OMG!!! Could anyone have thought of a BETTER title for an episode than that?!? 
A W E S O M E. Although, would you call it lying? Hum... Leave your comments on this post until we can put a 'cap in this episode's ass...

Don't want to spoil it for the rest ...

Oh --- we CAN'T WAIT for Aurelius to tackle this one ...


  1. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 10/3/08 11:11 PM  


    The twins are GOOD. I mean they made it impossible for that woman to tell the truth. And I don't even think she owed them shit, to be honest...


    Poor Bunz, also pushed up against the wall for something she couldn't even control.

    And we saw a whole diff side of Myammee ... woooooo!

  2. aj mess // 10/3/08 11:20 PM  

    do anybody know when the new Contestants will come on the show it's now the midseason

  3. miz karlene // 10/3/08 11:42 PM  

    wha wha? lmao

    but i don't like when they push ppl in to a corner and the person is looking like a liar, bunz didn't lie on then, but why didn't the other house guest cosign w/ her, her twin hotlanta just sat quiet.

  4. pimpboy aka Prancer future husband // 10/3/08 11:43 PM  

    So what if BX knows celebrities and has been around them. Hell at least she knows someone famous. The Yuck Mouth - Gap Band Twins, wish they knew famous people. Better yet, famous people wouldn't dare to be seen in public with they football field-length wide load mouths.

    Next episode, some guys calls the mansion saying that Myammee owes him $1000 as if he's her pimp or something like that. Myammee will be exposed

  5. pimpboy aka Prancer future husband // 10/3/08 11:50 PM  

    Why in hell on earth do you still have those ugly a!# twins on the show still? And how the hell one going to be fat and the other one is skinny and they both have strech marks out of this world and better yet lets go to the way that they talk. You can barley understand a damn thing that is coming out of their damn mouth. It's time for the two ugly hoes to go lol.

  6. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 10/3/08 11:52 PM  

    Ouch @ Pimpboy

    interested to see if that Myammee thing pans out though...

    The Twins are in it to win it, that for sure. I wonder if they function as well without each other, that was DIABOLICAL how they did Bee-Ex! She was on of my favs though. I was waiting to see it go down for real with her and Shy!

    I'm also waiting to see if their triad with Sinceer will come tumbling down as the numbers wear down and it's every beasie for themelves....

  7. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 10/3/08 11:53 PM  

    WOW ... I just read that again.. damn these meds... sigh

  8. Bubo the Hater // 11/3/08 12:19 AM  

    Do the Twins realize that they will not share Flav? It is amazing that they didn't have to put on any costume to look like a horse and a horses ass.

    Shy, I really dislike her. She is like Chance and Midget Mac shit out a baby. She is oveer the top like Mac and imamture and has a temper problem like Chance.

    I lik Myamee doing jump rope.

    I liked BeeX, besides her huge eyes, she was pretty. She talked too much. it seemed like she admitted that this was pointed out as a career move.

    The twins and Shy are the most annoying...and perhaps Sincer.

    Prancer seems the sweetest followed closely by Seezins.

  9. Buddah Tha Messiah // 11/3/08 1:23 AM  

    I'm officially pissed off with this show now. What is the fascination with whether or not someone has appeared on TV or not (Bee-ex)? Does Flav really think any of these women want his crispy cricket azz for real? While he's digging up dirt and falsehoods on the women, someone should be pulling up the November "07" issue of Sister 2 Sister, where it talks about how his daughter almost beat down his baby mama at his roast for disrespecting Delishus. Pull that up Flav. How dare he imply that these girls aren't being real, when he's not even being real himself. I like how Bee-ex checked Flav on her way out, but he was too dumb to realize he was being insulted.

    Furthermore, Myamee has shown her true colors. I liked her better when she had no personality or purpose. Now she's just a follower. Shy (bat breath), is one of the most annoying people ever casted on a reality show; along with the twin beasts. This show can't end soon enough for me.

  10. miz karlene // 11/3/08 1:58 AM  

    Buddah: omg i was thinking the same thing, she is telling him off and he was like well thank you, i'm like wtf? you scared of this chick? or he is scared he might need her connections later, haha

    hey am i the only one who notices that one twin got a big ass and ther other one doesn't.

