Hoopz is the winner of 'I Love Money' and $250000.
The Detroit native -who also won 'Flavor of Love'- defeated Whiteboy in the Final 2 challenge that took thm through the streets of Mexico and back to the mansion where the last challenge was determining the order of elimination of the previous contestants.

Despite making it to the mansion minutes ahead, Whiteboy flubbed and lost to the series favorite.

Earlier, Real was eliminated by Whiteboy, who won paymaster after the 'Krazy Challenge'. And Megan quit, when a jury of former eliminated contestants was empannelled.
The jury comprised Real, 12 Pack, The Entertainer, Heather, Toasteee and Pumkin.

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  1. rhoda // 5/10/08 10:32 PM  

    i knew she would win this awesome but how did you guys know so fast i just finshed watching

  2. steups // 5/10/08 11:03 PM  

    It was on earlier in the day, Rhoda.

  3. lisab // 9/10/08 10:30 PM  

    I knew she was going to win since the second show. They made her look like a princess throughout the show. She never had any drama like the others so noone would kick her off. Plus Flava Flav has a hand in the show. I bet my boyfriend and now I'm $50 richer


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