If you are a regular reader then you are probably aware my favorite delegate from the show was Smiley. But if you are a regular viewer of the show then you are probably here to see pictures of Hoopz.
If that's your aim then look around the blog, there are scores of pictures of Hoops.

First, this is the website or rather webpage of the guy who dumped Smiley and caused her to not receive a clock. You can judge for yourself.
He is from Toronto, Canada but originally from a small town called Meggen in Switzerland. He also says he has lived in the United Kingdom, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.
Well I too have lived in Trinidad and Tobago and they would never let an idiot like that live there.
Go here for pictures of beautiful women in Trinidad and Tobago.
And here are Smiley's pictures I promised you:
smiley from flava flav flavor of love smiley flavor of love at the playboy mansion

I will upload more pictures of the Flavor of Love girls later today or tomorrow, keep reading and supporting the blog. Thanks.

Note: I forgot to post a link to the Caribbean women initially. I have since corrected that. It's just one picture though you have to search the site to find many more pictures of Trinidad and Tobago women. I also removed the provocative picture of Smiley.


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  2. Eagledolla // 16/1/08 5:12 PM  

    you don.t know me but smiley you are everything to me. I like to get to know you. My name is jeremy eggleston and im 19 yrs old live in Gary indiana. I might be young but I know what Love is. Thats what I have for You.

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