  11. Buddah Tha Messiah // 11/3/08 2:08 AM  

    miz karlene, I can't get past the twins teeth to see their backshots. Those teeth are distracting like a mutha f@#$%&. I'm disgusted....yet entranced by their magical teeth.

  12. jorundi // 11/3/08 8:02 AM  
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  13. Bubo the Hater // 11/3/08 8:33 AM  

    one twin also has a little gut and the other doesn't. I was like, why i she thanking Bee-X, but he proved her right. Her penchant for justifying herself to the twins and talking too much got her th eboot.

  14. RockstarDani // 11/3/08 10:49 AM  

    hahaha! I like the title of this post.=)

  15. your mother // 11/3/08 4:55 PM  

    so we're going for the old layout again? you keep me confused ;o)

    i've got a little recap up for those who care.

    greetz :o)

  16. your mother // 11/3/08 5:02 PM  

    btw i didn't see anything but butt cheeks, those kids have a dirty imagination.

    for those who care: comment moderation is currently turned off.

  17. miz karlene // 11/3/08 5:02 PM  

    Your mother: I was confused too, the old layout loads better on my blackberry, so i guess it's better for me, lol

    Thanks for the recap, dies @ "the bigger twin..."

  18. your mother // 11/3/08 5:14 PM  

    you're welcome, thanks for reading :)

    i could have thought of worse names for "the bigger twin" though ;)

  19. The Q © 2008 // 11/3/08 6:12 PM  
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  20. The Q © 2008 // 11/3/08 6:14 PM  

    You got to love how Bee Ex went out. LMAO!

    I still don't get how Bunz lied.

  21. pimpboy aka Prancer future husband // 11/3/08 6:14 PM  

    when do the 5 new girls come ?

    protoype, black, tree ...

  22. your mother // 11/3/08 6:20 PM  

    she twisted myammees words.. in myammees eyes... so i guess that is considered to be the lie...

  23. KitBit // 11/3/08 6:33 PM  

    Ok, I have a LOT to say about last night's episode, but I'll be DAMNED that I got a manicure just this afternoon! All of this typing will surely chip my fresh coat of paint!! *sigh* Anyway...

    Where, oh where should I begin? For starters, I'm even more convinced that a lot of these shows are staged, and participants are encouraged to cause a fuss over simple things. For instance, I don't see HOW in the world it's possible that those kids saw Bunz', er... buns. HOW COULD THEY?!She had on dark fishnet stockings under a dark dress. Something tells me that they were fed into saying that. In any case, I think Shy and Myammee made too big of a damn deal about the whole thing! I kinda wish Bunz knocked them both in the mouth after they came at her the way they did! A few days before, Shy WON a solo date with Flav, and Myammee got her clock BEFORE eliminations so she was safe. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the VH1 out-take videos.) My point is, why are they tripping so hard about not winning more time with him? Obviously they were in good standing with Flav, right? They took it too far regardless!!

    My biggest issue with this episode however is, what is the big damn deal over who Bee-Ex knows?!!! I, for the life of me, do NOT understand why the twins or ANY of the girls bust out another contestant as being a "star lover". WTF?!! Aren't ALL of the girls there star lovers?!! If you are on national televison "seeking" the heart of a celebrity, then obviously boo boo, you are a STAR LOVER, TOO!!!! For anyone on any of these shows to say that they are not looking for some sort of fame by appearing is B.S.! Sure, mayyyyybe one or two of them may be genuinely interested in Flav (how, I don't know!) but all-in-all they are there for their 15 minutes! And you know what? I have no problem with that. Do you! Just don't front on national television and act like you're better than another girl just because she has had a dabble in the entertainment business already. So what that Bee-Ex was on Oprah or knows G-Unit?! SO WHAT?!! And Flav wants the women to be "honest" with him?!! Was Flav honest with Deelishus and tell her that he had another chick pregnant while she was his "girlfriend"?! HELL NO! She had to find out from someone else!! He didn't even have the balls to break things off with Deelishus the right way. She had to read his hints! Flav's hypocracy is downright hilarious to me and I wish someone would call him on THAT.

    Bee-Ex was my favorite girl on the show and I don't think she should have been kicked off. She messed herself up on last week's episode though: She shouldn't have told the twins A THING! (LOL @ the pun there!) They were her competitors and she didn't have to tell them sh*t! When they came at her asking if she'd ever been out in L.A., I wish she'd have just told them "No" and ignored the hell out of them. Her answers, however, set in motion an attack that she just couldn't win.

