How many of you are hooked on American Inventor?
Not too many uh; well I would be if only I could see more than a few minutes of the show.
My problem is ABC schedules American Inventor at the same time BET (that's Black Entertainment Television for the ultra-caucasians) shows the Lil Kim incarceration-inspired 'Countdown to Lockdown.'
Hopefully Kim goes to jail soon so I can see more of the Inventor's stories, triumphs and failures.
It's really quite fascinating so if you have not yet seen it, give it a look-see.

Okay, Flavor of Love Girls stuff...
I received an email today from someone claiming to be Red Oyster directing me to a website (My Space page) that refutes the claims of all who lay claim to being the genuine New York holding a My Space account. On the aforesaid webpage she writes, or rather some chap name Ben S. writes on her behalf that...

NY has kindly asked Red Oyster to inform everyone that she does not have a MySpace account at all!
For your information, New York's last name is not Patterson, she never worked in LA (as a realtor) and currently does not have an agent yet.

Oh well.
It's not surprising to me because I always thought that the New York websites were fake but I did offer her name Tiffany Patterson as fact so for that I apologise.
If anyone out there knows the real real-name of New York let me know so we can all be happy.


  1. [o] // 7/4/06 9:01 PM  

    sorry steups, i forgot to mention, i'm cursed and the fact that no one has commented on your last two blogs just proves my point.

    also, check the vh1 message board for all the ignorant bullshit i said would come along with pumkin's escapades...*shakes head*


  2. Anonymous // 8/4/06 6:39 PM  

    New York's real name was listed as Aneesha Patterson on the Flavor Of Love Wikipedia page: a while ago, but the last time I checked, they'd changed it to Tiffany Patterson. PEACE!!!

  3. Anonymous // 8/4/06 7:04 PM  

    I knew that when the show first started on vh1 i remembered that it was that but..............but any who have they finally got of each other about whom ever besides the show

  4. Anonymous // 8/4/06 7:09 PM  

    yep now i remember why i stopped going on there and stated coming here my screen name on yahoo is greeneyez22000 hit me up sometime

  5. Anonymous // 9/4/06 1:20 PM  

    thanks for this site. I hope you also blog about season 2. keep up the good work.

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