The Blogspot Staff is following all leads to reveal the cast of 'I Love Money'. For those who don't know 'I Love Money' is the VH1 show that recently wrapped up taping in Huatulco, Mexico. It's a challenge show were cast from previous seasons of 'Flavor of Love', 'I Love New York' and 'Rock of Love' battle each other for a grand prize of $100,000. We can tell who did well on the show. It would take the joy from watching if we told you. 'I Love Money' is a promising new addition to VH1's summer line up of shows. We will share pictures we scored of some cast members of 'I Love Money'.

Frank Maresca also known as The Entertainer from 'I Love New York 2' continues to be a ladies man. In his Italian arms are from left to right Heather Chadwell from 'Rock of Love', Jennifer Toof also known as Toastee from 'Flavor of Love 2' and Brooke Thompson also known as Pumkin of 'Flavor of Love'.

David Amerman also known as 12 Pack and Ahmad Givens also known as Real from 'I Love New York' pose for the camera.

An unknown man The Blogspot Staff wishes would put on a shirt, strummnig a guitar in front of Hotel Flamboyant. We have confirmed the 'I Love Money' cast stayed at this hotel.

There can be no Party Boys with only 12 Pack. When one thinks about it, Mexico is known for it's Heat. The Blogspot Staff also has to ask the question, 'Does brotherly love have a Chance when competing for money?' We'll just have to stay tuned to VH1 this summer to find out the whole story. We'll leave you for awhile to chew on the information we just fed you. We suppose a photo leaving a Mexico airport would be appropriate. We wish you a wonderful day.


  1. Amanda // 4/3/08 2:37 PM  

    cant wait to watch this show.. I hope chance is on it..

  2. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 4/3/08 2:57 PM  

    I can't wait for this show the blogspot staff Q? She has already posted infomation about can't be anyone new to blogging. or how else would you have people able to give you this infomation...
    flavorofloveblogspot has become its own reality show..."who is the Blogspot Staff?" LOL

  3. Anonymous // 4/3/08 3:01 PM  

    I hope so too.

  4. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 4/3/08 3:08 PM  

    this show looks really interesting.

  5. your mother // 4/3/08 3:10 PM  

    12 Pack! Yay! But Toastee... she's never been interesting and will never be, who letting her do this show? *sigh*

    i've just watched last nights episode of fol3 and that was the big twist?? hotlanta having a pimple? hell naw... and they're showing girls who already have gotten a clock in the preview? does nobody care at vh1 or what the...

  6. Anonymous // 4/3/08 3:35 PM  

    your mother yes i seen that to why are they showing who got Clocks at Episode 5

  7. KitBit // 4/3/08 3:37 PM  

    @ Your Mother- Yeah, I noticed the clock thing in next week's preview, too.

    But about 'I Love Money', I guess Pumkin will become what Coral from 'The Real World' has become to MTV: An old ass chick who makes her living doing reality shows overrrrr and over and wants to milk her "celebrity" bit as much as she can. Like seriously, Pumkin, get a job! I'm so grossed out to see her on this show. Ew. In fact, ALL of these spin-off shows are making me sick!

  8. Anonymous // 4/3/08 4:02 PM  


  9. Babygirl~Pebbles // 4/3/08 4:09 PM  

    Hi ALL,

    Can't wait for this show. Love me some Entertainer. Where's MOM?

  10. your mother // 4/3/08 4:19 PM  

    *lol* mom is doing the dirty laundry in the background, don't you see her shadow? i'd love to see shay and bootz, too, but not participating would for them show some dignity... or something like that... i wanna see hottie.

    about the clock thing, there's probably another twist... please don't let it be another pimple...

  11. jorundi // 4/3/08 4:19 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  12. The Blogspot Staff // 4/3/08 4:20 PM  

    I guess PBS is Super Duper Snooper or something. Just enjoy the blogspot. Who cares if Steupz resigned. Good riddance to him. Move on.

  13. Anonymous? // 4/3/08 4:28 PM  

    The Blogspot Staff writes like they're some kind of a CIA agent
    ( 'We' 'Staff' ). Which is hilarious.

    I am going to be enjoying this foolery.

  14. The Blogspot Staff // 4/3/08 4:33 PM  

    You look like a foolery. And who puts a question mark behind anonymous?

  15. revenge // 4/3/08 4:42 PM  

    blogspot staff-

    lmao. ROFL.

    ::doubles over in laughter::


    i never saw this coming but i so knew this was coming.

    make sense?