    Unfortunately I think that the twins will make it somewhat far on the show BUT I have a feeling that Flav will send one of the twins home and keep the other. (There are 2 little clues in the season's preview after episode 1 that lead me to feel this way.) And, as much as I wish the twins would get busted out for something the way they did Bee-Ex, I think that Flav is so blind-sighted my the novelty of "twins" that he intends to keep them around despite their ugly inside and out.

    I'll end by saying that I think the 5 new girls will be brought in at the end of next week's eliminations or at the start of the episode after that for sure. I'm willing to bet money on my intuitions that they will be brought in at the end of next week though. Flav has been hinting that he's not finding everything he wants in this batch of girls and I think he'll fall back on the issue that the 5 that were "selected" from the internet by his fans just didn't cut it, so he's elected to bring in 5 of his own. Booooo...

  24. pimpboy aka Prancer future husband // 11/3/08 6:42 PM  

    wooow kitbit i did not Think About That it's real possible

  25. miz karlene // 11/3/08 6:56 PM  

    kitbit good blog, i mean comment, lol i gotta go back to the vspot or whatever it's called now, i just miss the ILNY2 boys, so i've been protesting.

  26. KitBit // 11/3/08 7:14 PM  

    LOL! Thanks Pimp and Karlene. I really try to mince my words but, it doesn't always work! ;)

  27. The Q © 2008 // 11/3/08 7:16 PM  

    HAHAHA! @ protesting

  28. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 11/3/08 7:51 PM  

    Kitbit: DAAYYYYYUM GINA!!! You touched on some many good points that I don't know where to begin! Bee-Ex was in my top three ... with Bunz, and I forget who else... I mentioned it on the Elle Word back in the day... haha! I def don't think we've seen the last of her and that's a good thing. But can anyone clue me in as to WTF happened between Bee-Ex and the triad? How could you hate on Bee-Ex, she seems hella cool!

  29. Bubo the Hater // 11/3/08 9:02 PM  

    Shy is obviously there for the cameras ( I dunno why with her sharky ass too many teeth, smell like she's been eating chum). She overreacts to everything. Last night, it was the apology and how she didn't feel the apology was good enough..booch, shut the f up! She kept going on and on about them losing (even though their story was horrible). Myamee elevated herself from the realms of Beautiful and Mia into actually having a personality.

    Bee Ex was pretty, even with the alien eyes. She even dissed Flav (as someone may have pointed out already) as she was leaving and he said "Thanks".

    The twins are spending too much time hating on everyone else than improving their chances with Flav..or actually trying to look decent.

  30. miz karlene // 11/3/08 9:05 PM  

    i love mr. boston and saaphyri, the best team ever

  31. KitBit // 11/3/08 9:56 PM  

    Aani, I don't think Bee-Ex did any one thing to make the twins hate her. Last episode they said that she was "fake" and their bad feelings towards her only seemed to elevate after Flav decided to bring Bee along with them on their date to the waterpark. The twins and Sinceer had hacked a plan to get rid of the girls they deemed as "fake" and for whatever reason, they put Bee-Ex in that bunch.

    I think that they only hated on her because she seemed the realest in the house, and Flav and Big Rick seemed to validate this point. You can tell that they loved her and Big Rick always said her name with extra UMPH! The twins saw this as a threat to them, plain and simple. They opened the door with the conversation at the waterpark, and as soon as Bee even mentioned that she had been AROUND a celebrity, they took it and ran home with it. It was Bee-Ex's only downfall. She should have said NADA, unless Flav himself asked her.

  32. Buddah Tha Messiah // 12/3/08 12:52 AM  

    Bee-Ex was the realest on that show, along with Seezinz. My experience has been, when people constantly call others fake; they're usually the fake ones. The twins are the fakest chicks in the house. They are clearly threatened by any woman that is pretty. I call the twins and their "hating" click The "UGC's". (Ugly Girl Crew).

    As it's been said, who cares if Bee-ex or any other girl has entertainment aspirations. I think they're owed a little fame after having to slob up on Flav's ugly azz.

  33. The Blogspot Staff // 12/3/08 1:08 AM  

    LMAO@ Buddah!!

