Someone email me a recommendation for a new Nikon digital camera please?
I have an old Nikon Coolpix 885 4 megapixel and it's not doing the business anymore, I need something more modern to snap the beautiful model types on Fulton Street, Brooklyn; or the beautiful Mac cosmetics girls in Macy's.

Anyway, let's get to the Cristal 'Serious' Steverson pictures brought to my attention by JRM a commenter from yesterday's blog. The majority of you however, do not click 'other' in the comments' box so I cannot quote your name, please do so, it's much more personal that way.
Now let's get Serious, Cristal Serious. Copyright to Derek Blanks who took the photos I presume. I hope you don't mind Derek...
Here is one picture
cristal serious steverson

All the other pictures of Cristal can be viewed here.
Incidentally, Serious is 5ft 8inches and 135 lbs which is just about perfect if you ask me and under experience she says "very experienced".
Hmmn, I almost passed out reading that...

According to her site Cristal 'Serious' Steverson hosted an an event with MAC Cosmetics and the AIDS Foundation on April 7 at Cumberland Mall, but I read it much too late to advise anyone to go check it out.
But, its not yet too late to catch her hosting an ESPN-broadcast boxing match in Atlanta later this month. She will also be featured in the latest Kanye West video, "Drive Slow" with the hip-hop grill-master from Houston, Paul Wall. Hype Williams directs.
And if you even know who D4L is, she is in their video "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me".

Enough of Serious; if you missed the best parts of the Reunion Show, the blog BestWeekEver has video and you can look at it here
Or you can head on over to VH-1 and find the G-Spot. Sorry, the V-Spot.

I have more news on New York and Hoopz but I am late for a class so satisfy yourself with a couple pictures of Red Oyster until I get back
red oyster red oyster


  1. Anonymous // 13/4/06 2:20 PM  

    great website keep it going until the new season starts and I like New York no matter what people say

  2. JRM // 13/4/06 6:09 PM  

    you know, i just posted, so we'll see. it's a new thing for me, and i don't have a topic, like yours. not really sure what it is. but i posted.

  3. Anonymous // 13/4/06 6:46 PM  

    Love that "hook" you put at the end of your lastest report...late for class...uh huh. Anyway, I'm always up for more Hoopz news...and I'm curious about who and what NY really is. Can't wait, but I will. : )

    -2nd Anonymous-

  4. stephieannejanine // 13/4/06 8:04 PM  

    can you find more out about Red Oyster? I love her, but I can't seem to find much out about her? Can you help me out?

  5. Anonymous // 14/4/06 1:46 AM  

    As I await more Hoopz news, I’ll share some info or rather “sighting” that you may already be aware of. Ms. Nikki was either a guest or hosted a party in Atlanta at “Visions” that was a birthday celebration for a Hip Hop artist or producer named David Banner. Goldie, aka Courtney was on hand, as was the iceman Young Jeezy.

    Now why I said “guest” when the site that posted the pics stated she hosted, is because there has been rumors about Nikki (Hoopz) and Jeezy being a couple. Rumor has it that a Detroit radio station reported this. I’m not from Detroit so I have no idea…and since she’s not like Pumpkin who puts everything out there on My Space, who knows. None the less, this is the second picture of her and Mr. pointy head (sorry, the boy’s head is pointy), so it seems a bit more than coincidence. Anyway here is the site address:

    On the Forum board, go to “The Rumor Mill” under the Gossip, Dirt and Everything Entertainment section. The pics are in the “David Banner Birthday @ Vision (Hosted by Hoopz) Hosted B” post.

    Other than the Jeezy speculation, what’s interesting is that Goldie… (where have you been!!!) is there. Since the “Luv in the Club” thing she and a few of the Flava girls are suppose to be doing is in Atlanta, that could be why she’s there. Of course based on her accent, she could also be a resident.

  6. Anonymous // 14/4/06 2:39 AM  

    i think serious is ugly.. not very model-like

  7. Daron // 19/4/06 12:54 AM  

    serious is fine i jus notcied that her an hoopz but hoopz seem hella fake to me now i used to worship the ground she walk on but i like ma girls thick were ma girl Goldie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! itz daron an goldie itz daron an goldie

  8. Anonymous // 21/4/06 2:27 AM  

    I love Serious. Very pretty and classy!

  9. Anonymous // 21/4/06 3:02 AM  

    Am I the only one happy to hear that Serious is using her little fame to host events for reputable companies like MAC and the AIDS FOUNDATION instead of parties for rappers and ex-cons like her showmate? I give props where props are due!

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