I chose the wrong week of the wrong month to go on vacation, because I missed the fact that New York's My space webpage was discovered.
Yes you heard me right, if you want to read New York's My Space webpage, you should go to Tiffany Patterson's.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding, that's obviously a spoof page. Only an idiot without a brain -and that's ten times worse than an idiot with a brain- would think that website is authentic.
Oh, guess who thought it was genuine? Pumkin, that's who!
I tell you affirmative action is no longer a priority if the majority race is declining that much. Oh, okay, I apologize, but the girl gets on my last nerve with her self-absorbed 'the world has wronged me behavior.'
Pumkin still, to this day, believes she did nothing wrong by spitting in New York's face. If I were New York I'd squeeze an overused sanitary napkin in her face.
She is sort of pale, she could do with some color.

Today the winner will be crowned and I will say it right here and now...HOOPZ WON THE FINAL EPISODE OF FLAVOR OF LOVE BUT NEW YORK IS MRS FLAVA FLAV

I just thought of something, would it not be hilarious if that were really New York's website? That would make me quite the asshole wouldn't it?
Anyway, it's not the end of the world to be the biggest asshole in the universe because I have never been one to feel ashamed about anything, and that's precisely the reason why I am about to show you the pictures I pilfered from pumkin's website.

flavor of love pumkin and Hoopz

Damn, wrong picture, hang on a minute. By the way, is there not something very reptilian about the both of them, no wonder they get along...

hoopz booty, pumkin booty, goldie booty

Have a look at Goldie in this picture. Goldie seems to have lost 480lbs. Okay, she wasn't that much of a big-girl, but still, how did she lose all that weight?
goldie and pumkin


  1. disseminator // 12/3/06 11:26 PM  

    oh shit! Go Hoopz! I'm shocked and so happy 'bout it.

  2. missannji // 12/3/06 11:31 PM  

    ahhhh haaaaaaa. that she man new york did not win. ding dong the bitch is gone. my girl hoopz won.!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous // 12/3/06 11:34 PM  

    Well, holla at yo girl!!!!! I knew that Hoopz
    was gonna win!!!

  4. LinkinGBay2001 // 12/3/06 11:54 PM  

    I am SO glad that Hoopz won! At least she ain't fake like that tranny bitch New York!! She got what was coming to her! Fuck, NY ain't real! She couldn't even stand being in a ZOO! She thinks that she is too fucking good! Fuck her, little snot nosed bitch! Hoopz, you the girl!!

  5. Anonymous // 13/3/06 3:45 AM  


    It is reality T.V and you dont know what's real or not, butI would'nt kiss that ugly-ass man for anything!. It's sad to see what people will do to get noticed. I have to give props to hoopz because at least she didnt sleep with him. I wonder how stupid the rest of those sluts felt after having sex with his ugly ass and then getting booted?. by the way New York looks like a man, and the weave on her and her mommas was'nt working at all. And we wont even go into deatil about Hottie, who ya think would have enough money to get her weave fixed or re-done. Say it with me ladies "I can achieve without a weave"!

  6. Anonymous // 13/3/06 10:36 AM  

    Yeah well, I'm glad NY lost and everything...I still wanna fuck her.

  7. Anonymous // 19/3/06 1:05 PM  

    Hoopz she man illiterate ass is the one thats fake!

  8. Drac // 28/3/06 12:25 AM  

    fuck that i would bang pumkins white ass to the stone aged, shyt she jy aight for a whyte chick

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