For a while there I thought the buzz had gone, that 'Flavor of Love' had lost its appeal and no one cared anymore. I began amusing myself, peppering my articles with all sorts of nonsensical witty references.

Then, yesterday, I saw all of the promo for the Final final episode of Flavor of Love Season 1. You know what I am talking -err writing- about, the Reunion Show.
What a promo!!!
Flava Flav has a goatee beard now (I guess he'll try anything to woo Hoopz) although she had not dumped him at the time they filmed the Reunion.
Anyway, that's not important, what IS important is the show is obviously being billed as Pumkin vs New York 2.

And if any rematch is worth seeing that one definitely is...
By the way, what happened in the Zab Judah VS Mayweather fight?

Forget that, during the promotional ad, New York appears to backhand-slap Pumkin and that alone is worth sitting in front of the television set on Sunday, April 2nd.
That is the best back-hander I have seen since Tony Montana's in Scarface.

In the episode just before the penultimate's, New York promised to beat Pumkin's ass but I thought she would have got over the spitting incident by the time the Reunion episode rolled around; but no siree it seems I was wrong.
Your girl New York is knocking furniture around just to get at Pumkin and what we also saw was Pumkin saying her shit and running.
Typical Pumkin, all spit and no action.

Not much news about our favorite Flavor of Love girls...
Pumkin has not written anything about her being fired from her job as a substitute teacher, and Hoopz continues to trade on her celebrity status by hosting parties for $2500 per party.
Oh, there is another fake Hoopz My Space webpage with one or two pictures even I had not seen before, if you can believe that.
All I can say is she sure does look great in those jeans.

Remember Peaches? She was unclocked early in the show but was always one of the more attractive girls, here is a picture of her to remind you
peaches from flavor of love

That's it for me, but if you want to read what supporter's of New York think about the Reunion episode and the prospect of her beating up on Pumkin then have a read of the fake New York's blog and the comments.

Hoops picture gallery

Update: Remember Cherry? She was the girl who seemed really hurt when she was unclocked; well, they all did, but she seemed especially hurt.
Anyway, I was loafing around her My Space account and came upon a couple new pictures.
cherry from flavor of love and her girls
If I had ketchup and mustard I'd be having that girl in the jeans for lunch.

flavor of love girlfriends of cherry
Hmnn, it seems to be a friend of Cherry you need to fulfill one criterion. You have to be thick!

cherry mieko flavor of love girl
Yes, I said a couple of pictures but I could not help but post this picture of Cherry. Ginuwine's hit "In those jeans" has invaded my mind.


  1. Dread Scott // 27/3/06 7:37 PM  

    Great blog man, I spent like two hours reading and watching pictures of Hoops today.
    I cant wait for the reunion episode on Sunday

  2. Anonymous // 27/3/06 11:57 PM  

    Hey... I'm a very big fan of your blog... in fact, I just read every entry I could find in the past few hours because I didn't know about it until last night. Anyway, I was just wondering if you have any information on Goldie since I didn't see much of anything on here about her. Ever since her "I thought the chicken was lovely" comment she's been my favorite, lol.

  3. steups // 28/3/06 10:26 AM  

    Not much except to say she, Hoopz, Smiley and Pumkin are still great friends. In fact Goldie, Smiley and Pumkin recently spent a week together in Bakersfield, California at Pumkin's home.

    Perhaps you saw these updated pictures of Goldie after her drastic weight loss?

  4. FemalesLikeHerToo // 28/3/06 4:02 PM  

    Okay -'s about time some Females speak up. I know there are many Females out there (other than myself) just drooling over Hoopz as muchas these Men. THANKS for all the Great pictures! Love the Blog - you have a talent for writing.....and keeping people interested in what you will say (write about) next.

  5. Anonymous // 28/3/06 10:07 PM  

    Yeah, I saw them already... they look great, haha. Do you know what she did before the show? In Pumkin's blog she mentioned that every girl on the show had done something with acting or modeling before so I'm very curious as to what Goldie did... any ideas?

  6. steups // 29/3/06 10:25 AM  

    Well Pumkin cannot be wrong all the time.
    Apparently Goldie is a budding comedian and actress operating out of LA.
    Or at least that's what I read on a site written by someone who claims to be her friend.
    Goldie's friend

  7. steups // 29/3/06 10:27 AM  

    Goldie's real name is Courtney Jackson if you want to learn more about her

  8. Anonymous // 30/3/06 10:46 PM  

    I'm a female and I would give up men for Hoopz! She is SO beautiful! I say keep the pictures coming! Yeah!

  9. DrJohn // 3/4/06 12:55 AM  

    Goldie, better known as Courtney in NC, is a really smart girl. I took some classes with her at Winston Salem State University, right after she graduated from UNC. I can't wait until she goes to med school! Sharee

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