As you may know (or perhaps not) today they tape the Flavor of Love reunion show in Los Angeles. It is free to the public but you busters can't get in because it's by invitation only.
But, I am sure if you are a girl and willing to sleep with Flav Flav he can probably swing you an invite. I wish I was there to see Smiley in person, maybe grab at something I should not.
By the way, it's Pumkin, not Pumpkin; I wouldn't care but as an Internet traffic whore I depend on search-engines to get me readers and if they are searching for the wrong name then......never mind, you don't care do you?

The cast of the show is fielding questions from the studio audience.
According to VH-1, 'You'll get an opportunity to ask questions of your favorite cast members, hear them revisit good times and bad, and even to be among the first to find out how things went for the girls after their time was up'

My first question would have been 'has anyone who kissed Flav Flav got a man since?'
CNN and Fox News have nothing on me with brilliantly insightful questions like that...

Remember Cherry from the show? Well her pictures aren't that bad, in fact she looks quite fetching, if you know what I mean.
Here are a few of them, but she should work on her comedy routine. Her my spaces blog said she is 99 years old. Is that supposed to be funny?
cherry girls of flavor of love cherry flava flav girl aka gabby chic

Her real name is Mieko, which is original, and not bad...for a parakeet!
And she has an aka too -that's also known as for those of you who've never been incarcerated- it's Miss Gabby Chic.
cherry flavor of love

Before I end this, do you remember Sweetie?
Maybe I was getting over a bad lunch at TGIF because I cannot imagine what made me forget her. This girl is sexy. I mean SEXY!
sweetie flavor of love show sweetie flavor of love


  1. Sam's Lil Sis // 2/3/06 9:58 PM  

    Just a note, that green get up Sweetie has on, she must be a true struggling artist cuz she wore it on Flavor of Love, the number with 1 long leg, 1 short.

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