  34. RockstarDani // 12/3/08 1:58 PM  

    I am going to stick with my position that the rest of the girls in the house are just jealous of Bee-Ex and her connections. I'm sure if Usher had asked any of them out on a date, they'd drop their panties in a light! Look at Myammee...the best she could do is Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana. *yawns* Quit drinking Haterade everybody.

  35. Bubo the Hater // 12/3/08 7:19 PM  

    they may have been jealous of Bee-Ex because she was a threat. She was pretty an dseemed to have a brain in her head. Prancer seems young and Tootie from Facts of life. Seezins is more quiet, but she is another hated. Myamee is beautiful, big face/head and all, but she seemed empty until this episode. Shy is an ignorant coon. the twins are twins..that is all they are. They tried to get rid of Hotlanta and Bunz already

  36. revenge // 12/3/08 8:52 PM  

    good evening all.

    feeling flu-ish so this will be i only the one that finds flavor of love lacking?

    im just not impressed.

    a bit annoyed that ROL didnt show on Sun.

    and looking forward to seeing New York once again.

  37. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) is disgusted with Kwame Kilpatrick // 12/3/08 9:08 PM  

    I miss Bee-Ex

  38. Goliano // 12/3/08 9:32 PM  

    Hotlanta said there actually was a girl with a herpes bump in the last season. Who was that?

  39. blacknuts // 12/3/08 9:46 PM  

    the bee-ex interview Below, Usher’s biggest fan talks about why her past was none of Flav’s business, accusations of “star-searchin’” and how she was able to leave reality TV with her dignity intact.

    How was the show for you?

    It was a great experience. I’ve never lived in a house filled with that many women before in my life. I don’t think I’d ever do it again. If there was a Charm School II, I would definitely decline. The girls were cool, but watching the show was funny. Everyone would smile in my face, but talk about me behind my back. Calling me “grandma” and all this other stuff. I was mad that they made it seem like I was reading slowly on this week’s episode. When we were practicing for the challenge they told me, “Bee-Ex, you’re reading too fast.” And then we get there, I’m reading slower and letting Prancer act along to the story, and then they’re trying to act like they’re waiting for me. I didn’t appreciate that. “Pick up the pace!” Them ugly-ass twins.

    The twins seemed to pick up on your Hollywood connections first. How did they know you were on TV?

    I don’t know how it got around, how the rumors got started, but I never told anyone about being on Fear Factor. I think that was part of a set-up.

    Do you have any theories as to why you were targeted?

    I’m a target for all of them. Being that I’m from New York, they took it as a threat that Flav and I would have kicked it off a little too well. It was a little too close for comfort for them to deal with.

    When Flav booted you over appearing on Oprah for being Usher’s biggest fan, what did you think of that?

    I just thought that that was a bunch of crap. I told him that whatever I do in the past should stay in my past. That’s like me saying, “Oh Flav, I don’t want to get with you because you used to be a crackhead.” That just doesn’t match. Why you worried about my past when I’m not worried about yours? I didn’t bring up your convictions and your jail time. He called me a “star-searcher,” but I coulda sworn he was searching for some kind of stardom with his own TV show. Ya think? You have a TV show comin’ on UPN! He called me a star-searcher? Thank you. That means I have dreams, goals and ambition, unlike everyone else who’s just sitting there trying to get 15 minutes of fame.

    So was exposure part of the reason why you went on the show?

    It’s not really a big deal to me because I’ve done modeling before. Being on TV is cute, but it’s only Flavor of Love. All those girls die out after the season is over. That’s not what I was on there for. Why not go on TV and look for love if I possibly can?

    So you’re attracted to Flav?

    I was attracted to the way Flav is. Flav is not attractive at all. He’s the cleanest man I’ve ever seen, but I’m not attracted to him physically. He’s very caring with his words, though, and everything like that. So, you know, it’s like a 50-50 thing, or an 80-20. You get 80 percent of ugly but a lot of affection, a lot of attention and 20 percent of, “He might look cute if I look at him from this angle.” But Flav is a great guy, and I know after I said what I said to him as I was leaving, he regretted not giving me my clock. He didn’t look at the whole situation, he just looked at it as, “You just want to be on TV now.” I coulda tried out to be a Deal or No Deal girl, for crying out loud. They on TV three times a week! Here I am on his show once!

