I couldn't resist the Ipod Nano so I ordered one at Newegg and you should too because it just isn't fair that Microsoft's Bill Gates is worth 70 billion whilst Apple's Steve Jobs is quite a few billion short.
apple ipod nano
So that's that, not much to gossip about the Flavor of Love girls though I have found just a little teeny weeny bit of news about New York. It won't satisfy you though so I urge you to read the comments of the post before this because it really is interesting on many levels.
brooke pumkin thompson's lover courtney
The term bi-curious has entered my lexicon of sexual orientation terminology because of those comments so just imagine what it can do for your vocabulary.
At the least it has made me obsess over Pumkin's lover and dare I shout it, the woman is terribly sexy...
No wonder Pumkin is all over her!
pumkin and courtney

At this point if you ignored me before you should read Olivia's and others' comments at the bottom of the page of this link.
Before I switch on to New York's commercial going ons, here is another picture of Pumkin being curious...
pumkin and friends

On to New York (Tiffany Patterson). The very good impersonator of our favorite Flavor of Love girl is opening a hip-hop haute couture clothing store tentatively named "Celeb Replicas."
The buzz is one goes there to get cheaply priced expensive knock-offs.
Yeah; oxymorons make my head hurt too.

Or should I say they 'nervouses' me. Nervouses is a word New York used to describe the threat she perceived from Hoopz...just one of many great quotes she provided and you can get all of them at one of the many New York fan sites, along with video of her Reunion Show performance and a rumor that Flava Flav and New York are in discussions with VH-1 to shoot a reality television show pilot.

That's it then...we'll see what our favorite quasi-celebrities have in store for us tomorrow.
Oh, before I go, thanks again Olivia, your comments are appreciated.


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