You guys really need to read the 'Talkin Videos' website because I do; do you need another reason?
You know what, maybe you shouldn't because if they notice, or rather when they notice you guys linking from here they will know I have been taking information from their site.
Oh well, it's the Internet and is it so bad that I take information to feed my adoring public. It's not like I am not giving them credit.

Anyway I am probably boring you. So let's get to the point.
Rain, better known as Thela Brown sat down with someone or the other to discuss her appearance on the reality television show, 'Flavor of Love'. You may or may not recall but she was the angry one, the one who got all postal over 'New York' and the one who went crazy and shit when Flava Flav refused to give her a clock.
Yeah, that one!

On 'New York':

Rain Thela Brown:
"...well, what would you like to know besides the fact that she’s a little witch?"

According to Talkin Videos she says that despite her particular dislike for 'New York' back women need to stick together so no hard feelings. She also says they settled their issuse more or less but the show did not air the truce.
'Like we wanted to know that!?'

The interview addressed rumours that Rain aka Thela Brown is responsible for circulating the rumour that 'New York' is the show's eventual winner:

"I really hope that she's not the winner. I don't know who it is, although I said from day one 'New York' is winning. Simply because it's good TV. It's great TV for New York to win."

She spoke of Omorosa (Apprentice and Surreal Life alumni)to give proof to her claim:

"The people that are nice, the people that are sweet, the people that are kind they get pushed to the background. I really hope that she didn't (win). Oh, I hope she didn't. 'Cause she don't (sic) deserve it. But hey, I'm not bitter or nothing. (sic)"

But the reall bombshell was reserved for her opinion on relaity television maestro Flav Flav:

"Let’s be real. He’s ugly!."
"He’s not attractive. He’s skinny. He got 20 kids. I mean, come on. But, I don’t date people’s looks. I date people’s souls and he had a beautiful soul. I could feel it."

After reading that I wonder why the hell I am not attracted to Janet Reno.
Is Rain a lunatic?
Oh yes she is, because she says she was attracted to Flava Flav since she was 7 years old!
Do I hear therapy!?

She explains why though, in a sort of Oprah meets Dr. Phil explanation type of thing:

"I'm a very loud, you know, obnoxious type of personality. And I honestly believed that I couldn't be that way [because I'm a girl]. When I saw him on TV and saw that the public loved him being who he was I was like 'I can do this!'"

She thinks really deep for a seven year old, don't you think? At seven years old I was influenced by Power Rangers not an odd-dancing clock wearing rapper, but that's me.

She also wants to date Flav Flav and shit, but you know what I have stolen enough from the website so go there and read the Rain interview yourself.


  1. Anonymous // 27/2/06 7:42 PM  

    seems exciting i think. ill try and watch this show

  2. makebaby123 // 27/12/06 1:46 AM  


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