    You really didn’t seem at all worked up to be kicked off.

    Nah, I wasn’t mad at all. Those girls were starting to get crazy. The thing is that after I would have gotten through the Usher thing, they wouldn’t have had anything else to say about me. And I’m the only one in the house that was trying my best not to cuss that much and using real vocabulary words. I guess he got rid of me because I was a little too intellectual for him, but maybe not because Flav is a smart dude.

    Did you make friends with anyone on the show?

    Prancer, Rayna and Grayvee. Those three I speak to on a consistent basis. Everyone else, I don’t speak to. If they request me on MySpace, I deny them. They could kick rocks.

    You resent them?

    I don’t resent anybody, I just think I’m too grown for them. They’re too young and they really were on there to get their 15 minutes. Oh, here’s another thing I was mad about: when I was telling the girls at the water park that I went to a concert that featured Alicia Keys and all those other celebrities, I was talking about a concert and they asked me if I ever met any of those people and I said, “No.” Then when I was in Flav’s room and I was talking about Stephon Marbury and Penny Hardaway, I was telling him about my job I used to have working for MSG and Game Over, doing camera work as my internship for school because I went to St. John’s University. To make it seem like I’m a name-dropper, I just feel the show could have hurt me, implying that I have to be around celebrities. I don’t have to be around celebrities, but I can’t help it if people that I know are successful and I’m in a circle of positive people and not a bunch of losers. Don’t hate me ’cause I’m not a loser!

    You say that it could have hurt you, but did that representation hurt you?

    After the show, I did meet someone. I told him I was on the show and he hasn’t watched it, but this week, with all the naming and name-dropping, his friends were calling him like, “Yo, your girl’s on TV acting like a groupie.” That could hurt me for anyone else who wants to deal with me of if I was to get any more modeling gigs or anything like that, I could be screwed all because people think I’m just out to throw another name on my resume.

    You have kids?

    I have two sons. My one son Jayden is 4, and my son Isaiah is 10.

    Do they watch the show?

    Yes, because I know that I wasn’t reckless. There were a couple of chicks over there tonguing him down, but I wasn’t one of them. I was scared because at the water park, he was coming into lay a mean one on me and I was like, “That’s a little personal! A little intimate!” I thought I’d get the boot after that one.

    I liked your My Pet Monster reference.

    Oh god! I really want to get the doll and bring it to Shy, but she might melt the doll’s hair off with her hot mouth. The doll does not deserve that type of treatment.

    Is her breath really that bad?

    I don’t know, I didn’t smell it, but everyone else told me that it was.

    You mentioned that you have ambition. Are you pursuing anything in the entertainment industry?

    Now I am. Since the show, when I see I have somewhat of a fan base, yes I am. I’m developing a talk show with a friend where we talk about common topics that men and women can both get into, but with a twist. I have some friends who know people, as you know, so I’m trying to get a celebrity guest list together. And then, once I put it on YouTube and get a lot of hits, hopefully I can bring it to VH1.

    It seems like the show was a positive experience for you.

    I hope so. I’m not gonna do the booty thing like Rayna and Myammee, shooting with King and Smooth. I don’t want to go that route. I have kids and I have a fan base that respects the way I was. I was always dressed and I was never walking around in panties with my booty hanging out the bottom.

    So that’s about it, unless there’s anything that you wanted to go over that we didn’t.

    Can you please tell all of my fans that I thank them and that I love all the support and all the emails that I’ve been getting from them and I will answer all of them in time. I’ll be getting back to them real soon.

    Keep up with Bee-Ex via her profile and her MySpace.

  40. your mother // 13/3/08 4:07 AM  

    OMG, that interview was great.. She really seems to be smart, I love her point about Flavs past.

    And "you get 80 percent ugly"? Ahahahahaha....

  41. your mother // 13/3/08 6:13 AM  

    ..and Rico (ILNY) posted that he hast just signed up for a new reality show that will start shooting next week. Gs to Gents? ;o)

  42. Katsgoturtongue // 13/3/08 11:56 AM  
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  43. Katsgoturtongue // 13/3/08 12:01 PM  

    @Your Mother - Rico made a permanent move Los Angeles several weeks ago. He told me that the reason for the move was to pursue a career in acting and modeling.

    By the way, there is a lot going on with various cast members from the FOL franchises.

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