Yesterday when I said I had 'news' about 'New York' and 'Hoopz' some readers probably thought I had a scoop or heard a rumor or something; well so sorry to disappoint you but I simply meant I had a few pictures to upload.
It may have escaped your notice but this website isn't exactly 'Page 6' at the New York Post and I am no Cindy Adams.

All I do is traverse the Internet, access email sent to me, and post whatever I have found and has been sent to me.
Luckily, as it turns out, yet another anonymous reader posted a few salacious details in yesterdays comments.hip hop rapper jeezy mug shot
According to him or her, a Detroit Radio Station might have or may not have aired a story, that Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander and Jeezy may or may not be a 'couple'.
There's some gossip for you.
On a side note, Jeezy (real name Jay Jenkins) really has a pointed head but I can't say much against it because mine isn't exactly flat either.
That anonymous reader also provided a link to 'Supa Cindy online' where pictures of Hoopz and Goldie reside.

I've actually met Supa Cindy when she hosted an event for 'MTV Tempo' so I am sure she wouldn't mind my stealing a few photos from her website's forum. Here are pictures of Hoopz and Goldie from the David Banner Birthday Party at 'Vision'...
hoopz and jeezy goldie and david banner hoopz hosting david banner party nicole hoops alexander hosting david banner party nikki hoopz alexander

Hoopz is doing quite well for herself as a celebrity guest host on the hip-hop party circuit, but not as well in the eyes of the public. It seems her quick separation from Flava Flav angered quite a few fans of the show but I don't know why. It was just entertainment and we were entertained so why are we complaining. Here are some more photos of Hoopz...
nicole hoops alexander at a nightclub nicole hoopz alexander at a party flavor of love hoopz nikki

I don't think she can look any more 'butch', but maybe that's the new fashion trend. If men can wear capri pants women can wear shit like that I suppose.

Now we know Hoopz won the show but clearly the true winner is New York (Tiffany). I can't tell you the amount of email I get asking me for info and pictures of her; well I really don't have any, to be honest, but here is a video titled 'New York's greatest spits.'It appears that Tiffany just may have been the most genuine 'Flavor of Love' contestant, a lady without any agenda or need for celebrity. But, it also appears that she is not a people person because as far as I can tell only 'Goldie' and 'Red Oyster' can stand her.

'Cherry' certainly can't stand her and on her blog she writes...

"they didn't even air all the shit talking that went on. I got crazy because all those chicks talking shit to me and all they could say was 'you got voted off on the first day'. I was just minding my own business looking cute in my dress and Goldie, Rain and New York kept calling me out like Cherry got kicked off on the first day!! OK...I GOT KICKED OFF THE FIRST FUCKIN DAY!! WHAT ELSE YOU GOT BITCH?? They couldn't say shit else!!

Everytime I would respond they would tell ME to be quiet. I was like tell "NEW YORK TO SHUT THE FUCK UP" because she's talking crazy shit. Yes, if I was still in the house while she was 'curkin' I would have checked her ass. You saw how she backed up when I went off on her. I know it might have looked like I was starting shit, but I was just defending myself as well as my FRIENDS from the show.

She also reproduced a great recap of the Flavor of Love Reunion Show from the excellent site TVgasm. You should check it out if you have the time, if only for the television caps they have like...
flavor of love reunion show vidcaps flavor of love reunion show vidcaps new york flavor of love reunion show vidcaps

I am writing way too much but it's my anniversary sort of, so forgive me. This blog is the 50th blog on this website which is 49 more than I thought I would have.


  1. Anonymous // 14/4/06 11:14 PM  

    congrats steups.

    on hoopz looking "butch"...i would disagree. tight pants+midriff tops+accessories=femme.

    ( )

  2. Anonymous // 15/4/06 2:46 PM  

    Well steups...I'm glad I could contribute to your 50th post.... I'm the anonymous that posted the Supra Cindy link and comments...just call me Anon 2, (anonymous 2) which is how I have posted in the past.

    As far as Hoopz is concerned...I agree with the anonymous post regarding her attire still being feminine, but I also agree with your muse about style....could be how they do it in her age range and region. I call it urban black rocker, like Jada’s look she sports with her band.

    Regarding her decline in popularity, I believe it has more to do with her statement about the “spit” incident than her ditching Flav. In the days after that episode was aired, some viewed the incident as a “racist” act. Hoopz’s statement effected some viewers’ perception of her, which was easy to do since most had bought into the fantasy and forgot it was entertainment and shouldn’t be taken that seriously. Even now that it is known how popular the show ended up being (VH1’s highest rated to date) no one working with Nikki has the PR experience to do damage control. The same goes for Pumpkin….what started out as an over the top cat fight has now been embraced by Brooke as her claim to fame….even referring to herself as the “white girl that spit on a black girl.” Really dumb move when you consider she’s planning on touring nationally.

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