Last week I urged some of my readers to download Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger and come chat with me online. At least one person listened to me; Claire from Syracuse not only wasted two hours with me but she sent me her opinion on what's going down on 'Flavor of Love'
I think she is better than me actually...
flava flav with the horns

Oh Hell, 'Flavor of Love is the greatest reality show on television -shame not included. I hope you realize your Smiley fetish is not useful because had she still been there we would not have had Pumkin to piss off my girl New York.

New York threatened to beat her ass and it appears she will do just that in next week's episode. As the show gained enormous popularity Hoopz's website was taken down, and no website of New York's has ever been found, leading to speculation that they are the final two. (Look for next week's episode to see if I am right)

I thought they would be the last pair up to a few days ago, that is, until VH-1 began promoting the next episode as "the most shocking elimination you will ever see."
If Pumkin stays and New York does not receive a clock I will surely cry. If that happens we will no longer savor her funny-ass quote like:

"I am not gonna share my man with another woman; and a big-girl at that"

or her comparison of herself and Goldie before the date with flav in San Diego

"She's a cute girl next to gorgeous. Gorgeous is going to devour cute"

That bitch is so crazy.

She had like a thousand quotes but I don't know if you guys want to read all of them so I only posted two.
One of the quotes I missed when I saw the show, because I never heard New York say Hoopz is an "undercover lesbian"!
Anyway, I know you prefer pictures to reading all this stuff so look around for pictures of Hoopz and Smiley and Hottie or look below for pictures of Pumkin including one from her appearance on the MTV show 'Next'.
pumkin flavor of love pumkin from flava flav flavor of love pumkin flavor of love on mtv show next


  1. Anonymous // 27/2/06 2:46 PM  

    I don't think I ever liked Pumkin cause she ain't got it at all. She does nothing but try to piss New York off and try to put her on the spot for what she thinks she is. I love New York; that's my girl and she better win this. I thank and tip my hat to NY for mushing Pumkin into that camera, that was too funny. And Goldie, she was alright and yeah she was down to earth, but we all knew that Flav would not date her because all she has going for her is that she's cool and she's a little pretty. Hoopz could be a lesbian and might be bisexual so if and when she loses, she might call Pumpkin. Now Hottie, she was a bitch from the start, I never liked her and like NY said, "Sorry Beyoncé for her saying that she looks anything like you." Hottie needs a breast 'reduction', new tracks and a new personality because the one she got now ain't working for her cause don't nobody like her. Smiley was alright, but wasn't she still in love with her "X" or was it the other girl. I don't know cause two of them looked alike and Flav wants an original. When he was with Brigette, he knew that there was no other white woman in the world who looked like "dat", not that, cause she ain't all that cute either. All that smoking did her face in. But anyway, I'm finna shu-up and let ya'll know the results of the last episode. New York is going to win, I predict it, I claim it, I believe it, I receive it in Jesus name. If she doesn't then no one will ever watch another show Flav is on. NY brings the funny and she keeps it real, everybody loves the ambition and drive behind NY and that's why that's my girl and also why she gone win. And I bet there will be another shoe about Flav and NY being together cause if it's Hoopz, it won't be any fun or nothing interesting. Hoopz don't know how to get her man when there's other women around, NY will cater to Flav and treat him like her King and that'd what u have to do sometimes to keep him interested and always wanting seconds. But like I said ten minutes ago, I'm finna go! Keep it real like NY and keep it gangsta til' you get mushed like Pumpkin.

  2. Anonymous // 1/3/06 4:50 PM  

    pumpkin was always a whore i never liked her and new york needs to go somewhere she is not pretty and she is a bitch i cant wait to see her face when hoopz wins cuz she is pretter and nicer

  3. Anonymous // 1/3/06 4:51 PM  

    New York is an ugly bitch hoopz is gonna win

  4. Anonymous // 1/3/06 4:52 PM  

    if flavor flav knows whats best he will pick hoopz and get ride of that ugly bitch NEW YORK

  5. Anonymous // 3/3/06 6:00 PM  

    First of all NEW YORK is a BItch
    She thinks she is better than Everyone but she aint and thinks shes a princess

    NEWS FLASH N.Y. U AINT. U a bitch

    If flav nows whats best Hoopz should win

    HOOPZ ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous // 4/3/06 3:40 AM  

    pumpkin is a stupid dumb bitch and that hore is just mad cause her ass got the boot! and the slut needs to take my girl NY's advice and go get a fucken face lift you loose bitch, mad cause she fucked flave and still got the boot>>>>

    I now New York is gona win cause shes the only real one on the show.


  7. Anonymous // 4/3/06 3:42 PM  

    I don't think Flav should pick neither one of them. I think New York likes him but she is way to clingy and jealous. Hoopz doesn't seem like shes interested in him and she has zero personality, besides if she get him her crack whore mom would probably steal him anyway. New York is ugly but Flav's no prize himself.

    P.S. Hoopz is a sissy, why don't you all see it? She carry herself like a man.

  8. Anonymous // 5/3/06 11:43 AM  

    NY needs to be with his ugly ass. They are made for each other. Just don't make no babies!!

  9. Anonymous // 6/3/06 7:06 PM  

    I really hope New York wins. Hoopz really looks too good for flav. He is a nasty greasy old man and its sickening to watch him kiss these girls. If they aren't on the show to get seen then they have issues.. like our main skank New York. If anyone gets flav it should be her. I hate the bitch but Flav is pretty nasty and I'd hate to see one of these other girls end up with him. it'd be shocking if anyone who kissed flav on tv ever ends up with another human being

  10. Anonymous // 12/3/06 9:42 AM  


  11. Wyzywyg5 // 13/3/06 2:54 AM  

    I am sooooo glaaaaad HOOPZ won yaaaaay Hoopz!!! I waited, holding my breath, hoping you'd get chosen over that he/she, tranny or whatever you call them.Who named he/she newyork anyway? How dare they have something looking like that representing New York. Anyway "it" said that "it" would not be upset if Flav did not pick "it", but "it" did. Anyway kudos to you and Flav. Good luck and Good riddance to "it." Let he/she find some other stepping stone to her acting career-as what I haven't the slightest idea. Maybe she di not deserve that big of a loogie in that face but he/she derserved some of it. Later for the tranny. I really wish you and Flav all the LOVE,LUCK and HAPPINESS that two people can find.

  12. Tru Blu 1 // 13/3/06 3:03 AM  

    You must be blind if you think that he/she is the "real" one. Or you must be just like he/she. Is that why you are signing in Anonymous? Anyway, that guy didn't win. The "REAL ONE" did.

  13. steups // 29/11/06 12:00 PM  

    If you are reading this I'll see you on the firstpage for the latest news

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