  16. your mother // 4/3/08 4:46 PM  

    don't blame the blogspot readers for being confused, mr./mrs. staff...

  17. Anonymous // 4/3/08 4:48 PM  

    Again who is Steupz?
    The evil twin of Steups?

  18. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 4/3/08 4:49 PM  

    Actually Blogspot staff, I am a super duper snooper, for instance I have already found where you got the pics from LOL....

    But it is all in fun.. I love the new layout by the way...just wish we had a recap of FOL3 to read...

  19. Anonymous? // 4/3/08 4:51 PM  

    A person who's questioning his anonymousness? haha I look like a foolery? lol? calm down, Fonzie

  20. The Blogspot Staff // 4/3/08 4:53 PM  

    Just enjoy the blogspot readers. Who writes what is irrelevant.

  21. ?Anonymous // 4/3/08 4:54 PM  

    This is how a question mark behind Anonymous would look like.

  22. your mother // 4/3/08 5:04 PM  

    what? you're just confusing the hell out of me.

    so on to another topic: what is it with the girls in fol3 and rol2 wearing the same outfit everytime when doing their statements? if you don' believe me you can take a look at my sreencaps, the same outfit in every episode... have they done it that way on the previews seasons?

  23. your mother // 4/3/08 5:13 PM  


  24. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 4/3/08 5:16 PM  

    Your Mother

    Yes, back in the day when I was under "budhha Love" He stated in one of his blogs that they had one shirt that they wore during the little interview segments, the segments were flimed at different times but they always had to wear the same clothes...that is the first time I noticed that they did that, I am not really good about paying attention to details unless of course I am trying to figure out who the blogspot staff is! LOL

  25. Baby™ aka Mrs. Weisgerber // 4/3/08 5:16 PM  

    Girl, I needed that laugh...thanks!

  26. your mother // 4/3/08 5:20 PM  

    buddha love... ewww...

    probably they have to do it to make editing easier... they can use comments that were made weeks ago and integrate them into the latest episodes... that sucks... i don't like my topic ;)

  27. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 4/3/08 5:26 PM  

    LOL at Baby...

    Yes what was I thinking?? He did look kinda good though...maybe...a little?

  28. The Blogspot Staff // 4/3/08 5:40 PM  

    Aye mates. Stop crying about the bloody blog and just read it.

  29. Baby™ aka Mrs. Weisgerber // 4/3/08 5:43 PM  

    OK, I have to admit. This "adult" champion skating dude (does that mean nude skating?), Scott Stewart, is my favorite FOL3 moment. I love a blue, spangly, gay! I especially love Scott Stewart for these three reasons :

    1. Jazz

    2. Hands

    3. Aficionado


  30. The Q © 2008 // 4/3/08 6:01 PM  

    I have a question. Do any of you know who Steups is? I mean when you think about it I don't know who P.B.S. is nor Jorundi. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy their comments.

    The specifics of who The Blogspot Staff is/are really doesn't matter. Who is Your Mother? I truly don't know. However, I still visit his blog and enjoy his posts.

    Kitbit I adore. But why assume you know anything about Pumkin or her job status. Many of these celebrities have jobs, pay bills, etc. These shows tape for several weeks. All one has to do is take vacation and/or leave of absence. People love to talk shit about Coral but millions of fans of MTV love to watch her in action. The reason production continually invites her back. Whether we like a reality celeb or not doesn't mean millions of others won't be drawn to watch them in action each week.

    Well I've made my appearance for the day. Why is my son coming his hair as if he is auditioning in a role for 'Grease' or 'Happy Days'. He needs a talking to immediately.

    Revenge I am waiting for you to call me dearest.

  31. KitBit // 4/3/08 6:07 PM  

    LOL, Q! I totally, TOTALLY understand what you mean and I do know that these people have lives outside of T.V. But, I just don't like Pumkin and probably never will. (I have my reasons.) You'll have to forgive my comments regarding her. I'll try to play nice. :)

  32. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 4/3/08 6:09 PM  


    Poor Hotlanta. I actually feel sorry for her in this episode.

  33. KitBit // 4/3/08 6:16 PM  

    Yes, Baby... I agree! I felt sorry for Hotlanta, too. I kinda thought this whole episode was just so mean, but Shy was funny as hell!!

  34. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 4/3/08 6:19 PM  

    OMG. Bunz just pulled an Andrew Dice Clay. OMFG.

