later, but let's focus on Serious (real fake name Cristal) for a bit.
The girl looks seriously sexy in her photos and as we saw in the Reunion Show she has quite the personality too. I hope the producers of Flavor of Love Season 2 ask her to re-apply. And while I am asking, I wish they too would contact me, just because.
Anyway, have a look at Cristal Serious Steverson's sexy pictures.

And a few of Hoopz.
hoopz fan page picture

I actually posted the following pictures of Hoopz before but these are of a much higher quality, probably because I pilfered them from her official website. My bad.
nicole hoopz alexander and nick cannon
hoopz alexander and lyric hoopz hoops and jeezy hoopz hoops alexander and rapper mike jones

And finally, I promised you video of Hoopz on Black Entertainment Television countdown show 106& Park. Get it before it disappears...

Hoopz on 106 and Park video. But beware, it's a complicated process and the file is near 30 MB if you are using dial-up internet.


  1. Sara // 11/4/06 11:19 AM  

    Where are the pictures?

  2. steups // 11/4/06 11:25 AM  

    coming sara coming.
    See some of them now?

  3. Anonymous // 11/4/06 12:44 PM  

    serious can't be serious about not being able to get a date. c'mon now.

    that pic of hoopz and maurice g. was in st. louis. there was another girl with her, though i don't know their affiliation. this girl rees(http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=46068951) is the daughter of maurice g. and got some shots of the two. rees calls the other girl hoopz' "friend." i know they both were at club dreams, and the other girl got booed when she got on the mic since folks didn't know who she was. i don't know if she's another model or a "friend." hm.

    ( )

  4. Anonymous // 11/4/06 10:59 PM  

    1st anoymous...thanks for identifying who the people in the pics from the myspace are. However...who is Marice G? Is he the owner of the club Hoopz appeared in? -Thanks in advance-

    Oh and setups....I love your blog :) keep up the good work!

  5. Anonymous // 12/4/06 2:29 AM  

    Man i dont like tha shit tell Maurice G, B, C, D whaeva to stay his ass off my gurl, Hoopz!!!!!!

  6. Ashli Litchfield // 12/4/06 10:50 AM  

    Please don't stop updating this blog! It's one of my daily blogs I visit everyday! (multiple times even... just to see if you've got more news on the flavor of love girls!)

  7. steups // 12/4/06 11:35 AM  

    Thanks, much appreciated

  8. Anonymous // 12/4/06 11:58 AM  

    2nd anonymous--

    yes, maurice g. is one of the owners of club dreams and a local comedian.

    oh, btw, i found out that hoopz's "friend" could be a girl from sean paul's video (unconfirmed). i just watched "temperature" and she's not on there. still, i'm wondering why she was there if she didn't get paid or promoted to appear. hm.

    ( )

  9. Anonymous // 12/4/06 1:49 PM  

    I checked out the fan-site that most of these pics appear on. There the un-identified girl is noted as Hoopz's sister....she does have 5 younger siblings, and the girl was cute.

    Here's the address if anyone is interested:

    -2nd Anonymous-

  10. Anonymous // 12/4/06 11:10 PM  

    2nd anon--

    yes, that particular "hoopz fanpage" site on myspace is fake (as many others). the faker claims that the un-identified girl is her sister on one of those pics. did you also notice that she captions "me and rees with our shades on" and "come on rees let's smile for the cam..." but identifies the wrong girl?? rees is the younger girl, and the shorter one in the car with hoopz is the un-identified girl. meaning, the faker is an idiot.

    the faker got these pictures from rees, and i think rees believed it to be hoopz and sent her the pics under "comments" (click on page 3). the faker asked rees "you remember that day the flash didn't work...do you mind if i use the pics?" but in rees' pics page, she actually had a pic that said "the damn flash didn't work..." (but she's removed it since then.) anywho, the faker is dumb, and rees is just gullible.

    and yes, my leisure time is consumed by insignificant detective shit. but thank goodness i have jobs and grad school to keep me on track.

    ( )

  11. Anonymous // 21/4/06 2:22 AM  

    Serious is so pretty!

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