Ever heard of Cheap Stingy Bargains?
It's a website run by someone or the other who traverses the Internet for deals, bargains and free stuff. I am not affiliated to to whomever is behind it but I can testify that the free magazines deals they offer from time to time is definitely legit.
I have tonnes of free magazines coming to me because of them; Maxim, Stuff, Sports Illustrated, Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ), so give them a try. I just took a quick look on their freebies page and they have a subscription to 'Blender magazine', a 32 MB USB drive, and a free pack of Dentyne, hahaha.

There is also a rebate full deal for a Motorola Razr (where they pay you $70 and you get a free Motorola Razr!) and in the Ipod section quite a few good deals for the Nano and Ipod 60GB and 30GB versions.
Seriously, I have no connection to them so don't think I am directing you somewhere for commercial profit. In fact I should be keeping readers right here considering how the site is hemorrhaging readership.

Anyway, speaking of Seriously, the girl has proven the wonders and value of securing yourself a good portfolio of digital photographs, here are a few more pictures of Cristal Steverson, aka Serious from Flavor of Love...
serious flavor of love cristal steverson

In other news (I sound like Chuck Scarborough)New York and Red Oyster continue to be good friends, in fact Red Oyster almost seems like New York's publicist/ spokeswoman at times. Here is a picture of the two reality television stars hanging out
new york and red oyster flavor of love girls

If you read the comments on yesterday's post you would have seen a few anonymous comments discussing Hoopz recent appearance at a St Louis nightclub, 'Club Dreams'. The comment by anonymous -leave your name next time my brother- references a couple pictures on a My Space account but the quality isn't very good. The best of the pictures appear below...
hoopz and friend my space

Hoopz also appears in the May edition of King Magazine so grab yourself a copy. Read an excerpt from her interview...

KING: Let’s be real—Flavor Flav is no heartthrob. Either love truly is blind, or you gave the best sightless performance since Jamie became Ray.
Nikki Hoopz Alexander: [laughs] I really liked him! I knew from the time I met him that we’d be real close. His personality and genuine attitude were attractive from jump. He’s a down-to-earth person, gets along with everyone and is sincere to the mug!

KING: Defense does win games. Say you’re recruiting men at the local court. Can a man’s game abilities determine if he makes the, er, cut?
Nikki Hoops Alexander: Hell yeah! If you can move on the court, I’m gonna wonder, "Damn, what else can you do with that body?" You can tell a lot about a person sexually through sports. Athletes that play all stiff may be good at their sport, but I bet they’re boring as hell in the bedroom. If you’re covering me with some intensity, the game may be cut short

Whew, that was long, but you can hold on for a couple more pictures of New York and Red Oyster can't you (I got these from Red Oyster's site)
new york tiffany and red oyster rd oyster and New york tiffany flavor of love
Now you can leave, thanks for reading


  1. JRM // 12/4/06 12:55 PM  

    more Serious pics here

  2. steups // 12/4/06 1:27 PM  

    Oh Jesus, thanks Jrm.
    I have to get those up on the blog tomorrow.

    And why aren't you posting on your blog? There is just one entry on it...

  3. Anonymous // 12/4/06 11:17 PM  

    yo who is that boy in the last pic with ny, oyster and the other two girls? i want to slap that stupid smirk on his face...

    ( )

  4. Anonymous // 13/4/06 12:35 AM  

    what's that on red oysters right boob?

  5. Ashli Litchfield // 13/4/06 12:50 AM  

    Hey there,

    Because I wasn't exactly sure how to personally contact you, I thought I would spread a comment of some pictures I have found of Red Oyster.


    The source link I found this from:


  6. ashli litchfield // 13/4/06 12:51 AM  

    I apologize, here is the source link:


  7. Anonymous // 13/4/06 2:47 AM  

    If you go to yourtube.com's video section & type if Flavor Of Love, you'll find quite a few show clips. PEACE!!!

  8. Anonymous // 13/4/06 11:12 AM  

    that was an attempt of a tattoo removal/cover-up on red oyster's boob.

    ( )

  9. steups // 13/4/06 11:22 AM  

    thanks ashli and anonymous

  10. Anonymous // 21/4/06 2:32 AM  

    Thanks for the pics of Serious. I love how she keeps it hella sexy and classy at the same time. You should post the pic of her from Source magazine. It is on her website www.seriouslycristal.com/whatsnew

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