  35. your mother // 4/3/08 6:19 PM  

    you don't know me? You told me you love me! Just kidding... ;o)

    I felt sorry for Hotlanta, too, but what about Shy? She seemed so sweet and vulnerable having the time of her life with Flav and he's giving her peppermint... Poor little thing.

  36. The Q © 2008 // 4/3/08 6:20 PM  

    LMAO @ Baby

    *DEAD* @ Jazz hands

    Moving on to Kitbit, I know Pumkin is well liked by many for whatever their reasons. It is what it is, no biggie.

    Aurelius and I will forever love Pumkin. LOL!

    Oh and Coral has made me roll in laughter over the years.

  37. KitBit // 4/3/08 6:26 PM  

    LMAO @ Your Mother!! Awwww, my heart almost broke when Flav was crackin' on her breath! And she seemed so sweet SO in love! I was like "Why is he doin' this to that girl!" HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

    Oh, pleaaaaaase someone do a recap! Lots to say about this episode. :)

  38. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 4/3/08 6:32 PM  

    hahaha Q you came to save the day, fellow Pumkin lover! lmfao

    I guess it doesn't matter who is writing for this blog, but I wish they would tell us.

    I was surprised Flav actually thought Hotlanta had herpes. We all know they get checked out before the show lol

  39. your mother // 4/3/08 7:20 PM  

    Since last episode i really like shy...

    i've got a cute little recap up for those who care ;)

  40. The Blogspot Staff // 4/3/08 7:28 PM  

    Thank You

  41. Bubo the Hater // 4/3/08 7:31 PM  

    Wow, Heffer looks bad and old. That top picture is the most useless group of hums ever. Entertainer, Toastee, Pug/Pumkin and Heather is tolerable.

  42. your mother // 4/3/08 7:31 PM  

    thank me? oh you're welcome ;o)

  43. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 4/3/08 7:59 PM  

    I loved your recap your mother...

    I also felt bad for Hotlanta, and I wish he would have kept graveey around, I really liked her..he could have gotten rid of Sinceer, but I really think she is the villian for the season, she will probarly be around till the end.

    Shy? Still wondering about her...but that was a shame about her breath...

    And in reality who does care who is writing for the is still entertaining!

  44. Anonymous // 4/3/08 8:04 PM  

    Am I the only one not seeing any comment from Steups/Steupz?

  45. RockstarDani // 4/3/08 8:21 PM  

    They should have a special challenge put aside for 12 pack and the entertainer and call it "who's the bigger meathead?"

  46. Sawyers_Stash // 4/3/08 8:46 PM  

    I like the spin offs...
    People like characters/people they've seen before. And I like alot of these guys...I hope we see Goldie, or Hottie...I don't expect Krazy though....hmm who else do I think is awesome...Rock of Love too? You know they will invite Lacey. I bet all the girls with guest spots on rock of love go back..and maybe even a new york appearance....?

    It doesn't matter lots of those sound awesome to me.

  47. Anonymous // 4/3/08 9:57 PM  

    No you are not the only one but is it a surprise that "steups" disappeared? I think steups is Bubo.

  48. Mr. Sexi Rican // 4/3/08 10:45 PM  

    Well i know for sure Larissa aka Bootz will be on the show. I don't know about Shay but i'll try to find out. I heard it was alot of DRAMA because these chics on here don't take no shit.

  49. jorundi // 5/3/08 12:29 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  50. FlavOfLuv Fanatic // 5/3/08 1:03 AM  

    WTF??!?? happened to this blog major change over. This show is going to draw a lot of ratings.

  51. Jane // 5/3/08 1:09 AM  

    I'm so super excited about this new show, I can't wait

    I'm rooting for the boys of course

  52. your mother // 5/3/08 7:39 AM  

    for those of you who like rayna, Cutiecentral has posted some pictures of her (ass). she looks much better keeping her mouth shut...

  53. Amanda // 5/3/08 8:26 AM  

    yeah hottie would be hysterical on this show.. she is so delusional and i cant stand her but i love to hate her..

  54. Anonymous // 5/3/08 4:04 PM  

    ok, Toastie looks toasted! that face brings back memories of FOL. Man if my face looked like that everytime I drank I would rather be sober, LOL

  55. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 6:35 PM  

    Is Whiteboy on this show?

  56. miz karlene // 5/3/08 7:00 PM  

    Once watching Charm School w/ a dude,he said Toastee looks like she smells like dick, i dunno what dick smells like so hey it can be a compliment for all i know

  57. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 9:17 PM  

    Perhaps your friend needed to have a shower.

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