New York strutted her stuff at the recent Celebrity Catwalk for Charity Event... she even took Lizza around, so I guess she's really serious about making it in Hollywood.


  1. Anonymous // 2/9/08 7:14 PM  

    So blogspot is back???

  2. steups // 2/9/08 7:19 PM  

    Not completely, Keisha.

  3. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 3/9/08 12:40 AM  

    get rid of dis site or use it jus for recaps

  4. jorundi // 3/9/08 2:23 AM  

    I still love this one.

    It's the original!


  5. Ms. F // 3/9/08 12:09 PM  

    So Happy to see the blogspot back where it belongs "smile"

  6. Babygirl~Pebbles // 4/9/08 7:05 AM  

    Hello Steupz...

    Bourgy is doing just fine...

    Why don't we just stay there?

    The Blogspot will never be the same. I must admit...I did miss it at first, now I like I see you changed it. Is you going to working at both sites?

    For those who have not visit and been waiting for Blogspot to been missing out on some great stories, debates and comments. So visit Boury and find yourself a new home. (It's just my opinion...please no hate comments)

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