I thought my recap of the Flavor of Love Reunion Show would be my last post for quite a while but it seems the Flavor of Love girls are striving to remain news worthy.
It appears, and I don't know how I missed it that some of the girls have been signed to an entertainment group called Millennium Entertainment Group Incorporated and have begun something of a National Tour across the United States.
The first stop was in Atlanta on the 28th at the Nocturnal, and among the cast member who performed were Goldie, Hottie, Peaches, and Sweetie.

If they get to New York or South Beach where I am known to frequent I'll check them out and take a few digital pictures, to add to my collection of Flava Flav ringtones on my mobile phone and Flavor of Love MP3s on my Ipod -I need therapy.

I have video of the Flavor of Girls tour, well, not exactly, I have links to video featuring girls from the Flavor of Love Girls Tour's stop in Atlanta.

1) Video of Goldie performing
2) Video of Hottie singing
3) Video of Peaches doing whatever
4) Video of Sweetie

Smiley, Georgia and Pumkin are also on the cast.

If you need to see photos from the event, I have those too...
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flavor of love girls cast photo


  1. Sam's Lil Sis // 4/4/06 9:25 PM  

    Ok I love Goldie, but her stand up isn't makin me wanna buy a ticket to that show, nor is Hottie's singing... I couldn't even watch the other 2 clips because of just how plan pathetic those 2 looked, but I will, I can only take so much at a time. But is it just me, or was the reunion show a bit less than expected. Yea pumkin did catch some of that slap, but what would've made it that much hotter woulda been Goldie stompin a mudhole in Cherries ass!!

  2. Anonymous // 5/4/06 5:50 AM  

    i couldn't get the files to open!!By the way i love your blog site keep up the good work

  3. steups // 5/4/06 9:31 AM  

    Anonymous, you and I both. I think my Media player is on heroin.

    Liz, Goldie is more likely to lick Cherries ass than stomp on it. Not that that's a bad thing, I would pay money to see that and I don't have a lot of money.

  4. Anonymous // 6/4/06 2:55 AM  

    Goldie looks great!!! And I'm sure she could hold her own against anyone! Go Goldie!

    PS: LOVE this blog! Keep it coming! It is so entertaining! It's good to know someone else is as addicted to this train wreck as I am! :D

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