You put your life on hold for a television show and you expect the finale to be a thing of orgasmic beauty; not to crash to earth with an anti-climactic thud.
By now you would have read, heard, or saw Flava Flav select Hoopz as his, as his, as his what exactly...
Anyway, who knows and who cares, the point is Hoopz won.
I am sure if I had the dubious challenge of selecting Hoopz or New York, or Hoopz or anyone else for that matter; it would not have taken three months. But now that she is the winner I cannot help but feel disappointed.

At the very least, had Flava Flav chosen New York there could have been a possibility of a second season, but with Hoopz we all know nothing will come of that pairing and she will soon return to making boys' pants wet with her provocative pictures.

For New York, she needed to win, considering all the contumely she has countenanced...
Oops, for my less literate readers, what I was saying is...New York needed the victory because of all the shit she has endured on this show.
New York faced that screaming banshee (Rain) in the mini-van; spit all up in her grill by prune-faced Pumkin, and now she has the dubious pleasure of being dumped on national television 24 hrs after she received a dump from Flava Flav in a Puerto Vallarta hotel room.
I won't describe what transpired in yesterday's episode because it was boring and uninspiring. All I can say is wait for the Reunion show which should air in three weeks time.
But if you really, really need to read what transpired Sunday evening then try
1) Caroline Roberts at the
and, not or, I said 'and' which infers you have to read both articles
2) KDMask at Media

That's it for me then because there really is no need to continue the blog, unless I come across more pictures of Hoopz' or Pumkin writes more crap on her blog, or maybe New York will keep her promise and whip Pumkin's ass.

You know what? Maybe I should continue because I have a hundred or so unused pictures of Hoopz and these ladies, almost assuredly will continue to reveal behind the scenes information.
See you tomorrow then...

One more thing, I was on Smiley's blog yesterday at the very moment she was online, so I sent her a message...
Tomorrow you'll find out what happened, did not happen, or has yet to happen between Smiley and me.
If you cannot wait shout me out on Yahoo! or MSN Messenger, or you can ask for my cell-phone number if you are an attractive girl with tens (I am reasonable) of dollars.

I always endeavor to end the latest post in a neat comeplete manner, but readers keep pointing me to areas to write about...
Like New York writing about life after the show on her blog.
I think that My Space account is an obvious fake but you can read her thoughts if you like and believe it to be authentic or not.


  1. Simplydarlene // 13/3/06 4:14 PM  

    Congratulations to Hoops and Flav. Flav don't listen to any negativity about Hoops. She's the one, She's gorgeous, and I am sure you realize that she is your soul mate. Hoops, you go Girl. You deserve this man. Your perfect for him.

  2. Anonymous // 13/3/06 5:11 PM  

    first of all, who cares. That man
    is not one prize. He really lost out when he did not pick his own
    race. New York, would have had that
    man on top of the world.

    The problem is they always, always
    this miss thang is the one for them, they don't believe in themselves.

  3. RekoDee // 13/3/06 5:21 PM  

    Anonymous...what kind of dumb shit you talkin..."pick his own race" get the fuck outta here with that 1960's bullshit thinking. He can pick who the hell he wants to, they dont have to be black, just as long as he happy.

  4. Caroline // 14/3/06 12:12 AM  

    I love this blog! I also wrote a summary of the finale. It seemed boring at first, but when I watched it a second time, I realized that lines like, "We didn't need dessert. Flav was my dessert! I was his dessert! We just served each other up on a platter," were comic gold.

    The summary is over here.

    Seriously. I love this blog. If you hear anything from Goldie, please let me know. I'd love to track her down for an interview - I heard she was an aspiring comic ...

  5. Perry Morgan // 14/3/06 1:28 AM  

    I am sorry. Hoopz will drop Flav in two weeks. Flav will be at the reunion show and will end up with Smiley.

  6. brooklyn babe // 23/3/06 10:35 AM  

    That screaming Banshee, was a "hot mess"... or for your more literate readers .... a paltry scofflaw.


  7. Anonymous // 24/3/06 7:19 PM  

    I am glad flav picked hoopz. To me she was the only real one there. New york was after his money.The reunion show should be good.

  8. Anonymous // 25/3/06 9:04 AM  

    I am sorry that flav pick hoopz, I through she was real, but she turn out to be just a fake as the rest of the lady, they all were there for a reason, to me hoopz is a ho, who couldnt wait to get on tv to take off her clother and make some money, look at her mom who came on the show, she didnt teach her daughter nothing but how to be a ho, new york would have been a better pick than that hoopz that name fit her,

  9. Anonymous // 27/3/06 7:45 PM  

    Y'all Know Y'all Just Jealous Cuz Hoopz Look Betta Than Y'all Azz!

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