Heather spoke to VH1 on her experience during I Love Money, and she had a lot to say.
Here is an excerpt...

What about Brandi C.? You were tight on Rock of Love and not so much on this show, but we never saw you fall out.

Well, she got a new best friend on this show. So many of us were coupled up and having a fun and sexy time. Megan and Brandi had to conjure up strategy because they had nothing else to do.
On the same token, I could have won that thing had I not hooked up with 12 Pack. I think our hook up benefited him but not me. Because of it, he stayed around longer, but I left earlier.

Because it cut off your chances for other alliances?

I was weakened because I got distracted. I think at first I was attracted to just the 12 Pack fa├žade. Then, I found out more and more that this person wasn’t who I thought he was.

I remained loyal to my alliance, but I watched him going around, thinking everyone was under his thumb. He thought Megan wanted him he thought he had Toasteee and Hoopz and Real all under his thumb. He thought he was the man, but he couldn’t even do his own laundry. He has no dreams, no aspirations, no motivation and I had no idea going into this. In his interview, he acted like I was so up his ass. I never contacted the guy after Mexico. I didn’t care, I didn’t want to be with him.

What’s funny to me is that he gets on VH1.com saying how he didn’t kiss me for the last couple of weeks, when we hung out in Mexico together after we were both eliminated. We went out and hooked up with no cameras. It was a great night, whatever, but after listening to some of the two-faced things he had to say about other people on the show, I had no intentions of talking to him again until the show aired. Then it’s time to make money. When he contacted me, I was just talking business and he was like, “What happened to us?” Whatever.

He told me how depressed he was and I started feeling bad for him again. He invited me out to New York, I flew out on my dime, I bring him The Secret because someone gave it to me when I was down and I wanted to pay it forward…I’m going out there to help this a**hole and he doesn’t contact me until an hour before the event. I go there and he’s sitting there shoulder-to-shoulder, frolicking with his buddies on the floor. I thought it was pretty hot, actually.

When I left New York, I texted him and let him know that he was an ass and that I went out of my way to be there for him. We went back and forth on MySpace and I eventually told him that I thought it was hot how he was chumming up to his buddies and that if he fancies men, I’m cool with that. He flipped out and wrote me the meanest stuff that anyone ever has, telling me that he was done with me and I had demons. It sounds like I hit a nerve there. Maybe he has inner demons.

When you were romantic, what was the nature of your relationship? Was it just a hook-up?

What I was thinking was, this is going to be a hot hook-up. But I was also thinking that we should play our cards right. After the show aired, I didn’t care if he banged all these chicks, but when the cameras were on, I wanted us to be all into each other and have fun so that maybe we could get a spin-off show like Adrianne and Christopher Knight. It’s just a good way to go. But he’s too young and stupid. He doesn’t have a business mind at all.

If you’re out in Hollywood making a good career for yourself, he doesn’t want to hang out with you. You have to be an equivalent loser or below for him to have any interest. And I feel like he needs to be exposed for the fraud loser that he is. I’m not going to sit back and let you talk s*** about me. Please, have you met me? Hello! Wrong bitch.



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