heather eliminated on I Love Money

Today's Episode's challenge was the 'Spit Olympics' which The Entertainer won which made him the 'paymaster'.
After hatching a plan to eliminate Megan and win the Trust of the Stallionaire alliance, the plan fails when Heather, Megan and Brandi C are the three choices to have their check voided.

After much soul-searching, The Entertainer eliminates Heather, thus making him the only competitor left without an alliance.
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  1. Corey // 31/8/08 1:34 PM  

    Megan is amazing. She's saved herself from a surefire elimination around 4 times now. Girl is honestly a genius. This was one of her best moves. Convincing Entertainer to send home his only alliance. Megan for the win!

  2. jorundi // 31/8/08 4:17 PM  

    Remember the car and the carkeys, Steups. Just remember.

  3. Jorundi // 1/9/08 3:34 AM  

    Welcome Back!!! :)

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