A truck driver hauling sound equipment for the VH1 reality show 'Rock of Love Bus', 'caused the death of two female teenagers occupying another vehicle.

Illinois State Police say David D. Hernandez, fell asleep at the wheel on Friday while on Interstate 57 in West Frankfort, Ill. His truck crossed the median and struck two vehicles. In one car, two 19-year-old female passengers were killed, and in the second car, an older couple suffered major injuries and were airlifted to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Hernandez, sustained minor injuries and was charged with driving with a suspended license and four other traffic violations.



  1. jorundi // 30/9/08 5:40 PM  

    Here Comes Da Judge! I can see the lawsuits coming a mile away.

    Who's going to be sued?

    Well VH1 for starts, the trucking company, the company that manufactured whatever the driver took to make him sleepy and (last but not least) the driver himself.

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