I worked the smileys and emoticons overtime yesterday on Yahoo! and MSN messenger -which you should download by the way- discussing the February 19th episode of 'Flavor of Love'.
Hottie did not receive a clock and rightly so, because she never really showed that desire to be the eventual winner. That is, if being with Flava Flav makes you a winner.

We all know big-girls can bring it when they want to, and Goldie displayed her French-kissing skills, but it was a case of too much tongue too late. But, it made for good television to see 'New York' squirm and flash that temper of hers.
It was great editing to have her hold the knife the way she did. That girl is one crazy gold-digger.

No one agrees with me but I love 'New York' and I would pick her if I were Flava Flav. Of the others, I always said 'Pumkin' is there only to encourage the non African-American viewership.
She(Pumkin) got naked with Flav and I have to admit her body is better than I thought it would be, but hopefully she is eliminated next week and the true battle begins between the uber-beautiful 'Hoopz' and the nasty sexiness that is 'New York'.
pumkin naked with Flava Flav in the shower
Looking at the preview though it seems 'New York' goes crazy on Pumkin's ass and delivers a linebacker smackdown on her. I hope that does not turn Flav Flav off because after Pumkin opened her mouth at the clock-ceremony yesterday, she deserves a beat-down.

In other news, 'Rain' was interviewed and says Flav Flav is "ugly", tell us some shit we don't know.

Anyway, that's it for me. I will upload many more pictures of the ladies later this week but weirdly or perhaps tellingly, it is damn difficult to locate pictures of 'New York'. To me that suggests 'New York' won the show.

So, I cannot find any really good pictures of New York but a reader asked me to get him a picture of Hoops/Hoopz because he lost his mind when she did that split thing where she stretched her legs and grabbed her toes/feet. You know what I mean; this is a family website after all.
And naturally I obliged because you know, I like all my readers:

Update: I did oblige but have since moved all the photos of Hoopz from this post to the Nikki Hoopz picture gallery.

If anyone out there has photos of any of the girls they want to send me, please do so at steupz@gmail dot com.


  1. Andre // 20/2/06 11:53 AM  

    dang get some more pics. showing off her booty. plz
    thx. -Andre

  2. ican'tbelievei'mwatchingthis // 20/2/06 10:12 PM  

    Dude it wasn't Hottie, It was Goldie who was voted off last night.

  3. ican'tbelievei'mwatchingthis // 20/2/06 10:13 PM  

    Hottie's been gone awhile now. She's a whacked droopy tittied crazy chick. I don't care what Ivy league school she went to. She looks like an idiot.

  4. steups // 21/2/06 7:00 PM  

    Thanks. I totally erred. It's corrected

  5. highdemand2006 // 23/2/06 8:10 PM  

    hoopz is so the shit and im so sad that she would sell herself to this shit like that but I guess to each his own right and im heated because she is involved in porno damn baby but its cool you got to do what you got to do I hope she get kicked off and they start a reality show where guys get to win her heart i would love to be in that show she is probably material i don't know i see a great girl in her eyes i guess i might be wrong send me some pics to my email chrlesdvs@yahoo.com and you can find me on blackplanet screen name highdemand 2006

  6. Victoreah // 26/2/06 5:35 PM  

    I like Hoopz. I think she is really real. I dont'r buy any of the porn scrap about her. I think it is fueled from jealousy.

  7. susanne-louise // 6/3/06 5:56 AM  

    Loved how when Flav was laying on Goldie and trying to kiss her, she said "this is gross". LMAO! Big girl is honest! She couldn't fake it anymore with him.

  8. katrina // 5/4/06 1:24 PM  


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